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Dec 7, 2012

The families that suffered at Northern Regional

Since September there have been persistent reports that something is horribly awry at the Northern Regional Hospital. At least ten women have claimed mal-practice and only last week a newborn died under suspicious circumstances. Tonight, there may be some comfort to the victims, because the police are preparing to launch an investigation. Duane Moody looks at the chain of events up north.   Duane Moody, ReportingIt started back in September, on the eleventh to be exact, and it involved thirty-three year old Michel Gonzalez, a mother of four. Gonzalez, an expectant mother of two baby boys, ended up giving birth to only one child after she underwent surgery on September fourth at the Northern Regional Hospital. Her suspicion brought light to the possibility that there may be negligence at the hospital.

Michel Gonzalez

Michel Gonzalez {File: September 11th, 2012} “Going into the surgery room, deh test the heart beat dat dah the first thing deh do fi the two baby fi find out and when deh test it deh find the two baby heart beat same way. Suh now deh ker mi inna the surgery room and deh inject me and suh fi the anesthesia inna my back. Inna a while deh put me fi lie down and begin fi surgery pahn me rite because I feel pain when deh di cut and everything. Inna wah lee spell I mi gone inna a lee doze and when I wake up back again, I ask why deh di haul something and deh say because deh di open the cut. Meanwhile deh got one di pat up my face and I nuh know if deh mi di distract me or what. A next time I feel deh di haul again and I feel when they push fa yah plainly and then I hear the baby bawl. But like I say, I kinda sleep and get by time I get outta it they tell me dah only one baby I had inna me, dah nuh two. Well, deh nuh tell me. Deh say it to deh self.”  But it was just the first of many more cases that came floating on the media thereafter. There is Alicia Pott who suffered two comas, pneumonia and even had her womb and ovaries removed.

Alicia Pott

Alicia Pott, Alleges Medical Malpractice {File: October 22nd, 2012} “I gone een fi wah normal delivery and after—that was about eight-thirty in the morning—and about one-thirty they tell me I have to go een fi wah c-section because di baby can’t come out. From there, they rush me eena di theatre for the c-section and when they tek out di baby, dehn ker me eena di recuperation room. After maybe about an hour after that, the doctor seh dat I mi have heavy bleeding. Dehn ker me back eena di theatre and when dehn do wah next check up dehn tell me dehn have to remove my womb. And when dehn ker me fi remove my womb dat dah when dehn put me fi sleep and from deh I noh remember what happen.”  …to the story of Magdalena Chable and her second daughter who have been scarred for life. Chable’s bladder was cut during surgery and her newborn suffered brain damage.

Magdalena Chable

Magdalena Chable, Alleges Medical Malpractice {File: November 1st, 2012} “When I ketch pain and I went in, they admit me. Dat dah when dehn tell me I was eight [centimeters dilated]. Den from deh, dehn tell me I was six centimeters open, den dehn tell me I was nine. Bout ten-thirty dehn tell me dat I only reach nine and from deh I tell di gynecologist, please cut me cause I can’t go no more. Ih noh pay me no mind, ih ignore me. So afta I seh it bout three times, from deh well two o’clock dah when dehn ker me fi cut. Two-forty-five my baby born.”  …as well as the case of seventeen year old Sally Coh, whose baby won’t be able to walk or talk following her experience at the hospital.

Sally Coh

Sally Coh, Alleges Medical Malpractice {File: November 5th, 2012} “And then they ker me and I was lay down on the bed and they tell me every pain that I mi have I have to push. Then I do it and every pain that comes, I do it. I did my best, but the doctor they tied my belly and then one doctor was up on my belly and then pushing fi make my baby come out. And then the head of my baby done come out and then they told me that I have to stop because I mi di get purple and then they told me that I can’t have it. And then they pushed my baby head back in and then they mi put something on my part and they told me that they have to ker me fi make I get operate.”  …And this past week, the death of Baby Harmony after she swallowed fecal matter during the birthing process.

Luis Burgos

Luis Burgos, Father of Deceased Baby {File: December 4th, 2012} “It was apparent that the baby had passed her time and she needed to come out; she needed to be removed. I guess through that process, the baby was fighting for her life; she was fighting for oxygen. And since they did not make that decision to remove the baby through a C-section, this is what happened; this is why the baby succumbed to that fecal waste.    Routine c-sections ending in hysterectomies, rectovaginal fistulas which cause fecal incontinence; women going into hypovolemic shocks after surgery and having to be rushed to the K.H.M.H. for emergency treatment…all at the Northern Regional. Then there are up to ten newborns suffering sepsis, seizures, meconium aspiration syndrome and last week one died. But does it all constitute as malpractice at the Northern Regional Hospital? C.E.O. in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Peter Allen, said in early November that the preliminary results of an ongoing investigation into the allegations showed that there is no negligence.  

Peter Allen

Dr. Peter Allen, C.E.O., Ministry of Health {File: November 12th, 2012} They began their investigations some time ago and we expect to have the full results of their report by the end of the month. But strangely, the results while interesting and certainly while showing areas for improvement, don’t support the allegations of negligence that have been raised by the area representative. Of course, there are recommendations that are coming out from the process of the investigation and where we can the ministry will be seeking to implement immediate recommendations immediately.   In the House of Representatives last week the issue was raised, but answers have been elude the affected victims.  Duane Moody for News Five.

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2 Responses for “The families that suffered at Northern Regional”

  1. joe says:

    I am dumbfounded the Police investigating Medical Malpractice. I am sorry people but some one has to go. CEO what the @#$#%, you just prove to Belizeans you are unqualified to handle, the welfare of the people. “Medical Board are you out there” or Belize has non.

    I don’t know what to say!!!!!!!!!! I guess the health system we have in Belize is gone beyond repair.
    It is time for a pause people, but lets start by replacing the minister and CEO, I hope PM has the guts to take the responsibility, if he stands for the status Quo.
    “For our nation to prosper, woman’s health must be a priority.”
    Belizeans, woman Stand and be Heard, for your children need you, alive and well.

  2. Storm says:

    Wow, I don’t know how Dr. Allen still is able to defend the deadly “business as usual” in that slaughterhouse. Have you no conscience?

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