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Dec 3, 2012

Farrakhan on his way to Belize

Nuri Muhammad

Minister Louis Farrakhan, Head of the Nation of Islam, is expected to draw a large crowd when he arrives in Belize this Thursday.  On his third visit to Belize, as part of the Caribbean 2012 Tour, Farrakhan will be addressing devout followers of the Muslim faith, as well as hundreds of others interested in experiencing firsthand his enthralling public address.  Minister Farrakhan’s stop in the Jewel follows visits to a number of island nations, including Jamaica, Barbados and Grenada.  Organizer Nuri Muhammad told News Five today what can be expected from the visit.


Nuri Muhammad, Organizer, Farrakhan Visit to Belize

“The objective is of course to bring a message of encouragement and hope.  We have noticed in Belize, and really, if you read the newspaper and you keep up, and your station is the only station which brings across that Caribbean News every night, you can see that many of the issues affecting us here in Belize are region-wide.  The issues of poverty, the issues of crime and violence, especially among young people, the issues of political inefficiencies in many ways, sometimes corruption, the difficulty of meeting national debt and having enough money to put into development, all of these are issues affecting us as communities.  But we are also being affected, Isani, at the moral and spiritual level.  Many of us are believers in God but somehow we believe that your worship that you do is different than my worship even though we claim to worship the same almighty God.  We belong to the Ibrianic fraternity of Christians, Jews and Muslims but we somehow have not found common ground to operate as one force against what is evil and wicked within our society.  So Minister Farrakhan brings a message of that type of religious common ground.  He is not asking people to become Muslims.  He is not coming here to proselytize.  He is not coming here to talk about black people’s issues.  He is coming here to talk about the issues affecting all human beings, all people of color and that’s particularly important in a society like Belize where we have almost like the Benjamin Coat of Many Colors, we have every hue within our society and we are all Belizeans but somehow we have allowed frictions and divisive language to take on here.  Not only do we have political divisiveness, we have religious divisiveness, we have age divisiveness.  We have ourselves divided on so many levels and it’s breaking down the kind of unity that we need in order to make a strong Belize.  So I think Minister Farrakhan is coming as a voice of hope, a voice of reason, a motivational, inspirational speaker that we hope will affect people across the board.”


Farrakhan’s previous visits to Belize were in1979 and 1986.

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21 Responses for “Farrakhan on his way to Belize”

  1. Storm says:

    In his heart, he hates white people and Jews; he’s said it many, many times, and our melting pot doesn’t need that attitude.

  2. junito says:

    True. No one in the U.S even takes this guy seriously now. That’s why he needs to come out of the country and preach in the Caribbean where everyone who would do a little research on him would realize that he is a farce and disguising himself as a messenger of peace yet in his core still has hatred to other races and religions.

  3. Belizean says:

    Right @Storm…I really dont see why we need this kind of influence in this country.. This is God’s country. not Islam or Muslim etc…If anyone wants to practice or believe what they want, thats good, because the rights are there. But to have such drawing of crowds? Not good

  4. Retired CEO says:

    @Storm, don’t be disillusioned by Farrakhan’s rhetoric and misnomers he does not hate Jews or whites. In short he is very nationalisitic, self centered and condescending. However, he simply speaks the truth about Zionism, Whites and others. He hates injustice, and loves power. He is a similitude to our current P.M.

  5. Belizean Pride says:

    the question is, do we the Belizeans need Farrakhan theology sermons here? I believe not, we want something better than this guy, sorry but aint nothing like Mr. Luther King but a wannabe. bet he’ll ask for a offering and when collected he’ll tour with our money into the carribean countries and that’s what he’s doing. Everyone just boycott that man and live him alone to.

  6. Seletar says:

    I heard elsewhere that the Department of Youth Services is helping to organize one of Rev. Farrakhan’s rallies, at the Princess.

    What business does GOB have giving government support, using public employees, and spending scarce taxpayer money, to someone like this, who has made a career and fortune preaching hatred of everyone different than him?

    Inquiring minds want those questions answered.

  7. Belizean says:

    Agree with Belizean Pride..Nothing good comes from this man..He seems to go around trying to prove a point..I ask myself, why prove something…he must be bitter towards someting or someone..He definitely hates white people..

  8. Southern says:

    Boycott it

  9. AEM says:

    You guys are all losers. Complaining complaining complaining. Shut the hell up and stop HATING!

  10. Izabdi says:

    well he is a visitor to the country.. lets be the better person and welcome him with open arms… you dont have to be a follower,, let him preach to whoever he wants to preach… im a catholic. a christian.. and as a chirstian. we are taught to respect other religions.. be respectful to others.. God’s way…. its in thier concsicence if they dnt follow God’s way

  11. MoeDah says:

    Farrakhan is one of the most two faced Antichrists in modern times. One of the most elusive snakes you will ever hear. He truly epitomizes what the future final Antichrist will attempt to be like.

  12. ceo says:

    Ok my people go ahead and stick your heads in the sand and pretend that history is not what it is and all the stuff that happened did not really happen. Remember where racism started and which group was and still is the recipient of the injustice.

    I do not agree with every thing he has to say but then again neither do I agree with every thing my mother has to say but I do not shun her because there is much good in her. If all we would do is shun those we do not agree with for every point of difference we would all live as islands.

    He just serve it up straight and I have yet to meet someone who likes to be told about their failures. This is why he is criticised by the powerful. He will have much good that can be taken from what he will have to say. I guarantee if all Belizeans would only adhere to 50% of what he has to say we would become more patriotic, more educated, more self sufficient, more self reliant, more hard working, men would be more men, fathers would take better care and financially support their children, the drug heads would quit using, the crooks would stop stealing and the drug lords would have to take their business else where. How can someone that would inspire this mind set be all bad? Think!

  13. Belizean says:

    AEM has anger management problems

  14. coral Black says:

    For some info, when one speak against (White Supremacist), it has nothing to do
    with( Europeans) it have to do with an ideology. I would think that some so called educated
    commenters would know that, instead of being so quick to type how they really feel
    about their own people and themselves. (Welcome to the Minister) Hotep YHWH

  15. Retired CEO says:

    Normaly, I do not respond to the blogs of others, however on this one occasion I feel a need to say that it appears that the level of ignorance displayed by some Belizeans in their blogs are beyond anything I have ever experienced, heard of or imagined. Apparently, they haven’t got a clue what Islam is, means and is the fastest growing way of life in the entire World. For example Islam simply means surrender/submit totally to the will of the One and only Creator of the Heavens, Earth and all that exist. Nowthen, Christians, Jews, Atheist and what have you, believe it or not, accept it or reject it, eventually submits to the will of the Creator in one form or another. When we get sick, go to sleep at night and die we willingly/unwilingly surrender/submit or souls to the Creator/Giver of life and death..

  16. Bzn says:

    White man have us conquered again!

    To the white man, even if you are a clear skin spanish or a mennonite to him you are still inferior

    Maybe they don’t want to admit it but its how they think…

    Now we are trapped for 400+ years and still cant get it right

    White people don’t have us at heart

    Minister Farrakhan has a message and I will be listening!

  17. OriginalWoman says:

    Retired CEO, I agree with your comments. One minute they calling McAfee a devil and a white man who thinks he can do what he likes in Belize, the next minute they are hating on Farrakhan because his message is to “empower black people.” And they say he is spewing hate. Funny how even the most intelligent beings in this forum can really sound stupid and ignorant, and extremely judgemental. Yes, many are not ready to hear the TRUTH!!! Even when it is right in their faces!!! Belize is a very young nation compared to others in the Caribbean and does not seem ready for empowerment, as far as the older heads goes. The younger generation, I am sure are more open-minded and even though many have never heard of him. I almost can bet, they will have an ear and listen to his message. The white man can be a devil yes, but the black man can also be a devil and his own worst enemy. They bash the PM, but when McAfee says he wants to expose the corruption in government, they call him erratic, a liar, etc. Open up you eyes and ears my fellow Belizeans!!! Wow, we really have a longggggg, longgggg way to go and the murders increase by the days, in Belize. Mostly black on black crime because og self-hate and ignorance!!!!

  18. karla says:


  19. OriginalWoman says:

    karla you probably never knew or heard of him because Mr. Farrakhan is not a “WORDLY” person, he is more of a “SPIRITUAL” person, even though some do not agree with his ideologies and methods.

  20. MoeDah says:

    It is so stupid how those of us Belizeans who talk about slavery so much and yet it is our people who are d most enslaved, by our own ignorant self, and the evil criminal pimps we call our leaders like FarraCON. If any pimp have darker skin then a white we listen to him. We are the fool, no wonder we are still enslaved to our own stupidity begging to get jobs at mcdonalds.

  21. gamba masibuwa says:

    Whenever a Strong Blackman stands up against the imperial forces to EDUCATE his own people to help ourselves he is condemned. Well to hell with them we here in Belize will decide our own destiny and invite who the hell we want in our country. Hence the reason we negotiated for our Independence on September 21, 1981 and was successful!!!!!!

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