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Nov 26, 2012

Husband, wife and daughter murdered inside home

It was a weekend of carnage; six persons were executed between Friday night and Sunday afternoon. The most heinous was in the wee hours of Sunday morning, when a husband, wife and her daughter were gruesomely killed at their house in Ladyville. It is a murder like few others in recent history because the suspect is another family member, and the case could be one of matricide. This afternoon police found a number of items in the attic of the house in a leather bag, including the Taurus Brand nine millimeter firearm presumed to have been used in the murder, an empty magazine, other ammunition, a screwdriver, a set of gloves as well as a bloodstained T-shirt. The prime suspect, twenty-six year old Jared Avery Ranguy, who lives in the same yard, was charged with murder after giving a caution statement. Because it’s a highly sensitive case, blood samples will be tested in Jamaica. News Five was at the scene of the gruesome murder since early Sunday morning; Isani Cayetano reports.


Isani Cayetano, Reporting

The grisly murders of Robert Vellos Sr., his wife Karen Skeen and her daughter, thirty-two year old Teena Skeen, inside their concrete bungalow on Marage Road, has left residents of Ladyville in a complete state of shock.  The well-known family came under attack in the wee hours of Sunday by a lone assailant, who proceeded to butcher them.  Police Press Officer Raphael Martinez:


Raphael Martinez, Police Press Officer

“Police visited a house at number five Marage Road in Ladyville, Belize District where they met a male person kneeling in front of a room screaming and holding a machete.  In front of him were two persons lying motionless; forty-one year old Abbidale Karen Skeen with apparent multiple stab wounds, and seventy-two year old Robert Earl Vellos Sr., American national of the same address, with an apparent gunshot wound behind his head.  In another room police found thirty-two year old Teena Beth Skeen with apparent multiple gunshot wounds.”


Responding to the sound of gunfire coming from the nearby residence, Germaine Daly immediately ran over to find out what was happening.  What he encountered upon arriving at the home was sheer chaos.


Germaine Daly

Germaine Daly, First Respondent

“When I run straight down the street it was a lot of screaming and bawling, you know.  I went straight in and I saw my homeboy, my friend Jareth, you know, he was bleeding from his forehead, sitting down, you know, in front of his house just trembling, shaking.  I asked him what happened, you know, he told me it was a home invasion, you know, he was so frightened.”


According to police, the brutal triple homicide succeeded a boisterous exchange.


Raphael Martinez

Raphael Martinez

“Initial investigations revealed that at approximately three-thirty in the morning, on the same date, a loud noise which sounded like a gunshot was heard from inside the house, reportedly, and this was followed by a loud argument which subsequently was followed by two more apparent gunshots.  On the scene police, police recovered three expended nine millimeter shells and a slug and the bodies of Teena Skeen, Abbidale Vellos and Robert Vellos were transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where they were pronounced dead.”


Daly’s account, on the other hand, contrasts sharply with the police description.  He says that when he arrived on the scene, Skeen’s son, Jareth Ranguy, informed the police that she was still breathing.  They, however, refused to transport her from the premises.


Germaine Daly

“From what I see, my friend Jareth was telling me that “my momma is still breathing, my momma is still alive in there.”  So I was, I went in a rage, I started tripping, started cursing up because I wanted to know like why I can’t ker my neighba dah hospital, yoh undastand, if ih still di breathe, you know.  When I came it was just two police standing right there.  Like forty-five minutes after that the ambulance come, you know.  The ambulance came cruising, peeping.  I noh know if ih mi done know that di people dehn done dead or so.  He neva even mi di rush, tek ih time but dah me still hype, I buss open di back door and grab di ambulance bed, pull it out ahn wahn push it een deh, yoh know.  Police bwai, wah camouflage want detain me di talk bout he wah arrest me and this, that, that because I di try act fu save my friend peoples, yoh undastand.”


Jared Ranguy

It is unclear what transpired inside the residence, but police have since detained Ranguy, whom they believe killed his mother, sister and stepfather.


Isani Cayetano

“My understanding is that the young man, your friend, has been detained as a suspect.  You being here at the scene of the incident and the police doing their job, did you see that?  Can you confirm that he was taken by the police officers?”


Germaine Daly

“Well, at the time when my ol’ lady grab me and ker me ova soh, I mih di hold he and ask he weh di happen.  And when my ol’ lady ker me ova so cause I mih di trip pan di policeman dehn by di time I come back he wasn’t here anymore, yo undastand.  So I just di yer dat, yoh know, he get lockdown and detained and di policeman dehn ker he but I neva sih when dehn ker ahn.


Raphael Martinez

“Police have since detained a man from Ladyville, who is considered to be the prime suspect in this murder.”


Many would recall that Karen Skeen-Vellos, a cancer survivor, was active in raising awareness of the terminal illness, in the wake of her sibling’s death in 2002.  Her daughter, Teena, was also well-known, having graced the 2011 Belikin Calendar as Miss February.


Post mortems were conducted this afternoon on Karen and Robert, while the cause of death for Teena will be determined this Tuesday.

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20 Responses for “Husband, wife and daughter murdered inside home”

  1. NY says:

    I don’t kow what it will take for the GOB to send a stern message to the criminal elements of the jewel. People in Belize have to get active and force their area representatives to engage the government because for far too long these people in power have remained immune to all the carnage and distruction that have been plaguing law abiding society, BZEANS need bettter representation that what they are currently getting. In thought our BZEAN FAMILIES should be more educated than ever .

  2. Leslie Ann Warren says:

    So Sad Omg!! Prayer, Sympathy, & Condolences In Jesus Name, Blood, & Jesus Name!!

  3. Gone fishing says:

    Country has gone insane.

    Still think killing mother to steal baby to get back with e ex boyfriend claiming his baby, and have male accomplices to kill and dismember body is the low. Hard to get worse than that.

    Did they get convicted or back on the street?

  4. Rod says:

    This useless gov and pm is the cause of all these murders in the country I have been telling you all that this gov. Is impotent on crime and the carnage is continually getting worse year after year the hanging penalty has to be brought back this should have been done four years ago but because this pm and ov. Want to appease the us they have not brought back the hanging penalty hand all murderers.

  5. enuf says:

    for a while now i have been following news 5 and i have read the posts that people put up from time to time. and some ppl like rod and them idk? its quite difficult to digest what have happened to this entire family. my condolences goes out to them. and my prayers aswell, but can i say something rod>.. i really wonder who you really are… i would kick you in the @$$ mien…stop gathering political energy when it is not needed.. you need to know when to turn something on and when to leave the foolish crap off. idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! perhaps you don’t have to capacity to understand situation and find the proper response for such situations…. but i will tell you… in times like these we must embrace each other and show compassion to the afflicted.. ty

  6. Buju says:

    This is a very sad situation

    But how can we blame the government for something like this?

    This man lives with his family and went crazy and killed them!

    Should the government have put a watchman in the yard to prevent such an occurance???

    come on mein – lets stop blaming everyone else for the silly actions of an individual!

    If police had gone and rough up this person there would have been an outcry that the GSU chance him and all sort of foolishness!

    We have to stop playing politics with situations like these!

  7. Western says:

    Thank you Buju. I no mean fu sound like ah di tek up fu di Gov’t but mein; if this man did kill his family there was clearly some form of family dis-function present. Ruff. And idiots need to stop think Gov’t should do this and that, starting to sound like well-fared Americans. Start raisin unu kids right.. Yes indeed government could do more in the line of social programs but lets not blame or depend on that. Caz if my pickni do fool outta road I wah feel like a failure. Caz deh got minds of their own, and its our primary role to teach them right from wrong… My prayers go out to the family this was so sad. I sure hope this young man didn’t do as he is accused….

  8. alley cat says:

    I can’t believe you guys are actually responding to Rod’s comments, he is paid to do this. Sometimes just sometimes he takes a little time off and moves away from the politics and what he has to say is actually on point or near…. So leave Rod alone and don’t let him get under your skin, he is actually earning his wages and not robbing, killing and stealing…

  9. Artful says:

    It doesn’t get crazier than this. The devil floats around in Belize. We need to pray more, and really mean it when you pray. Six dead over the weekend. Brother kills sister, and mother. I don’t believe this is the work of anything but Satan himself. But the bible says he who lives by the sword must die by the sword.

  10. hush says:

    everybody is being killed except the ones you call bad: e.g. government and police… why??????

  11. June says:

    This is really sad the guy that is under suspicion went to the same primary school as I did …It’s so unfortunate that he went mad and killed his family if that was indeed what happened…I pray that his family is resting in peace in heaven

  12. Miss rite says:

    Soon all these badness will be wipe out… don’t put your confidence in man they cant even direct there step..but the one watching will pour out his vengeance..leave it to Jah. he knows how, why and when. just be prepared..come to know him and do his will…then these this things wont frightened you..WE ARE LIVING IN THE LAST DAYS OF THIS SYSTEM OF THINGS…..

  13. Pedro Dolmo says:

    I really cannot seem to comprehend this murder as how can a guy shot his sister then chop us his parents one man can do all this hmmmm something sounds kind of fishy here but you never know when the wicked Devil manifest himself in people they do the craziest things May the family RIP and God have mercy on whoever done this

  14. NY says:

    The people on this message board saying that people should not blame the GOB for all the crimes that are transpiring in the nation, need to understand that the government of any country/nation number one priority, is to provide a safe environment for its people to live in a peace and happiness. In Bze’s case, there is no evidence that the government has done anything in the past 13 yrs to curb crime; on the contrary, the GOB it seemed, had embolden the criminal elements to terrorize law abiding citizens, because the conviction rate for criminals has been very dismal. To my fellow Bzeans, a child knows that if he/she places its’ hands in a fire he/she will feel pain, hence they won’t do it again. Same thing applies to the criminal elements, if they know that they will feel pain or possibly death, if the are convicted, they won’t become repeat offenders. The GOB needs to send a strong message to the criminals that there is a high price to pay if they are covivted in a court of law; the free ride/vacation time in prison is over.

  15. Mesa says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with Buju. Praying for the family. Condolences to them.

  16. face says:

    da mi personal lee bwai dis. ah sorry fi he an weh he do but we cant undo di pass. may god bless his family an help him.

  17. Bear says:

    Murder within a family is almost incomprehensible to most of us, but it is as old as the Biblical times. Whether it was insanity, the devil, drugs, or something else, I hope justice is done.

    I join those who are praying for the souls of the victims.

    @Gone fishing, you ask a great question — what is going on with the dismemberment murder? That was depraved, too.

  18. Al says:

    This is a very sad story to read. It is so hard to understand a son killing his parents and his sister, these are people he should be protecting.
    I understand that the situation in the country is not the best and, it is frustrating to not see any relief put forth by the government, but we really cannot blame them for these murders. What we can blame them for is not setting harsh punishment for this kind of crime. The people should demand stronger laws that punishes the person who kills so viciously.
    My heartfelt sympathy goes out to the surviving relatives and grieving neighbours. Let justice be done.

  19. sick of this says:

    my condolences to the family. as for Rod, please dont make any comments if you dont have something positive to say. dis is no time for politics.

  20. KeVaNi says:

    damn that was my cousin and aunt im still in shock love u both and will miss u rip

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