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Nov 5, 2012

Will honest citizens be affected for living in crime zone?

George Lovell

C.E.O. Lovell was keen on not mentioning which areas might fall into the designation of crime ridden areas; but he did mention a few areas where regular police drug searches took place over the weekend. Crime affects the entire city and areas where productive and honest citizens live and they too may fall into the zones that will come under scrutiny and police pressure. Lovell said that the operation will not be covert and the officers already know where the criminals are based.



“It’s very likely there are homes within the area that will be “cordoned off;” that people living there don’t have anything to do with criminal activities. One of the fears of people after having heard this is that this move will give police blanket authority to go into any homes that they wish. Is there a criteria to prevent this?”


Ret. Col. George Lovell, C.E.O., Ministry of National Security

“Well what we are trying to do, umm, we do have information and intelligence to suggest who are the people most likely involved and we are trying as much as practicable to stick to those homes and individuals whom we have identified.”



“There have also been instances when people pretending they are police officers going to people’s homes. Will this move push the department to, I don’t know, probably get badges or any such things to certify that who’s going to people’s homes are police?”


Ret. Col. George Lovell

“Well clearly under these operations, we will be clearly identifying ourselves as police officers. Quite honestly, whenever we go in, this will be no covert entry; we will not go in under these operations having to break doors down initially. Quite clearly what we will try and do is to get the residents to cooperate as much as practicable in the operations that we intend to do. We want the public to understand that we will not just go in there with big stick with the police beating up on them, but we want to make their surroundings safe. So after we go in there, we will try and get the assistance of the city to go in and help with us; we will try and get the assistance of the Ministry of Human Development to go in there and do some social work also so that it is not just a matter of trying to beat up with the big stick, but also to try and provide a safer environment for our people.”

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11 Responses for “Will honest citizens be affected for living in crime zone?”

  1. Rod says:

    Useless pm and gov. Pitiful take care of the thieves in your gov. First why is no one in jail for selling passports why why is no one in jail or treason. You have a man going to jail for stealing plantin but no one going to jail for selling passports and treason what a despicable pm and gov.

  2. orangewalkenio says:

    jus seems like the colonel does not know what he is talking about…..”we will try and get the assistance of the city to go in and help with us; we will try and get the assistance of the Ministry of Human Development to go in there and do some social work also so that it is not just a matter of trying to beat up with the big stick”…i do see the need to do this but in our country where our police officers have the wrong way of doing things….they will first brutalize then ask questions…

  3. Alex says:

    politicians only kno how to repress the constitutional freedom of the citizens. they’re the ones responsible for crime. how? well simply put the problem we face is a combination of issues which they have sought not to address unless an election is close. Ppl need equal access to jobs, land, education; overall they need equal access to opportunities. they can pump millions into the police department, they can take away ppl’s freedom and still the crime situation will get worse. Plus I fear that the politicians will use this to intimidate and harass those holding different political views. they are already doing so by tapping your phones, reading your text and hacking your emails. if the police spend time doing that to the criminals then crime may be down.

  4. Young Gial says:

    Well, orangewalkenio, sometimes it is practicable to use brute force. For instance, the police goes to a know drug house and they are calling out the people, they don’t open and you hear shuffling in the house and you hear the surage flushing like 2 different times, what you think is happening. You think the police must wait for them to flush down all the drugs and hide the cash then open the door and welcome the police with hot chocolate??? Next scenario, police goes to a house where weapons are kept and they call out the presence of the police and to open the door, the police hear suffeling, and then they hear the crancking of a shot gun. You think the police must, stay outside and wait till they blow out their guts first? Hello! If it were you entering those homes in thimes of a search at a known drug peddler, or murder or criminal will you go there thinking they will welcome you with cookies and milk at the door???? Buay try fu mi, go volunteer and see for yourself what the officer has to be prepared for when they go on these searches.

    Mr. Lovel noh need fu know what fu seh, but the police officers better know what to do and have the right mind to step into action when the time calls for it. They must be prepared for any incident and I pray that our Father from above keep the GSU and other officers alert, steadfast and quick to react in times of pressure, haste, and ambush. May the good Lord, prepare them mentally to face any challange or obstacle. Father God, cover each an every police officer with your precious blood and make them strong and resistant to any temptation of the devil. May the put the devil to shame during this Christmas Crime Prevention initiative. Lord God, make the Police and especially the GSU shine during their house search and crime investigation, in Jesus name we pray. AMEN

  5. Name Withheld says:

    I was giving commendation to Mr. Barrow and his administration… what a pity… now I know Mr. Barrow and his set of clowns are nothing more than a waste of time.. when I first heard of cordoning off certain areas I thought that it was already in effect…they those @$$holes are on national radio, TV, internationally on the internet, telling the crooks that they will be search and that they are working on getting the SI to do t the legal/proper way what a set of losers losers losers!!! The crooks are already moving their guns from the hot areas they live in I gotta humble retract all the praises I was giving to you and your administration not only does you lack ….. it also seems that you lack commonsense, jack@$$#$ you cannot tell the crooks that you will be cordoning off the hotspots and think that the crooks will wait for you to move into their neighbor hood and find them with the guns damn IDIOTS they will move their guns before your stupid policemen reaches. You Jack@$$es don’t think… you should have been getting your SI and everything in place secretly and make the public announcement when you @$$holes are carrying out the search you damn !@#$heads… what a waste of time!!!!

  6. Gazette Gazette Gazette says:

    Gazette Gazette Gazette Gazette lets get on with it!!!

  7. BOB says:

    They goes Rod and his nonsense again, if anyone should be jail for stealing passport it should be your party Rod. They are the boss of selling passport. Probably you got you cut Rod, no more hustle so all you can do is try to blame the P.M. cause your hustling is over. Worry about the country and not your pocket. The P.M. is trying and alot of Belizean can see this. Maybe you should help the police by going in the south side and talk to some of these youth instead of always bringing down people.

  8. phyllis says:

    At least they’re doing something about curbing crimes in Murder City. I hope they take many GUNS off the street and arrest the ones responsible. Belize is too small to have so many guns, so many killings. At the rate we are going one gun is worth the saving of 10 lives! However, what i found laughable is the man who stole 3 packs of cheese and owes the government, is sent to prison for 3 years!!!!!!!! and the murderers walks free…………
    That my friend, is not the Police but the so called Justice System of Belize!!!!

  9. Uncle Benji says:

    It happens all the time and everywhere. Innocent people will get caught up in these police dragnets. These innocent folks living in these areas will eventually have to move on, or become casualty fodder.

    Kingston Jamaica has Spanish Town, Los Angeles California has South Central, Belize will soon have its own crime village. Good people move out, bad people move in. When this happens, it becomes easier for the police to kill them all. You can poison their drinking water, burn their village in the middle of the night. You can do lot of sad things that will make good people happy.

  10. Storm says:

    I think the forces carrying out these operations should have a special tipline, so citizens can let them know anonymously anything that should be checked out.

    Sure, it sometimes might be abused for wrong purposes, but I trust the BDF and police to do a reasonable job sifting bad information from the good. I also trust our forces to use appropriate respect when searching, unless they encounter disrespect or resistance. People in a neighborhood often know who is involved in illegal activity, and it can save the police time and help focus their work if the community tips them off.

  11. Seletar says:

    Name withheld makes a good point — I think the law should allow BDF to secure an area, even cut off water to prevent toilets from being flushed, before “gazetting.”

    You just can’t let the enemy know you are coming. The law needs to be changed somehow in that regard.

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