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Nov 2, 2012

Attorney weighs in on new anti-crime initiative

Richard ‘Dickie’ Bradley

There is arguably no law-firm that has clocked more hours on crime related litigation in court than that of Defense Attorney, Richard ‘Dickie’ Bradley. Bradley, whose social voice is heard on the Dickie Bradley Special which airs on this station, also chimed in on the need for a better crime strategy. He told News Five that the law to which Saldivar referred was an amendment in the Crime Control and Criminal Justice Act from about two decades ago.


Richard ‘Dickie’ Bradley, Attorney

“Crime Control and Criminal Justice Act stretching back into the 1990s, amended periodically, and under that law, the Minister of National Security or whoever is the Minister for Security or police can designate areas which would be designated as crime ridden areas, which will be literally cordoned off and the security forces would have the authority to restrict and perhaps even prevent the movement of persons going in and out of this area. You would have to justify why is it that you are coming into this area. Clearly if you live in this area, you have a right to go to your home and your yard and vice-versa to leave and go and do shopping and soon. But there is a law that gives the police and the B.D.F., the security forces in this country, the authority to cordon off, to restrict movements into and out of an area.”


Jose Sanchez

“Why have we never heard of this being done before?”


Richard ‘Dickie’ Bradley

“There is a law for that and it is a signal that in fact the government is really at its whit’s end to in fact do something about what is plaguing the society which is in particular violent crime; lack of disciple and the total disrespect for the rights of other persons when it comes to robbing, stealing, looting and shooting.”


Jose Sanchez

“Does this at any point crosses over into what would be human rights?”


Richard ‘Dickie’ Bradley

“Well the actual law itself—interpretation would be one thing—but the law itself still requires; although as a general rule you cannot enter a person’s home without a warrant and you can’t stop and search somebody nor can you just go and ask for a warrant to go into somebody’s private place. I’m saying that the law as a general principle is that to stop your vehicle and to search you and to search your person, the police must have reasonable grounds otherwise it is an unlawful search and an unreasonable interference with your privacy and so on. Under the Crime Control Act, they may enter without a warrant because remember now this is a specialized situation where they are claiming that the crime situation is so out of control in particular areas that they are doing certain thigns. But when one reads the law, generally, the police are still required to as much as possible follow those main principles of law.”


According to Bradley, the British implemented a similarly harsh strategy when it was battling the Irish Republic Army which had used bombs against the British.

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11 Responses for “Attorney weighs in on new anti-crime initiative”

  1. Rod says:

    Bring back the hanging penalty stop playing around hang all murderers hang them high.

  2. islander says:

    All this will do is flush out those criminals from those areas and have them operate in different areas.

    Kinda like how the so called truce eased down crime and murder in Belize city but the criminals ended up in Cayo, San Pedro, Caye Caulker and not to mention Corozal.

  3. XXXX says:

    Good job Mr. Bradley didn’t knock it, he didn’t say anything negative about the strong stance Mr. Barrow is taking against those low life criminals; that is good for I have much respect for Mr. Richard Dickie Bradley, even though he is roughing me up, he don’t want to take my case ( he have good reason not to, but I wish he would) Mr. Bradley I’ll try to reach your office before the month is out.
    Good explanation from Mr. Bradley, good job to channel 5 to interview a respected attorney from the other side… so see there you have it people, this law has been in the books for over a decade, but Mr. Barrow’s administration was/were lacking in ….. ( I blame Ms. Moya, lol) good job Mr. Barrow U know I had to throw in that one about Moya, lol. On a more serious note good job and BETTER MUST COME! (is that Muta Baruka, who said these words? Better Must Come!)

  4. ICARE says:

    Finally!! Thank you Lord. We the people support your actions 1000%. Gather all the criminals–gang members, drug dealers, robbers and the like, sentence them to mandatory 25 years to life, they shouldn’t be eligible for parole until after serving 25 years. And to the judges, it’s time that you comply with the peoples’ wishes. To the police dept, B.D,F, and investigators please ensure that you dot all your eyes and cross all your tees because in addition to these animals being arrested, we also want conviction. We want peace!! Much success.

    P.S I heard that in Barbados these animals are arrested and later disappear, that is find too.

  5. lflo says:

    Human rights be DAMNED.Mothers and Fathers are loosing sons,grand children, sisters their brothers and cousins,Uncles are loosing nephews, wives,husbands,friends.These are very drastic times for the Country that demands drastic measures. Of course the lawyers will be looking at the moneys they can make from all this.

  6. Biggs says:

    Has any one ever watched Barrio 13? In the movie citizens of a criminal area were cut off from the rest of the city. The mayor planned to destroy them with a nuclear bomb. This caused major uproar from the heavily armed criminals. Eventually they got their way. The criminals in that area will now feel that they are tougher and will backlash against the GOB.

  7. from the present looking to the future says:

    Mr. Bradley is not going to adversly comment on the action – I bet he, and other criminal defence lawyers will be dribbling with anticipation…..

    Anyway, of note:

    “For one thing, if you terrify the public and make them fear for their safety, they will allow you to implement draconian law enforcement practice, disarm them and keep extensive records on them, and they only have to tell you that it is all to protect you, of course. Secondly, it promotes the decay of the present democratic forms of political systems, and leads societies to search for alternative methods of political ideology. ”

  8. moses says:

    It’s God’s will. God is great. He knows all and is all powerful. He can change the course of events if he so chooses at any time. I can only assume that he has his own reasons. So we wait and see, we are at his mercy.

    The logic for this type of reasoning is prevalent among believers. ” Soh I noh know why unu di stress unuself. Leff everything to God. Amen”.

  9. chaveli says:

    I am scared of being raped too

  10. corozaleno Says says:

    I also believe that the criminals will be moving out of the designated areas to other parts of the country. But that can be avoided. Make the known criminals report at least twice weekly to police.

  11. busha says:

    Moses, then can’t you argue that it’s god’s will that violence be prevailent in Belize? if anything that happens is god’s will, then mek wi leff everything to god… amen

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