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Nov 6, 2012

Do you support anti-crime measures such as searches without warrants?

And our question for tonight is: Do you support the anti-crime measure that provides for searches of houses without warrants? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an email with your comments to

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15 Responses for “Do you support anti-crime measures such as searches without warrants?”

  1. islander says:

    Drastic times call for drastic measures.

    If you harbour and abet criminals then you will be mad and pissed off about this initiatives but if you are a law abiding citizen who is tired of crime you have nothing to fear, specially since you are law abiding.

    They can search your house all they want, you know you are clean so what are you fussing and worrying about? Of course if you are a dimwitted scumbag criminal then yes parade against the initiatives along with your mama who will soon come on TV talking about how church going good person you were and they should have only shot you on the foot.

  2. blackberry says:

    NO: it leaves the door wide open for abuse.

  3. smaci says:

    Sure yes I support the intended operations. Need to get rid of these dam senseless criminal and crimes as well as their leaders. Belize is to small for tolerating these crimes and Gov”t need to do more far more than crime ridden areas.

  4. Southern says:

    If you have nothing to hide and you are a law abiding citizen..then you don’t have to worry about a thing.

  5. Belizean says:

    @ Southern…You are so absolutely right!!!!! As well as islander…This is the crucial point to understand

  6. Storm says:

    It’s a necessity, or the nation will fail. We all know these short-term emergency measures can be abused, and if they are, I am sure the people will be heard, and eventually the government will fall.

    I strongly support it and pray it succeeds, because the alternatives are more dangerous — either we all become prey of criminals, and we take the law into the people’s hands as vigilantes. I trust BDF and hope they can sweep the streets of the worst gangsters in a permanent way.

  7. Pepper says:

    You have nothing to worry about till the corrupt police officer puts 1 bullet in our pocket. Whenever they clean up the law encorcement ranks and we have trustworthty officers than we can trust and depend on I will support these initiatives fully. Until then, I can just hope that the long arm of the law does not take advantage of poor people and enforces the laws as they should on both the nort side and south side of the city as well.

  8. CEO says:

    The issue is youth unemployment, inadequate access to education, poverty and corruption and poor urban planning. As long as the social infrastructure is weak, violence will occur. What these measure do offer communities outside the designated area a feel good, quick fix that requires long term investments in Belize’s Human Capital. It also sets a dangerous precedent for abuse and rights violation and unless there is adequate monitoring of its implementation…..we are on a slippery slope to additional social ills not less.

  9. alley cat says:

    I support these measures, but let’s be real this will only target the poor-man-criminals but I guess we need start with some set…

  10. Comfort Jones says:

    In a perfect world this would be fine – but with Corruptable Police Officials this will be used for private and political agendas!
    Instead focus on creating protections for citizens who are abused by Officers and maybe improving Education, Jobs and Living Conditions. The maybe empowering our civil servants to take action when they can be trusted to really do it in the service to citizens (and from a position of knowledge) and not because of misplaced prejudices which reign supreme in the current Police Hierarchy!!

  11. for you all who don't know says:

    I was at the station for the weekend. picked up for no reason. when you are down there you are nothing unless you pay the dirty cops. they bting weed rum anything for some money and even if they are a part of that said gang. Yes thats right police and bdf are gangbangers as well. wehn they find guns and drugs they give it to which gang they are with and make a little money. apart from that the system is just stupid. they locked up everyone for more than 48 hours most people spent 4 days thats 96 hours. it sounds easy but if you aren’t of the sort trust me its hell and you turn into what you have to to survive.

  12. for who all don't know says:

    There was a specific case down at the station piss house. this guy named aaron jones a.k.a. beighong from behind complex. was severly abused. as a matter of fact he is down there for 5 days now and 2maro will make 6. he travels with seizures because he is epileptic. The police took away his pills and didn’t give him back. he had fits 4 times while he was down there. 1 of the times was in front of a officer and he said quote “leave him there let him die”. ya’ll don’t know the real half of this. you only know what you hear and what the media presents. now you tell me what you think should be done

  13. jessy j says:

    don’t support. why should we have the police invade our home anytime of the day/night without the proper procedure??? if we stop follow procedures and allow uncivilized act as the voice of our problem then where would that get us??? i say it is ABSOLUTE NONSENSE. At the end of the day we take off our uniform and we are regular this case civilians….

  14. think wise says:

    Belize is small in population. we can change the crime ridden areas in Belize but we need to be consistent. there are no more room for asking or thinking if this approach is a good approach. this should have been happening years ago. times will become more difficult so we need more laws similar to this one to keep the regular people safe and even the people that gone bad to recover. when we loss a love as a result of senseless killing , we cry to the Government for better security. now they are getting serious and we are wondering if this approach is good. If the crimes are far less then the police will have no need to be corrupt, so the real problem is to stop being afraid of our laws being made to keep us safe. as we all know if we are clean then , this approach only will make us a better nation. love the law rather than people getting harm for little or no reason.

  15. Really? says:

    When a society trades civil liberties for security, it deserves neither/

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