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Nov 27, 2012

Gang Suppression Unit operations pull in drugs, guns and ammunition

The Gang Suppression Unit this afternoon conducted several operations aimed at specific drug infested areas. The first search took place early this morning at the house of an alleged drug peddler on Faber’s Road. While nothing incriminating was found inside the house, the GSU says it found one hundred and fourteen grams of cannabis on the outside of the fence, in a Klim can. A stash of cannabis was found on Raccoon Street soon after at the house of another alleged drug peddler. The drugs, which weighed two hundred and eighty-six grams, were in a Clorox bottle in a pile of garbage.


The next stop was an apartment complex on Mopan Street, known to be occupied by reputed PIV gang members. There, the GSU found an outboard engine and detained two gang members for handling stolen goods. The officers scoured the adjacent property where they found two nine millimeter firearms, thirty-one rounds of ammunition and a holster. Both firearms and the ammo are in the custody of the GSU where the Scenes of Crimes technicians have processed the firearms for fingerprints after which the weapons will be forwarded for ballistic comparison. One of the guns, a nine millimeter pistol, has been traced to a licensed owner who is a prominent attorney and the GSU is investigating whether it was reported stolen. So far, records show that the firearm license was last renewed in 2007.

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16 Responses for “Gang Suppression Unit operations pull in drugs, guns and ammunition”

  1. Storm says:

    I’d like to know who the prominent lawyer was. There’s a common belief that some lawyers — prominent or not — are involved in crimes with their clients. I hope this isn’t one, but I’m sure we’d all like to be reassured.

    Great work, GSU. You seem to have a knowledgeable tipster, and that’s something we need.

  2. Blue says:

    All ‘natural’ drugs, from the ground, from the Creator is a natural right of man. There is not one natural drug that is addictive. Only man-made drugs are addictive, bad for the body/mind and expensive by design. The liquor/beer industry and pharmaceutical industry have lobbied with millions of dollars and with carefully selected politicians past and present to keep ‘natural’ drugs illegal which is unlawful for no man-made law should allow for illegalization of natural drugs of which have been used for thousands of years for not only medicinal reasons but to allow one to open up their third eye, awaken to unknown truths via the subsconcious mind and to ‘relax’. Marijuana has also been recently proven to fight/defeat cancer as well.

  3. Blue says:

    Also, many young folks are put into prison for these natural drugs for nonviolent crimes. The govt. of Belize could settle much debt if the substance was taxed. The world has caught on to these facts and I would/should imagine Belize will as well?

  4. Young Gial says:

    We don’t want any dirty money rolling in for Tax. Belize says no to Marijuana decreminalization and we say no to the moneies obtained from Marijuana. Good job GSU, you guys are the best there is. Based on these reports, I on behalf of the women of Belize would like to extend a great thank you for your hard work. It pays off to be patient, diligent and committed. You guys are all that and a bag of chips, lol I luv chips.

    Keep up the good work and I hope the Department is appreciative of your hard work. I can only imagine it takes a lot of time and committment to keepup with information that leads to these successful searches and raids. What a great team GSU!

  5. @ young gial says:

    you are just so arrogant and stupid. When you know nothing of the real world you tend to talk alot of foolishness. we must decriminalize marijuana. It will free up the courts and provide a massive tax input into the economy.It will also be a new line of business which would fun hundreds more than likely thousands of much needed jobs.It will create a new avenue in the tourist industry as many recreational non violent tourist will be attracted and with the comes foreign income.
    now….. I told you just a few of the pros. if you know so much let me hear what the cons are. really???????

  6. Young Gial says:

    How naive of you to make such a statement. Do you have any supporting data to your assumpstions? Your lack of concern for this country and lack of knowledge on the ramifications to legalizing marijuana is no justification to your commenting that I am arrogant and stupid. You are a meer refletion of your statement.

  7. Bear says:

    “I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” [Voltaire, if I remember correctly.]

    Democracy needs free public debate, and the first step toward dictatorship is always crushing free speech. When your best argument is to attack people who feel differently, you have no argument.

    I’m with Young Gial for practical reasons — weed destroys ambition, makes people act stupid, makes them dangerous drivers, and when it gets into the hands of minors, it messes up their future before they are able to make intelligent decisions for themselves. Some people can use it occasionally without serious problems, but too many young people get detoured off the path of success and never can get back on or make up for lost time. There are better ways to chill.

  8. @ young gial says:

    so funny. let me hear some of these ramifications .You can’t give any account of the cons . you are so easily controlled by the people at the top and the media.The media runs the world. everything we do revolves around what we interpret and if a bird brains like you who knows nothing about interpretation feels like you know it all. Then i am honestly sad for you. There is shown proof. look at various countries who have legalized marijuana to a certain extent.They are proof enough. “google some $#!%” do you need me to draw a map so you learn how to google as well????????

  9. Rod says:

    Tell a young gial. He is a moron no wonder Belize is in the state it’s in because of morons like him.

  10. @ rod says:

    your dumb rod.i see it without even knowing say stuff but say nothing to back up what you believe. its so unfortunate that only fools like you have access to intenet and a computer as alot more educated people with better things to say are out there but just the real world you don’t stand a chance so stay in your cocoon fool.

  11. Young Gial says:

    Just as I expected, no supporting evidence that this will infact free up courts or provide “MASSIVE TAX” in the economy, or thousands of jobs, like you have naively stated. New venue for recreation, are you serious mein? Let me give you some things to think about if marijuana is decriminalized:

    1. more children will try the marijuana, because it is decriminalized.
    2. people will smoke marijuana inbetween work breaks: side effects to consider for staff include: distorted perceptions, impaired coordination, difficulty with thinking and problem solving, and problems with learning and memory for days or weeks.
    -can dis lead to high turn over of staff….would you employ a regular user of marijana, considering they may be all of the above at work???? I am sure Government wouldn’t want this kind of performance at the work place.
    3. increased addiction to marijuana. Because it is decriminalized people will smoke more leading to addition to marijuana and even other drugs. Soon enough just marijuana will not be satisfying and young people will mix marjuana with other drugs to increase the effects…have you thought of this?
    4. who will regulate the use of the drug, we cannot even regulate the buyer an seller as it is now.
    5. Marijuana is also known to trigger the onset or relapse of schizophrenia in vulnerable persons. do you know what schizophrenia is? Belize doesn’t even have proper treatment for this condition.
    6. Do you know marijuana increases heart rate, sounds like palpitations and arrhythmias risk increase. Does our health system know how to treat this condition if there would be an increase due to Marijuana use.
    7. Marijana smoking affects the lungs too, so increase risk of lung infections greater than smoking tobacco because marijuana smoke contains 50-70 percent more carcinogenic hydrocarbons than tobacco smoke.
    8. Scientists have not figured out how to avoid the adverse effects of marijana when used for medicinal reasons. So it is not even conclusive yet if the pros are even worth the many cons.
    9. So are there more cons than pros in this subject than you really know of? Is Belize jumping ahead of itself in this matter? Are we chewing too much than we can swallow in terms of the ramifications of marijuana increased use in Belize?

    I live in Belize and I love my fellow brother’s and sisters and myself. I know that this is not the future I want for Belize. It is my civil right to voice this matter out loud and clear. Like it or not Mr!

  12. Young Gial says:

    Thanks Rod !!!

  13. John T says:

    For those who are the vehement supporters of marijuana legalization. Firstly, those that consume and/or benefit from it would support its legalization – this is expected. those that are against neither consume or benefit from it so are against. The question then to those that support it is if marijuana would be legalize and a group of officers pull up at your door with a big joint of marijuana puffing to check a report at your house – how would you feel or react to that? Sometimes we see everyone going in a particular direction and we believe that is the way to go but Belize is set on morals and principles and we must think what is best for our country.We should not support marijuana legalizantion for all the reasons mentioned eloquently by young gial Unless you want a regular morning talk show host who vehemently supports it be puffing away as he speaks negatively on every issue in the country but present no solution.

  14. @ young gial says:

    ………. just google and check out the income and dramatic drop that legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana to a certain level brings to a country. you will find out that much less people use hard drugs and it also cuts off an avenue for criminals who do deal in the drug as you call away and don’t be 1 minded. not because you think that your opinion is the best that means it is the right one.You must learn to accpept when your wrong and don’t go into denial. you need to be open minded don’t be a follower.look at how the legalization in certain us states will drastically affect the cartels equalling less corruption when 1 sector is taken out.. what is happening with marijuana is just as they did with alchohol during the prohibition and alchohol causes much more pain physically and psychologically to users. people aren’t addicted to marijuana but they get addicted to alchohol.

  15. @ young gial says:

    just a small fact as well. there are more people in jail for marijuana related charges and them not being able to pay it off. alchohol is 10 times as worst . Marijuana grows naturally.If you want to do something good with your time focus on alchohol. as a matter of fact . There are ways to contain usage of the drug. Belize is definately not at a state to just throw it out there but we can start developing a system to contain it from now. the same way you aren’t supposed to drink and drive, drink on the job, and even prescription meds( you aren’t supposed to use some under certain circumstances.)and if you don’t know kids like to rebell. many of them try marijuana for the meer fact that it is illegal.turn it legal and most who did it just to rebel won’t everything i am saying is from alot of personal experience. and experience of many peers ,you are just an outsider. you may live here but don’t know the harsh reality of this life in Belize. There’s a song that says who feels it knows it. Try to find something that will really help the country other than being just a complete fool

  16. Young Gial says:

    You seem adamant about calling everyone who does not share common ground with your immature findings, names huh! Guess the weed causing you to hallucinate and blindly call people arrogant, fool, stupid, dumb….blalblalbla. If I were you, I would cut down on the weed and read a little more about the problems that it is causing in other countries both to young people and a young economy. Can you give us the statistics of people in jail for marijuana related charges? While you are at it can you also give us the crimes that they have committed as users of marijuana, just to give a fair comparison of marijuana users that are also criminals? Maybe we can see a behavior pattern developing with users of weed and criminal behavior. Just a thought, maybe you can do this research instead of smoking weed. As to drinking and driving, that is illegal, but it still happens which is why we have traffic accidents on the road. A bad comparison does not make the decriminalization of marijuana justified. So since you mentioned other controlled drugs that are abused, then why do you want to add another drug for the public to abuse? Every drug legal or illegal is addictive; the legal ones are even more abused because they are easier to access. Hence, marijuana should not be made easy to access. Which is my point exactly, but i guess you cannot see this point especially if you are high on marijuana. You might misconstrue my entire conversation, no point debating with a looser.

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