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Nov 27, 2012

Leader of the Islam Nation prepares for 3rd visit to Belize

Louis Farrakhan

Minister Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, has begun a tour of five countries within the Caribbean.  The journey, which began last Wednesday in Grenada, will see the controversial religious and social leader visit Barbados, Dominica, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Belize and the Bahamas, respectively.  Minister Farrakhan will arrive in Belize on December fourth, where he will be officially welcomed by Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington.  He will also call on Governor General Sir Colville Young, Prime Minister Dean Barrow and the Leader of the Opposition during a four-day tour of the country.  It is expected that Minister Farrakhan will also be making media rounds during his brief stay.  Farrakhan, a charismatic and prolific speaker, delivered a riveting address on poverty to residents of Jamaica in his Caribbean Tour in 2011. The parallels he drew then still apply today.


Louis Farrakhan, Leader, Nation of Islam

“Trenchtown touched me. I have a cook from Haiti; she went out and I told her don’t go to the supermarket to buy nothing for me. go to the market where the little farmer is farming and bringing goods to the market. when seh came back, I looked at her and she started talking and the tears welled up in her eyes because the little Jamaicans had their wares out trying to sell in the midst of filth. See, this is Jamaica; not the well dressed, not the well to do Jamaica, but this is the majority of the people of Jamaica that have to live under conditions that you only see again in South Africa under Apartheid. Did you hear me? now, if we that have, have no feeling for those who don’t have, if we who have been blessed to be elected by the people don’t feel for the least, then let me talk to you from the scriptures that you know as a Christian.”


This will mark the third visit of Minister Louis Farrakhan to Belize; the first in 1975 and the second in 1986.

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28 Responses for “Leader of the Islam Nation prepares for 3rd visit to Belize”

  1. Genotu Rembiuos says:

    I believe in JESUS CHRIST !!! LORD and SAVIOR OF MY SOUL !!!
    We will not have war for religions here.
    Why Belize? Don`t you have enough trouble at home with Islam?

  2. Storm says:

    Not my favorite religious leader. He can say pretty words, but if you look over everything he has preached over the years and never renounced — extreme anti-Semitism and hatred of the “white devil,” to name two of the worst — his message is largely negative, and not based on my understanding that we are all equally children of the same God. But we value free speech, so he must have his say.

  3. TheEye says:


  4. ROD breda says:

    Nuh waan they youth yah

  5. islandbwai says:

    Islam, mean bombing out our country , we don’t need them kind of people here.

  6. proud belizean muslim says:

    i am a belizean muslim living in america and i can say this guy aint no good he is out here spreading hatred and now taking it to the caribbean. why would they allow him to come to belize or any were else.

  7. Common Sense says:

    From what I understand, this man has no connection with Islam. Calling an organization a name such as “Nation of Islam” is a persuasive indication of hypocracy. Malcolm X (El Hajj Shabazz) autobiography should be manditory reading, especally his letter from Mecca, his distancing from the “Nation of Islam” and his subsequent assassination (by the “Nation of Islam” themselves)…..Why was El Hajj Shabazz assassinated by the very same organization that he fully dedicated his life (up to the point in his life)?

    My opinion…..El Hajj Shabazz (Malcolm X) truly opened his perception to the real world that existed outside of the borders of the United States of America and saw the true perfect reality of God…..God created all equally and that all humans (no matter colour) are equal. Gone was the belief of “Blond haired, blue eyes, white skin devils”, there is “good” and “bad” in all skin types as we are all equal.

    He discovered reality, and was killed with the assistance of “Nation of Islam” and the very same Farrakhan.

    We must judge a person by his deads……Farrakhan has done some good. But a very dangerous personality that seems to wish mankind to decend back into a life of hatred and racial division. A definite regression, a backwards move for Belize.

    But hey! Free speech etc look at the list of Elite that are scrambling to line up for a meeting with this man! That is the most worrying thing of all!

    Sallam and Love

  8. Buju says:

    As a black man i will definately listen to the preachings of Mr. Farrakhan.

    This man is a logical and well educated person. The late Marcus Mossiah Garvey stated in one of his speeches that he traveled all over the world and one thing was apparent everywhere he went.
    That black people are suffering.

    This is a serious situation – I cant be listening to someone talking about children who are hungry if that person is big, round and plump like the guy on the PICOT commercial :-)

    Black people need to come together and wise up and see what is happening to us no only here in Belize but all over the world.

    If Louis Farrahkan is helping black people then i am with him!

    Lets not pass judgement and listen to what he is saying then we could make up our minds from there.

    As Evan X always says
    “Power to the People”

  9. deedee says:

    This man preaches nothing but hatred, who the hell is allowing this man to come here? Wait a minute…..the report mention Wilfred Elrington……ENOUGH SAID. What’s up ROD breda, weh di man de, normally he already up here the bash ih homeboy & ih tired government, ih late mein…lol.

  10. Bear says:

    Common Sense is right. This “reverend” has the blood of Malcolm X on his hands — and how many others?

  11. Rod says:

    Buju whey you the talk bout we have a black pm if you didn’t know and under him black people the suffer worse than ever before black people no have jobs they the kill each other they the thief from they own Breda and Sista no a dey the go tha school and this is all under a black pm and gov. So take that. As far as Farrakhan. He is this pm mentor they are both the biggest bigots on earth they hate anything whey no black we noe need or want you here you racist bigot stay in the us. Preaching your hate and lies we don’t need another prejudice bigot in Belize stay away we don’t want you here we already have a prejudice bigot in this country called judas barrow we don’t need another judas here stay away from Belize you are a sick person.

  12. Al says:

    My country has enough problems we do not need the likes of this man stirring up problems. The message that he brings divides people. Please people do not go to anything or any place where this man is preaching or speaking.

    Jesus is Belizes answer to the problem, not Muhamad. See this man is already talking division, he talks about buying from the small farmer who says come back, he is dividing you already.
    Send him a message to go away by not going where he is, please, please.

  13. ROD Breda says:

    @Deedee… moms tek weh the man internet this morning

  14. OriginalWoman says:

    I agree,with you Buju. With all the murders and corruption in Belize, we need all the spiritual cleansing possible. My grandfather told me when Marcus Garveu came to Belize, he was not tecieved well by the people who drove,him out!!! Now years later, we can sew the truth in what Mr. Garvey spoke about. Farrakhan,speaks about the injuatices,and evil of,the white race on mankind. This is anothet truth. Not all whites are bad but too many of them,are!!!! I live in,the,US and whenevet I,read the Belize news lately, it is about,another murder or lately about the perversion of men,in,the,christian churches,who are molesting and raping little girls. Too ma.y,jugemental,people in,Belize. Get off the white man s program and,think for yourselves!!! Give the man an ear before you judge!!!

  15. BE REEL says:

    this man has some controversial baggage, preaches hatred of white man, claims they the levees in New Orleans were blown up the day after Katrina to kill black people of NO, he has been linked to the assasination of Malcolm X. come on Nuri

  16. Elgin Martinez says:

    If it was another Mcafee visiting Belize,they would have welcomed him,our people are so brain washed hence the reason Mcafee is making a mockery of our judicial system and having the world look at us as fools.

  17. Monica says:

    Good & Evil is within each of us, this is why God the Creator gave us FREE WILL, in Farahkan preaching he has both, whoever listens to him I hope they take the Good with them and live their LIVES in a RIGHTEOUS MANNER, this will CREATE A BETTER SOCIETY, which Belize needs to be a PART OF.

  18. OriginalWoman says:

    So true Elgin. And if it was Malcolm X, they would say the same thing. Most Belizeans would put him down the same way….. Belizeans as a whole are truly not ready, they are in their comfort zone of brain washing and don’t even know it!!!!

  19. John Boy,Carson,Ca says:

    If you believe in Christ that is just your belief.Not everyone share the same religon.Belize is still a free country,and in a free country no one religon rule.

  20. ceo says:

    Ignorance is well and alive in Belize based on some of the above comments, but then again all human beings do not like to hear the truth especially when our faults are thrown in our face. Anyone that speaks of the evils of America is never welcomed with open arms. There are many who trys to discredit him and shut him up.

    Terrorism is bad and most terrorists are muslim (truth), but to say that he is bad because he is Muslim (false) is just like saying slavery was bad and all slave masters were white (truth) then all white people are bad (false). Slavery was bad and poor governance causes poverty but not going to school, abusing controlled substances and killing each other is your own dam fault my people!

    He speaks truth and he does not mince words or serve it up with sugar: he gives it to you straight! This is why some of the things he has to say bothers so many. I wish I could attend his speaches. He will open the eyes of Belizeans.

  21. Coralblack says:

    Don’t worry about the messenger, just as long as you get the message.

  22. Rod says:

    No one in the us wants to listen to this idiot anymore he is shunned every here he goes so he wants to start corrupting the rest of the world with his racist bigot words even blacks in the us don’t want to hear his racist comments anymore but this just goes to prove that what I have been saying for years now is true and a fact that this judas barrow is prejudice and a bigot he hates all Spanish people and anyone who is not black this is his idol the most racist individual in the world which his own people shun and want nothing o do itch him so he will come to third world countries to try to sell his racist bigot ideas to the dumb people of the third world goes to show the type of leadership we have in Belize noneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.guan judas barrow guan resign resignnnnnnnnnn

  23. Seletar says:

    I’m a little sad to see Farrakhan’s visit roil up racist divisions among our people. We are a melting pot, and since we are all children of the same God, made in His image, that is how it is supposed to be. If you hate racism against one race, then you cannot support racism in favor of a race — that is pure hypocrisy.

    Mankind needs to be brought together, not divided.

    Historically, there would not have been black slavery in the Americas without BLACK and ARAB slavers starting it. Where does most slavery continue even today? Africa, blacks enslaving blacks in Mauritania, Sudan, and elsewhere. Today you can even “donate” $50,000 to free a black Christian slave in Sudan — and then the slavers go out and capture another one to keep their inventory up.

    And I recall the white people of the States fought an expensive and terribly deadly war so a white President could force freedom for slaves, and Obama would not have been elected president in the States without a lot of white votes. So I think the old complaint about “white racism” in this day is less than half the truth.

    Can’t we all just get along?

  24. Orlando says:

    No one absolutely no one should listen to this guy. Have you ever listen to this guy. Nothing but hatred toward the white people. He is a deceiver that is the only thing I got to say and no not good for the Belize youth to even hear whatever he has to say. This is bad for Belize. We need real christians that show real LOVE.

  25. Seletar says:

    Good point, Orlando. Young people might not have enough experience to know that what he says is mostly false, and most of his advice is bad. They’d do better to learn in any church that has a good pastor.

  26. ceo says:

    Killing the messenger does not negate the past. We can all live together in peace in spite of the past. But neither is he evil because he reminds the world of the evil we have done done, one to another.

    Why do Jews have remianed so strong: it is because they never let their youths forget the holocaust. Pretending it didn’t happen is not the answer, and doing the same mean things to someone else makes you as bad as the others that did it. Remember your past don’t repeat it!

  27. STOP THE MADNESS! says:

    Wow! You guys are really upset about this guy! I could understand. You see, I like many Belizeans of Color, was born to a “white” Anglo Saxon Dad and a “black” half African Decent and Half Indian (from India), Mom. That said, I have NOOOOOOOOO Interest in listening to anyone, who in their view, sees whites as Devils. My Dad was and is NO Devil. He isn’t an angel, but neither are any of us.

    Folks, the must INSULTING Thing, is to see that he will meet with ALL of the HIGHEST Political leaders in our land. But again, why am I not surprised? Didn’t the PM (Color like me), leave an official meeting doing the People’s Business, to run back to Belize to Meet with the Gangs? And isn’t Min. Elrington the same one that supports (with the PM) the paying of a Guatemalan intruder who had violated our Territory, Came to Steal, and attempted to Assault one of our Own Law Enforcement Officials?

    We are led by “buffoons” so who is surprised? I’m not!

    It’s time to rise up and “peacefully” remove these dingbats from power! All of them. Both Red and Blue are guilty of Treasonous Activities!

    I say let’s join forces. Yes folks. We Belizeans (UNLIKE FARRAKHAN) are ok with joining together with Spanish, White, Brown, Black, Yellow, or whatever color we may be, and have no hard feelings against the other guy. Farrakhan would be ready to raise up a child against his/her parents, because they happen to be the wrong color.

    Blessings Belizeans. Please don’t waste your time and even go see this man. Ignore him. We are Better than that! We are one people of a real Live Melting-Pot. New York ain’t got nothing on us. Cause we aren’t only a Melting Pot, but we actually melt together and inter-marry, inter-twine and inter-love.

    I Love that about OUR BELIZE! God Bless Belize! God Bless every resident and citizen of our Rich Heritage.

  28. Uncle Benji says:

    Black Americans are the most complexed, strung out, sensitive, insecure people on planet Earth. As a group, they are hate mongers, and the majority of them have that slave mentality…. I am black, therefore I grow up to go to prison or be a whore, and Barak will take care of me (at least for the next four years.)

    They hate everyone that is not black. Why, sometimes they hate themselves for being black. Roll what I have just said into a jam roll, and you have FARRAKHAN and his teachings.

    Come on Belize, we are already Gods, we are superior beings. We do not need this type of ghetto Black trash in our midst. Gawd, Belize is suppose to be land of the Gods, but we look more like land of the fools. First, we have McAfee pushing bath salts up his @$$, and now this hate monger. Lord why do you punish Belize in this fashion?

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