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Oct 16, 2012

Belize in danger of being a Failed Pariah State

Some small Caribbean countries are in danger of acquiring the reputation as failed pariah states, according to an editorial in Sunday’s Jamaican Observer. Belize and Grenada are being placed in that category. The article says that there are three reasons for this dubious distinction: the small states have shown to be incapable of successfully performing the first task of a state, which is to keep law and order within the national borders. They are incapable of protecting their populations from external aggression and invasion, as is evident in the uncontrolled penetration of transnational crime and drug trafficking. And they are not able to achieve self-reliant sustainable economic development; their foreign policy is usually to seek assistance from Taiwan to Venezuela. These states default on debt-servicing, sell economic citizenship, provide safe haven to questionable off-shore financial institutions and there is corruption, tax evasion and human trafficking. If that description brings you close to home, according to the Observer, these small Caribbean countries are doing further damage by defaulting on servicing their debt which according to the newspaper, is not a workable negotiating strategy and that the only people affected, are is citizens, in this case Belizeans and Grenadians. The full article can be seen at www dot Jamaica observer dot com.

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20 Responses for “Belize in danger of being a Failed Pariah State”

  1. Storm says:

    OUCH! The truth really hurts.

    Thanks, Hon. PM Barrow.

    Everyone reading this should ask: is the nation better off today than it was when Dean Oliver Barrow was inaugurated?

    I urge civic, college, and religious leaders to organize every city and village like they have done in Cayo to STRIKE against this failed government. PEOPLE POWER can set us free.

  2. it's just that simple says:

    Jamaica has a lot of expertise on this to talk, #4 homicide rate at 52.2/100,000.

    And comparing Grenada to Belize??? They are 11.5/100,000, not even in the top 60. What tourist would want to go there and miss the action here?

    Belize is 41.4/100,000 at #6, but this year should beat that and maybe take the #3 position if the gangs work overtime.

    But king of the death heap is Honduras at 91.6/100,000, pushing long time murderous country El Salvador out to #2 contender.

    Don’t count the Guats out, at 38.5/100,000, they could give Belize a run for the money if a border war heats up or the Zetas push out the government and take over Peten.

    Belize could game it, legalize murder and theft to encourage everyone, and then take the title at #1. Considering the conviction rate, may as well make it official. Fortunately we are safe from homosexuals, who can put up with that nonsense and they don’t commit a lot of murder.

  3. Vuk says:

    I find it disgusting that Belize is reaching the point that it could be reasonably compared with Grenada (?!?), but what else can one expect when you have two of the major political forces in the society, for multiple administrations, consistently fail their constituents with their obvious stupidity.

    If Belize is to ultimately survive as a Nation-state, it *has* to dispense with the governmental system it currently has in place for something more suitable for its material conditions as all it does is breed corruption and traitorous behaviour amongst those who work within it.

  4. Ricky Malthus says:

    We have known and have been saying this for at least 12 years, but nobody believed us. Now everyone will believe because a Jamaican newspaper dares to print the unspeakable in Belize. Similarly we have taken statistical samplings of life in Belize ranging from monstrous unemployment to devastating interest rates to massive corruption affecting all aspects of living in Belize but no one paid attention. Maybe Great Belize division will bring these to the forefront, but we were first to call out the failed status of Belize. One more prediction: Belize will continue to slide into the abyss because it doesn’t have a shovel to dig itself out of it. Besides the abyss is encased in the oil of corruption which will make it almost impossible to gain any economic traction even with a shovel. Let us see what the historical gurus will say after we have peered into the crystal ball.

  5. Alan says:

    Small Caribbean states can’t afford to follow Greece

    Sunday, October 14, 2012

    SOME small Caribbean countries are in danger of acquiring the reputation as failed pariah states.

    States are regarded as failed for three reasons:

    First, they have shown themselves to be incapable of successfully performing the first task of a state, which is to keep law and order within the national borders of their territories.

    Second, they are incapable of protecting their populations from external aggression and invasion, as is evident in the uncontrolled penetration of transnational crime and drug trafficking.

    Third, they are not able to achieve self-reliant sustainable economic development.

    Their foreign policy is usually to seek external assistance from Taiwan to Venezuela, dependent on foreign aid, lobbying for special trade arrangements and pleading for debt cancellation.

    They are pariah states because they default on their debt-servicing and sell economic citizenship to persons of dubious reputation, providing safe haven to questionable off-shore financial institutions active in drug production and transshipment. In addition, like in many other countries, there is corruption, tax evasion and human trafficking.

    Now, some of our small Caribbean countries are doing further reputational damage by defaulting on servicing their debt. The list of defaulting states includes Belize and Grenada, who have made a fundamental error in strategy by following Greece.

    They failed to appreciate that Greece could default because they, given the need for viability of the Euro and the political unity of the European Union (EU), matter to the EU.

    When a small Caribbean state defaults it does not matter to anyone, it does not threaten any financial institution and the markets cannot afford to be merciful because it sets a precedent that perennial bad debtors would seek to emulate.

    When a small Caribbean state defaults it gives up the already limited leverage which is the threat of default, thereby weakening its bargaining position. To default is to give up any possibility of bargaining with creditors. After the default, creditors let these small states sweat, then the financial institutions and consultants charge exorbitant fees to arrange a restructuring of the debt which, when accomplished, involves a new higher interest rate and a long repayment schedule and maybe a small write-down of the debt.

    Meanwhile, the prime minister and the finance minister (if they are not one and the same person) and the financial secretary and governor of the central bank, are forced to do the diplomatic rounds in Washington, DC; New York; and London, making earnest, if not credible, pleadings of their inability to pay because of the global economic crisis.

    They express their contriteness and willingness not to do this again if they get a fresh start. They pledge to accomplish what they have never done, which is to practise proper fiscal management and accept all technical advice from the International Monetary Fund.

    Default is not a workable negotiating strategy for small states because the actuality of default affects no government, financial institution or financial market. Whereas all lending countries know they must beware of Greeks bearing debt, the only people affected by a default by Belize and Grenada are Belizians and Grenadians.

  6. Ah Mi Tell Unu! says:

    First the basket case of the developed world and now the basket case of our own Caribbean brothers! Ah Mi Tell Unu fu stap beg and allow criminals fu cross di bordah! Unu shuda mi tighten up lang time!

  7. blackberry says:

    Not anything we did not know but our leaders prefer to keep their heads in the sand while hoping beyond hope, while Belize`s a@@ is expose.

  8. Bear says:

    I think we need to consider a different system of government entirely, with a president elected by the people, and strict separation of powers between the president [executive to carry out the laws], national assembly [legislature to enact the laws], and the courts.

    We can do that peacefully via a constitutional convention THAT DOES NOT INVOLVE PEOPLE ELECTED FROM POLITICAL PARTIES or we can do it via protest and people power, but it really must be done. Living here we know we have failed as an independent government. But there is no shame in realizing that, the only shame is in knowing we failed and doing nothing to improve for the future and for our children. Even the mighty United States had to write a new constitution [the one they have there now] after only 13 years. We;ve limped along for 30 years, but it is now intolerable and should not go on for another year the way it is.

    What do you think?

  9. rod says:

    this is nothing new we all knew this years ago even though jamaica has nothing to talk about they are worse than belize if it wasnt for the americans jamaica would be a worse dump than it is so they have nothing to preach about now the question is what are you belizeans will a little sense in your heads going to do about it thats the question am telling you the only way to change this condition in belize is for all belizeans to march on this useless corrupt incompetent pm and gov. we need to kick them out of office every business should close down for a week and see what happens and if you are not willing to give up a week to better yourselves and your children then you deserve whatever you get .So my people i will bet on you to stand up and get rid of this cancer thats killing us all you you cant do it for yourselves do it for your children guN JUDAS barrow guan you parasite.

  10. Real says:

    Lets vote for Rod!!!!….he is the only one who really cares for belize and the only one who knows so much…with that said Belize is incapable of many things via limited population…..but lets go with Rod cause he knew judas Barrow coudnt fix what Said M. broke.

  11. verymad says:

    I agree with Rod. We need to do something NOW.

  12. Chiquibul says:

    Oop! Sorry, wrong country. I was not aware Belize was not a failed state yet. Definitely don’t want to wait until it “officially fails”.

  13. Be Real says:

    Jamaican editorial talking about Belize being on the verge of becoming a pariah state!! I must be misreading this but at least Belize has not in the modern times had a state of emergancy like Jamaica and Trinidad. I was readding an article in Foreign Policy magazine 2 days ago about the 20 deadliest cities in the world and I was flicking thru the pics thinking Belize City mustdeh up deh and I was surprised. A bunch of Mexicanm cities were up there, Caracas was up there New Orleans, KINGSTON JAMAICA!! So may be Jamaicans editorials should look closeer to home before they start bad mouthing Belize. Don’t get me wrong there is too much homicide in Belize City, but Jamica is far worse than us when it comes to crime and dead broke poverty. Gungulung look like was surburb compared to some places in Jamaica. PLUS WE HAVE 2 TO 1 Belize Dollar to US while Jamaicans have 88.6438 to 1 US Dollar exchange rate as if mid day TODAY BELIZE TIME. So may be things bad da Belize but certainly not as dread as Jamaica. We have our problems in Belize but if I was a non Caribbean citizen and I had to choose between Belize and Jamica. I would say Belize. JAmaicans also like to be the no all caribbean people when they cant get their own hhouse in check. Look within before you look without.

  14. busha says:


  15. Ricky Malthus says:

    Let’s start with with getting rid of the appointed members of the useless fifth-wheel Senate, and which is costing so much to fund. Belize has been a failed state since 1999. By the way, where is the money from oil production? And what has Barrow done with all the$ 50 million from SSB to BTL? and the plan transfer of $15 million to BEL? Get it- $65 million up in smoke or Barrow’s pocket, and Net (the genius) Vasquez, and all the conspirators to fleece SSB.

  16. dexter nicholson says:

    I keep sayin it over and over until the people are taught that country first not party or color its going to keep going downhill

  17. Belizean Pride says:


  18. lilcat says:

    Three reasons for being a failed ” Pariah State”
    Lets see , 911
    the 40 year ‘Drug War?”
    Columbine, Theater shootings, Congress woman shooting!
    Amber alerts!
    Where does that happen???

  19. Really? says:

    Rod, think about it, in their 50 years of independence, Jamaica has had serious problems in the past, but they have done one thing right, they got rid of Former PM Bruce Golding over the Dudus Coke affair in 2010. To say that they are not in a position to at least take a look at other Caribbean territories and take stock of where they are, it is absolutely (!@$$. Many of you, yes many of you perpetuate the very same system you claim to hate and want to change. It took the US 15 years to break away from the British Empire and have their form of govt. in order to have representation, and to start all that, they had to fight the biggest empire at the time in a revolution.

    Back to Golding now, he resigned from office due to his dealings with the criminal underworld and it came to roost. Honestly, can Belize claim any better after the 9th Amendment, which the CCJ and our Supreme Court declared unconstitutional, “fast tracked” naturalizations and voter registrations a month before elections, this superbond issue and not one member of the opposition rose their voice to press for a no confidence vote. It is extremely telling that not one leader in Belizean history since 1981 has had to resign or be charged and convicted for serious wrongdoing in office. Please do not say Said Musa was charged in 2008, we all know how that went, they cover each other’s @$$#$ to keep the status quo, something all of you will just keep on promoting with your inferiority complex of can’t do any better.

    I may have not been in Belize for the past 2 years, but if I had to pick between a leader who says he will use any means necessary to take control of govt. if the then govt. does not resign in 24 hrs and a opposition which enables it, or a govt. which has it’s flaws, but at the end of the day tries to do the right thing, I’d pick Jamaica any day, because at least they have the backbone to get it done, rather than pontificate about what should be done.

  20. The world is watching says:

    Rod has the right formula, it will take a “Belizean Spring” that being people power to affect change. The US and other countries would support a non-violent movement to make a positive change. But it will take all the people together. Corruption is the one single issue that must be addressed by any successful new government. It must be declared a national crime and punished by death. No exceptions, if that happens one will see it disappear faster that “Barrow and money”..

    Remember> The world is watching…

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