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Oct 19, 2012

Edward Martinez again? More allegations of land scams

A land scam involving a highly connected Belize City resident is growing legs. Allegations against Edward Martinez continue to pour in and more Belizeans in the US have been calling this station claiming that they paid him for land and construction services which he never provided. On Thursday, we spoke to Dorothy Fairweather, who says she was tricked into getting friends and family to do business with Martinez. The premise was that he worked for the government and with the help of his brother, Minister Anthony “Boots” Martinez, he was assisting BELAMs to have their properties in order for when they are ready to return home. One of Fairweather’s friends who was allegedly scammed is Brenda Vellos, who met Martinez in 2011 and paid him to finish the work on two incomplete houses in Corozal. But Vellos says nothing has been done on either structure.


Via Phone: Brenda Vellos, Belizean American

“Mr. Eddie got on the phone with me and asked me to send him some money so we could start doing the business. So he told me it was going to be like eight thousand dollars; I went ahead and I sent him seven hundred in the beginning, five hundred—and these are US dollars—every other month until I completed eight thousand. Mr. Eddie promised that my house was going to be finished in three months, which he never did absolutely nothing; claimed it was always raining in Belize. He took the material to Corozal, promised to pay him rent, he never did. He asked one of my friends to put it on her porch and back yard and everywhere; the things got all messed up. He said don’t worry the government have plenty and a lot more that you can get from so don’t worry about whatever got messed up. I sent him all my money and so far I cannot get in touch with Mr. Eddie. I called him several times, I try to email him; he never answers me back. All I’m asking for is for my money back or if we need to go to court and settle this, however he wants to do it.  He sent me pictures; what he did was took somebody else house and pretend it was my house. And I keep asking him, I said the windows don’t look the same because I had the structure already in Corozal and it’s only to fix up. He said, you know we did some different changes of them. I said okay, Mr. Martinez it’s in your hands, do whatever so it could look good and I went from there.”


Delahnie Bain

“So when did you realize that those pictures actually weren’t your house?”


Via Phone: Brenda Vellos

“Miss Dorothy made a trip in Corozal and get to find out nothing he said was true, everything was wrong. And Miss Dorothy called me and said you know what, you guys need to come to Belize. I said I’m going in December and I sure did and I sure saw what she was telling me about the house; nothing was done, absolutely nothing.”

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14 Responses for “Edward Martinez again? More allegations of land scams”

  1. javier solis says:

    Lock down his bottom and flag him. If his brother interferes, flog him too. This man is a shameless thief. I hate thieves.

  2. Uncle Benji says:

    Sorry Belizean Americans, but how stupid can you get? Martinez seems to be a crook in every which way; but stupidity seems to be the mainstay of our beloved Cruffies in America. Or is it?

    Greed choke puppy. Remember that old Belizean saying? Somewhere, someone with a few disposable dollars thought they could become land barons in Belize…………. and you get scammed.

    Guess what? You rightly earned the title of stupid, thus getting scammed was the final result. You fully comprehended that land is not purchased in Belize, the way you attempted to purchase land. You got conned.

    Go cry your river of tears elsewhere. I feel your pain…………of stupidity.

  3. Uncle Benji says:

    Boots your brother is alleging that you knew about these land scams. What gives? You better come clean.

    Good Gawd, we placed our trust in you, and this is how you repay us? Where did all the monies go?
    Were the Martinezs accting on their own, or did you have cohorts in crime?

    Who? Is it Dean Ali Ba-Barrow?

    Where did the monies that you gave to Ali Ba-Barrow’s wife foundation come from?

    How many Belizean Americans have been scammed?

    I know an old lady that is ashamed of coming forward, considering that she held very high office, when she lived in Belize. She feels that people will look at her stupidly (and rightly so.)

  4. Storm says:

    Has somebody stopped a criminal investigation? Any other Belizean who was not protected by a minister would be in steel bracelets by now, and properly so.

    Boots, keep your hands out of the justice system. If your brother is guilty, you should be first in line to insist he does his time. As a minister, you need to set an example, not abet a criminal.

  5. Bear says:

    Maybe these victims living in America can get the FBI involved. They have a long arm to protect Americans. Edward can spend a few decades in a US prison instead of sitting in Hattieville borrowing internet from Bert Vasquez.

  6. krtdiaz says:

    And why the silence on the matter?? Where is big mouth BOOTS when he needs to open his pie hole?? This is so sad for those affected…

  7. Shay says:

    @Uncle Benji: I strongly recommend you re-read and fully comprehend the article before offering your ‘stupidity’ feedback. This particular situation involved construction services – not land! Don’t be so quick to jump to confusion, instead consider offering constuctive words of advice.

  8. Uncle Benji says:

    @Shay….. In order to construct, you need land. That is called “basic common sense.” Don’t get antsy, why give advice to fools?

    Fools rush in where wise men fear to tread. Remember that saying?

    These so called Belizean Americans knew something was wrong with the whole deal, but they got GREEDY. Any good con man, will tell you, the easiest way for the dog to lose the bone, is to get him to become greedy. Remember that saying?

    I feel no pity for them. Greedy choke puppy. They got conned because of their greed. As Belizeans living in America, they should know that real estate dealings should be processed through a genuine broker. Land title and construction permits are basic requirements. But they got greedy.


  9. ixora says:


  10. Bert says:

    If it seems too good to be true, it probably is, all that glitters is not gold.

  11. friend of Brenda Vellos says:

    Uncle Benji.First of all I believe that anyone that wants to make a comment and call someone stupid should find out facts from the people you are calling stupid before you make your comments.As far as my friend is concerned for your information she had her land,and the picture u see she had that up already.Her expectations was the construction of her property thats why she sent the money to people that she believed and trusted to finish building her home.At this time the only that I agree with you is that obviously there are Belizeans that are thieves,liars,con’s which is a shame because I am Belizean and was not raised to be any of the above.BUT GOD DON’T LIKE UGLY

  12. ALICE says:

    For your information uncle benji this person did not need no land or even foundation all she paid for was for labor the two houses is already there so get you info straight b-4 yu talk.
    all a uno belizean are a bunch a crooks, am sure yu are too thats why yu get heated up.

  13. john deer says:

    uncle benji stop hating on these people u r a big a hole get your facts right and shut your pie hole

  14. AMF says:

    Lock him up, throw away the keys! He is using the legitimacy of his brother’s office to con person’s into believing that he has the ability to help them get a peice of land. Belizean Americans are not GREEDY uncle benji, they are simply too far away to deal with the matter on their own, and are looking for the services of someone they can trust. The fact that his brother is a minister, makes him seem legitimate. Someone needs to stop that Krook!

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