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Nov 14, 2012

John McAfee still on the run; says he’s altered his appearance

Tonight, John McAfee, the US anti-virus founder, is still on the run wanted for questioning in the murder of his neighbor, Gregory Faull, who was found dead at his San Pedro home on Sunday. His elderly father, Hart Faull, arrived in Belize today from Florida to take back his body. McAfee has been in constant communication with Joshua Davis of This morning McAfee, who is in hiding, claimed that he has changed his appearance by dying his hair, eyebrows, beard and moustache jet black and that he probably now looks like a murderer. McAfee has repeatedly claimed he is innocent and that in fact police were after him and want to take his life. Since the murder, he says he has been riding in boats, huddling on the floorboards of taxis and sleeping in a lice infested bed. Police have called on him to surrender but it is not known if there is in fact an active manhunt for him.  Several of McAfee’s associates have been detained and two have been charged. Serafina Mulligan and her husband twenty-nine year old William James Mulligan have been charged for unlicensed weapons and ammunition. Serafina is nursing a six month old baby. James Mulligan was brought in from San Pedro today and was remanded to the Belize Central Prison. Mulligan, a former soldier in the British Army, had begun working for McAfee on November fourth.  When the police searched McAfee’s residence the Mulligans were on the property, and were charged for the weapons that are registered to McAfee. The caretaker for the property is still in custody; McAfee’s business partner Eddie Acman in the Coastal Express water taxi operation is also still detained. A cab driver who regularly shuttled McAfee on Ambergris Caye, Cesar Trapp, was detained and then released without any charges. The McAfee story has gone viral with major news networks around the globe providing continued coverage of the unfolding drama. This morning, the Prime Minister responded to the charges McAfee has been making.


Jose Sanchez

“PM, the businessman, John McAfee, is saying that this murder-related issue to the international media is a result of a U.D.P. vendetta against him because he did not contribute to the re-election campaign. Please comment.”


Dean Barrow

Prime Minister Dean Barrow 

“It’s absolute nonsense. He is saying more than that. Isn’t he saying that it is also a personal thing on my part? If it weren’t so serious it would be laughable. I never met the man. I don’t know what he looks like. I don’t want to be unkind, but it strikes me that he is extremely paranoid; in fact I would go so far as to say bonkers. My understanding is that the police want to interview him in connection with their investigation. It is not even as though the police have said that he is a suspect and certainly there is no question at this point of charges pending. Now the proper thing for him to do since—I don’t care how rich he is, he is not above our laws—is to go and speak to the police. This nonsense about the police wanting to do him harm; obviously, patently untrue, but even if it were so, the fact that this is smeared across the international headlines would mean that the police would have to act extremely cautiously in the full glare of the public spotlight. That is the best possible safeguard he can have that there will be no abuse in terms of the interview process that the police have a duty to conduct with him. Mr. McAfee, I hope, has proven by his utterances and by his behavior; that he is not anybody to be taken seriously with respect certainly to the defamation campaign against this country and its officials.”

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28 Responses for “John McAfee still on the run; says he’s altered his appearance”

  1. Soledad says:

    Let’s hope u r telling the truth PM.

  2. Hatari says:

    What a circus! I know the man and he is eccentric and strange. All this media hype is playing right into his little ego game. He might have a justified fear of the police (do you trust them?) but if he didn’t do it he should get his lawyer and turn himself in. All this cat n’ mouse gaming is either proof that he DID do it or that the man has really went over the deep end. Life in the Tropics!

  3. Rod says:

    Damm how embarrassing for our poor little country the pm of a country being implicated in trying o murder and American by sending his paid gang members to kill this man this is what happens when you are paying gang members.

  4. belizean says:

    You go PM, and kick his @$$ out of Belize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Al says:

    Mr PM, if you did not subsidize the gangs illegal activity, no man would be able to point a finger at you for using the same people as employed murderers. Instead of you coming out and speaking against all the crime, you hid and now your voice has no power, everything you say will be suspect. I am not saying you are guilty of any criminal act, you probably meant well, but your actions were not thought through, they were irresponsible. No leader should pay the underbelly of its society for criminal activity. This is certainly not the way to get national attention, you could have done this by getting tough on crime, you still can.

  6. Uncle Benji says:

    Enough. Enough is enough. John McAfee is a full fledged looney who is keeping the world entertained.

    No one is buying his story, not even the Mexicans where he is going to show up seeking asylum.

  7. bzd2dbone says:

    McAfee has totally lost it. He is making a soap opera of this issue. I would not doubt that he is the trigger man….

  8. deedee says:

    This man is either going nuts or trying to fool the police…why would you be doing interviews, stating how you’ve change your appearance by basically giving a detail description of what you altered/change & also telling the media your mode of transports??? It doesn’t make sense…

  9. Buju says:

    Mcafee is just an @ss!

    He loves attention and is in his glory…
    I hope people stop giving him air time


    This is not the first time someone died around John McAfee.

    It pisses me off that another sick American is again attempting to paint Belize “BAD” in an effort to get away with cold blooded murder, sexual exploitation and drug trafficking.

    John McAfee messaged an American reporter saying “Call me paranoid [but] they’ve been trying to get me for months. They want to silence me. I am not well liked by the Prime Minister’ of Belize.

    But, isn’t this the way of the Americans to destroy, destroy, destroy.

    GSU need to find McAfee and the girl he claimed to be helping him, John McAfee committed a murder in Belize and now he is a fugitive.

    Go get his @$$ GSU.

  11. Storm says:

    I think there is little doubt that foreign businessmen here are squeezed for money from all political sides.

    But now that a man is murdered, that is not important. I hope justice is done, the killer is convicted, and that he dies. With American law enforcement support, maybe the good guys can win one for a change.

  12. mjm says:

    Am not sure if they cut the tail of this stupid Dean monkey Barrow, before releasing him, to public.

    His place is in a zoo.

    Dean Dog Barrow, after stealing poor peoples money says, he did not seek funding from Mcafee, what a monkey what joke

  13. Eda says:

    This man is indeed portraying signs of being a lunatic. He is trying to make the the Government look stupid. I wonder if his agenda is to start a little war in Belize? For some reason he put me in mind of Fidel Castro, Sadan Husseane ?? (spelling) and that terrorist guy. Bin Ladden. Something about McAffee is suspicious. Get him out of Belize please. Why the heck was/is he allowed so many guns when we are supposedly trying to get the guns off the street. He is not above the law nor is he above the Belizean people. Get rid of the saying, “MONEY TALKS BULL…. WALKS MCAFEE.” Come out come out wherever you are. We might be a third world country, we might suffer some poverty but we are a smart nation. You SHALL be found. If not by the police by the civilians. You cannot get away with going international with so much negativity about OUR country Belize.

  14. Belizean says:

    If McAfee is so darn innocent, why does he have to run eh? I would like to ask him that question.. What a wuss he is to run!!!! He must di geh crazy now..Too much green stuff

  15. Elgin Martinez says:

    Where is his phone registered?If it was a Belizean Citizen wanted by the US the Belizean authorities would have already found him or her and turn them over to the Feds.Just good what Mcafee is doing to unu dumb @ss.

  16. Elgin Martinez says:

    Why is it that everyone affiliated with McAfee is detained but McAfee,did someone from the police dept tip him off to make good his escape.

  17. Monica says:

    McAffee is using this incident for America to step into Bz & have a WATCHFUL EYE in local/international laws in Bz, regarding immigration/terrorism. How easy is it?


    McAfee is not innocent.

    He is the most dangerous man in Belize and if anyone knows about his hide-out place or his accomplice ………………………….call the police.

  19. laughing stack says:

    this some funny $#$!%, to me anyway. Belize is funny and the PM right along with his cult. you all are funny. you all know the GOV and police is some no good !@;”;;’;;. so why cant his story be true. who the theck knows. they did the same to my brother and my friend when they blew his head open right in front of the police station. really then they said they had guns on them when the reports came out they had nothing on them. really belize keep your eyes open cause you know they coming for a lot of you. and you know who you are. so get ready cause your next. funny belize.

  20. Swamp Dragon says:

    If not to turn yourself in to Belize authorities, pay your way to Florida and answer some very important questions. Mr. Faull’s father has come to bring his son’s body back home. The least you could do is make yourself available In Belize or elsewhere. Get with it man!

  21. Elgin Martinez says:

    If McAfee is communicating via his cell phone he can be tracked come on Belize PD every cellphone has an IP Address.

  22. Australian says:

    I am very disappointed with the legal system in Belize in relation to this particular case. Following the story very closely, it saddens me deeply that a young naive 22 year old girl with an infant went to visit her husband at work and has now been in Jail for a week. She was simply visiting the house when the police raided it and she now has been charged for possession of unlicensed firearms that have absolutely nothing to do with her simply because the police need someone to charge! More than likely she has never even seen them. These firearms are registered to Mcafee and yet she now needs to come up with copious amounts of cash to gain bail and pay for lawyers. Police seem to forget the law and prove people guilty until they can prove their innocence. This legal system provides no justice to the innocent bystanders whom are accidently in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  23. dean no so clean says:

    they executed arthur young and said they accidentally fired five shots into his chest..they killed Bucco right in san pedro. Mcaffe has enuff reasons to be scared

  24. Y Not says:

    There are a lot of paranoid Ex-pats sitting in the bars of Corozal getting drunk at 9am daily.
    Too much booze, white powder and wacky tabacky.
    Hey too much noise in Corozal we cant sleep.
    Well then quit doing the coke and you will sleep great gringo.

  25. Bear says:

    Hmmm. Just last Friday, one day before Mr. Faull was last seen alive, McAfee donated a dozen or so radios to the San Pedro Police. Is it just possible he kept one or two for himself to listen in on what police were saying?

  26. Seletar says:

    @Australian, that’s a good point. It has always bothered me that Belize has such a primitive rule, whereby EVERYONE on the premises with drugs or guns is guilty, whether they knew of the contraband or had any control over it. There is no justice in that rule, but I guess it makes it easier for the DPP to get convictions. And that is no excuse for an unjust law.

  27. living abroad says:

    this is what happens when you have a country that criminals think that they can go to as a safe haven when they commit a crime in the modern world ,this gentleman was a crook before he became a multi millionaire and he is still a crook even with all his money.

  28. Retired CEO says:

    Very strangely so everyone in Belize knows that we have a very corrupt system of Government and yet they appear to be defending the PM and this currupted government. The legal system in Belize is a very sorry situation coupled with nepotism, cronism and much egoism. Remember this is the same system that appeared to have legally murdered Arthur Young and many others, yet everyone seeem to have forgotten this incident. Verily a people shall have the kinda leadership and rulers that they very much deserve.

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