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Nov 5, 2012

Woman alleges botched delivery at Northern Regional

Sally Coh

News Five has been informed of several women who have alleged that they or their newborn developed complications while being treated at the Northern Regional Hospital in Orange Walk. At least one mother has forwarded her case to the Belize Medical and Dental Association hoping that the organization of doctors could help find a solution. It’s clearly an issue that the Medical Council and the Ministry of Health must address soon since the sad stories continue to pour in. This morning, News Five spoke to seventeen year old Sally Coh of Guinea Grass. Days ago, she gave birth to her first child, Reynaldo Pat.  This young mother isn’t quite sure what went wrong because she passed out at the Northern Regional Hospital and never saw her baby until today when she travelled by bus to Belize City and found the disabled infant receiving treatment at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.


Sally Coh, Alleges Medical Malpractice     

“When I was in the hospital in Orange Walk around eleven-thirty, but the water was already buss. They checked me and they told me it wasn’t open in three and they inject me fi make the pain come more hard and then they left me there. And then they crossed me to a next room and I was there and then the next day around ten-thirty, they told me that it was open till ten. Then they left me there and then until eleven-thirty they ker me fi make I have my baby. And then they ker me and I was lay down on the bed and they tell me every pain that I mi have I have to push. Then I do it and every pain that comes, I do it. I did my best, but the doctor they tied my belly and then one doctor was up on my belly and then pushing fi make my baby come out. And then the head of my baby done come out and then they told me that I have to stop because I mi di get purple and then they told me that I can’t have it. And then they pushed my baby head back in and then they mi put something on my part and they told me that they have to ker me fi make I get operate. But long time I mi tell them fi make they operate me, but they noh pay me mind. And then they left me there and when they ker me dah the room fi make they operate me and then they left me there. they operate me but the thing is when I opened my eyes, it was five-thirty the afternoon and I neva see my baby and then when I open my eyes, they told me that my baby was transmitted here in Belize City. They tell me that my baby can’t breathe good and ih get wah ball ina ih head. Only that I mi know. I come see my baby until I come out from hospital and that was the only day that I see my baby.”


Jose Sanchez

“What has the doctors in Orange Walk told you that has happened?”


Sally Coh

“Well they don’t told me nothing. The nurses never tell me what happened with my baby; it was my auntie that tell me that my baby was transmitted right here.”


Jose Sanchez

“Now that your newborn is in Belize City, what is the prognosis? What are the doctors saying here?”


Sally Coh

“Well they told me that my baby will not be a good children; that he will not be a normal boy because he will not walk good and can’t talk good and will be not good in the head.”


Jose Sanchez

“Is it a result of the birthing process or was there something from before the child was born?”


Sally Coh

“Well they told me that when it born it was like that because when I mi do the ultrasound, if he mi got that thing in the head, it mi wah show it ina ih head; but ih had nothing in the ultrasound.”


After the interview, Coh left the K.H.M.H. with her child and returned to Guinea Grass. The teen mother noted that she did not know who to ask for help, which is why she spoke to the media.

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9 Responses for “Woman alleges botched delivery at Northern Regional”

  1. Eda says:

    Mein this Orange Walk thing is becoming very frustrating, agitating, aggravating etc. Maybe Government or person in charge has to do background checks to see if the doctor/s do have their diploma etc and if it is legit. Something sounds fishy. It is more than politics mein. So sad. Close down the maternity ward n the hospital mein. I am so sorry for these people that are dependent on that hospital bc of financial reasons.

  2. bmp chic says:

    How many more of these sad story we will have to hear before the proper authority steps in and do something ….. its a dawm shame

  3. Ars says:

    If it had not been for a relative who lent us money to go to a private doctor, my baby’s fate would be similar to that of this poor baby. My ultra sound showed that all the fluid had leaked out and that my baby needed to be taken out within hours. At the Northern Regional Hospital a nurse told me that the ultrasound means nothing to her and that I needed to go home and come back to the hospital the next day (or when ‘the water burst” or if any bleeding started). I told her that a private doctor had already told me that the baby HAD to be taken out that SAME day, but she said she doesn’t care about that. She is a Nigerian Nurse. I wonder if they are volunteers here; maybe that is why they don’t care! Though that would definitely not be reason enough for what is happening.

  4. Dr. O.W. says:

    This is an open and shut case of malpractice, if the Raju case settled for ONE MILLION, I think this one is five times worst, I think lawyers should jump on this one . worth at least FIVE MILLION.

  5. sue26 says:

    Wake up people of orange walk and corozal you need to do something about this, even if it means a demonstration, but MOH needs to give some answers and the Prime Minister needs to take this issue seriously and get rid of some of those doctors and even the minister and ceo if that is what needs to be done. It is clear that the CEO and Minister is not doing their jobs properly and this is causing people to suffer, and also future burden on the country with these babies that are going to need special care and treatment.

  6. Rutilio says:

    These Doctors & Nurses really need discipline, no person has taken legal action towards them, that why these problems persists! these Doctors should be PUNISHED TO THE MAX!!!!!!! they ain’t GOOD!!!!!!!!

  7. dj x says:

    sad to hear mein , those doctor in the hospital are cold heart,,, the government hired those cubans instead of us belizean to work at the hospital. Those cubans dont give a damn or care for us belizean … before going to public hospital, it is like time to buy ur coffin ahead of time.. our hospital is mess up ..

  8. Symphatizer says:

    Beautiful baby…so sad.

  9. Terry says:

    Beautiful baby! Shame on the hospital!

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