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Dec 7, 2012

Murder near St. Ignatius Primary School

Marvin Nunez

There was a brazen execution style murder immediately in front of the St Ignatius School on Euphrates Avenue just as students were getting back into their classrooms after the lunch break. The ringing of the school bell was eclipsed by the blast of gunshots when a gunman rode up and fired several shots at Marvin Nunez aka Inches, who was dropping off his two children at school. Police say it is gang related but the grieving family is at a loss over the motive for the execution of their loved one. Duane Moody has a report.


Duane Moody, Reporting

Students were just filing into their classrooms at the St Ignatius Primary School when gunshots rang out. The students scrambled for safety in fear for their lives. Shortly after one o’clock several shots were fired in the direction of the entrance to the school making its mark on twenty-nine year old Marvin Nunez. Nunez was shot three times to the head and once to the chest.


Ann Tench, Mother of Deceased

“Mien. Why? Why they woulda kill my son? My son noh do nobody nothing. I noh know why it had to be like that and in front of a school weh lotta children deh? Lawd. Suppose some of those children mi out deh, weh woulda mi happen? I noh know.”


Duane Moody

“How much shots did he get?”


Ann Tench

“He got one in the head and one in the neck. The doctors say they were sever shots so they couldn’t do nothing for him.”


Nunez and his girlfriend were escorting his two step- children to school and as he waited outside the compound for her return from their classrooms, he was targeted by a lone gunman. His mother, Ann Tench, says that she was at work when she was notified about the shooting turned murder.


Ann Tench

“I got a phone call from one of my daughter-in law telling me—she asked me where I was and I tell her I was still at my work. and she tell me that she had some bad news fi me. And she said yes Miss Ann, they just shot up Marvin.  I start to bawl and then she tell me make I hurry goh dah hospital. I come out and I bawl and I tumble down and they pick me up and my sister came to my rescue and when I get outside on the street to wait for a ride to go to the hospital, the phone rang again and my daughter-in-law told me that he died and I just tumble right down.”


Ann Tench

“Inches,” as he was affectionately known, was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in a police mobile but did not survive the shooting.


Ann Tench

“The doctor took me into wah room and I call in my daughter and sister and we gone in and she told me that he came in; he was unconscious but he was in a bad state and they couldn’t do nothing for him and that he had passed. I scream out and I asked if I could go and see him and I went and I saw him.”


As his girlfriend and her two children stand here mourning the death of their loved one. The family says that Nunez will be remembered as a loving and friendly father of two beautiful girls; ages eight and six.


Ann Tench

“Marvin dah mi wah loving persons. always loving and friendly and always di give jokes; loves to dance. Love to dance because he di do splits and all kinda things fi yo. I wah miss my son.  I noh even know how I wah tell my two granddaughter dehn how dehn daddy died because every Friday evening dehn children come dah me.”


Duane Moody for News Five.


There have been no arrests so far in the first murder for this weekend.

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10 Responses for “Murder near St. Ignatius Primary School”

  1. OriginalWoman says:

    My condolences to his family and friends!!! You are in my prayers!!!!

  2. Rod says:

    All a unu barrow lovers tell these mothers brothers sisters sons daughters how unu keep the support this useless incompetent impotent pm and gov .because of their incompetence and lack of caring for the belizean people these murders keep happening does anyone think this pm and gov. Care that now over a thousand boys girls and children have been murdered no they don’t care they only care about themselves and their own family this pm and gov. Make me sick march belizeans march that the pm house and demand his resignation guan judas guan.

  3. Retired CEO says:

    We need to stop trying to cast blame on the PM for these sensleess murders. I agree we need to demonsrate in order to show our frustration with the GOB. However, we can’t just sit back and blame the PM. It is the entire cabinet of ministers, the DPP, Incompetent Police Comissioner and the whole nine yards. The country is lacking leadership in every sense of the word. The Church, business community and the entire civil community needs to take to the streets in a show of unity and frustration, demanding serious change in the way we conduct business. We must demostrate people power. The entire populace of this country is way too small for the rate in which these senseless criminal activities are happening. Imagine we have less than a half million people and murders are in the hundreds. each year. Additonally, the media neeeds to take some responsiblity also. The media can and should do a better job in calling the people to action.

  4. ann rivero says:

    NOTHING is going to happen in this country until those in power feel what it is to loss somebody shot down in front of them ,then we will see all the action they can do when the government money cannot save they lives.

  5. BRUTAL says:


  6. aurora gaskin says:

    that is sad

  7. Al says:

    Murder is becoming a sport, when will the government step up to the plate and begin to execute thee cowards. Take their guns away and they are nothing but cowards. I bet if they had to stand in front of the hangmans noose they would wet their pants and have a speech that says they wish they could change things, Everybody want to live, so until these killers know they will pay with their lives they will not stop this mayhem. Where are the law makers. Last week two killers walked out of court to kill again, hopefully it will be them who are sent home to answer to God.
    Oh Belizeans, fight for your right.

  8. Storm says:

    My prayers for his surviving children, I hope they will have an opportunity to be raised well with a hope for a good future.

    While he might have left the street life in the last year or two, he was in it once. There’s a lesson for other young people, that you can’t try out the gangster life for a while, and then “go straight” without any future consequences. What you did in the past is like a shadow that will always follow you — and sometimes catch up with you when you don’t expect it.

    That said, hopefully his killer will be caught and killed in turn.

  9. ceo says:

    Someone is usually not targetted this way if he was such a good person as his mother described.

    If what “BRUTAL” said above is accurate then we all know why he was shot!

  10. Ixchel Pop says:

    This problem will not go away as we have become a society that have normalized the criminal way of life. We want money but don’t want to work for it, we believe that we cn do things and get away with it. The truth is- we have people on our streets that don’t think twice about killing others….that is how callous we have become. We are a failed stated….we need a revolution anything else is just a little bandaid……

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