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Nov 6, 2012

Women, also victims of senseless murders

The Crimes Commission has not yet approved of the Ministry of National Security’s intention to have some areas of Belize City demarcated as Crime Ridden Areas. The designation would allow security forces to cordon-off areas and search houses and people without the need of a warrant. The tough initiative is within the purview of the Crimes Control Act and may be implemented before the end of the week. George Street, the home of one of the city’s gangs, would no doubt fit the designation. But it has not come soon enough for the family of Gayle Escarpeta, the woman who was murdered inside a vehicle passing through George Street. News Five Isani Cayetano revisited the cause and scene of the City’s most recent and gripping murder.


Isani Cayetano, Reporting

Gayle Escarpeta

The weekend murder of twenty-seven year old Gayle Escarpeta, a mother of two, employed by Youth For the Future as a computer program assistant, should raise concerns within the Belize City populace.  Her untimely demise, at the hands of a group of men bent on exacting vengeance on a presumed rival, has made her a casualty of war.  In other corners the pre-dawn attack, during which the driver of this vehicle escaped unscathed, has been described as a case of mistaken identity.  A thorough police investigation, nonetheless, should prove either of two theories.  Whatever the case, the senseless killing of Gayle Escarpeta is another in a growing number of women, who have fallen victims to the unabated epidemic of gun violence plaguing the Old Capital.  Escarpeta was due to begin pursuing a bachelors degree in January, having just identified and confirmed her source of funding a few hours prior to her death.


Her family’s bereavement is similar to that experienced by those of Kamille Andrews, Aldeen Zelaya and Miriam Gillett.  While there may have been others, not included in this story, the association between said names are the circumstances under which they met their tragic end.  In the case of Escarpeta, Andrews and Gillett, all three women were passengers inside the vehicles of drivers, who had likely been marked by their assailants.  The result, in all four instances, nevertheless, was collateral damage.  Beyond that status quo, however, is the fact that no one seems to feel safe in Belize City anymore, with everyone now being considered fair game in the ongoing violence.


Escarpeta’s loved ones are seeking justice but, according to her sibling, who spoke off record, that is a distant dream.  Belize City police, despite their visible presence in the streets, are no closer to solving this case.  Even with spanking new ballistics testing equipment this investigation will prove to be a challenge since no expended shell casings were recovered from the scene of the shooting.  Likewise, the vague description of the vehicle that drove up on Escarpeta and her boyfriend provides little information that can be used to successfully locate and identify its occupants; neither has the department been able to ascertain a motive.  Gayle’s sister strongly believes that her murder will simply be another added to this year’s statistics.


Police has no suspects in the murder of Escarpeta and few leads other than the color of the vehicle to go by. 

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5 Responses for “Women, also victims of senseless murders”

  1. Rod says:

    As usual this gov. Can find a plantain thief in less than 12 hours and have him prosecuted in one day but they cannot find the murderers of over 500 people who have been killed men children and women out of 1 thousand murders they have only solved about 15 of these murders this is a compelling fact that shows the incompetence of this pm and gov.and no matter if you are red or blue you cannot. Say that you feel safe even in your own home in fact every belizean goes to work today wondering if they are going to be shot today as a society how can you put up with this incompetence wake up belizeans . I hope that this young ladies family is paid by this no good gov. Since she died because of the incompetence of this pm and gov. That caused her death because of their failed policies.

  2. Storm says:

    I really don’t see a role for the Crime Control Commission, except as an additional layer of bureaucracy and an impediment to this murder wave emergency.

    If the Mr. Young and the Commission cannot be part of the solution, they become part of the problem.

  3. I Belize it says:

    Need a reliable independent website to track crime, having all the crimes reported.

    Knowing on a map, where these ever daily changing crime ridden areas are, what crimes, when and how frequently they occur, and if the crime has been solved or still actively pursued is a critical step to empower citizens to take control of their country.

    Considering the govt probably lies and low balls the statistics to protect the tourism economy, don’t count on them to lead a solution. Keeping people in the dark is how you manipulate them and avoid inconvenient truths.

    Being able to submit anonymous tips to particular crimes would be an improvement.

    Crimestoppers Belize would be a logical choice. But since they have not updated their website news since December 2010, they are not credible. Looking there, Belize has not an incident in years.
    Probably can’t blame them, it’s a volunteer tedious job with little glory and no money to work with. But it is a website, how hard can that be? Somebody in a wheel chair could do a better job, or teach kids to make it happen. So it would seem to be more ineffectual management by adults, or outright sabotage by people who hate each other each trying to be king emperors for life who are running it.

  4. Genotu Rembiuos says:

    That can work because as said, ‘crime ridden areas’ well that is far enough evidence to search every home for firearms and ammu.
    To hell with human rights, search all them bad boys and if human rights don`t like it, let human rights take the bad boys into their homes !!!
    We need the streets, we need our liberty, we are in prison in our own very homes!!!
    Please go ahead IMMEDIATELY, PLEASE with the anti-crime measure, please PLEASE DO.
    Mr Barrow, we need to try to celebrate a so-called xmas, please stop your gangs some way or somehow, please from terrorizing us.

  5. Genotu Rembiuos says:

    What about the recent murder of some rich men in BZ city ?
    You want to tell me that no arrest yet?
    Why the victim`s family don`t do their own investigations?
    Or did they care about their loved ones?
    Investigate! use the money to find the criminals!!!
    Unless you are happy ? mien!!! WHO NEXT?????????????

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