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Oct 8, 2012

Pedro Ical gets 12 months for handling; no charge for murder

This morning as hundreds of residents of San Ignacio and Santa Elena demonstrated against crime, the suspect Pedro Alberto Ical was taken under police escort to the Belmopan Magistrates Court.  Ical was only arraigned for charges of Handling Stolen Goods and he pleaded guilty. Dressed in an off white T-shirt and black pants, the handcuffed suspect was then transferred to a waiting police vehicle along with armed police officers and taken to the Central Prison in Hattieville.  Ical, who is from Maya Mopan, was first detained during a search of his house last week after the body of Suzenne Martinez, a University of Belize student, was found near her house in San Ignacio.  Police found stolen items such as an assortment of jewelry, from the house of Robert Lewis, the retired Belizean American who was murdered at his house in the Mopan area of Belmopan last Monday. According to Superintendent Aaron Guzman, the Officer Commanding Cayo, Ical has pleaded guilty to one count of handling stolen goods, for which he will be spending one year in jail, while the other investigations continue.


Aaron Guzman

Supt. Aaron Guzman, O.C., Cayo

“Mister Pedro Alberto Ical was detained initially in San Ignacio as a result of the murder investigation for Miss Martinez. There was no charge forthcoming for him and the forty-eight hours had lapse—or was about to lapse. He was released. However Belmopan police was dealing with the investigation on the murder of Mister Lewis. As a result, Belmopan police detained him and escorted him to Belmopan for the investigation in relation to Mister Lewis’ murder. Based on the evidence we have gathered so far, we have been advised by the D.P.P., because we have to seek legal advice from that office, not to charge Mister Ical for the murder of Mister Lewis. But he was charged for two counts of Handling Stolen Goods—one count for a phone chip or we call it a calling number and an assortment of jewelry found in a knapsack in San Ignacio with Mister Ical. The other count of Handling Stolen Goods was for another piece of jewelry and a camera that’s from the Lewis’ residence that was allegedly found with Mister Ical. He was formally charged by the police officer Saturday morning. As a result, the time would have lapsed for him to appear in court, but because the court does not work on Saturday and Sunday, there is provision for the JP to remand a person and so a JP remanded him in custody until today, this morning. He appeared in court this morning after nine and the charge was read to him by the magistrate in Belmopan. He pled not guilty for the camera and the piece of jewelry and eh was remanded until the eleventh of January 2013. He pled guilty for the calling card or chip and the assortment of jewelry that was found in the knapsack. He was sentenced to twelve months in prison by the magistrate in Belmopan. So as we speak, Mister Ical is going to be sent to the Hattieville prison to spend his twelve months. But he will be moved from there on January eleventh to appear in court in Belmopan for the other charge of Handling Stolen Goods.”


Pedro Alberto Ical

Jose Sanchez

“Were any of the items that he was found with believed to have been the possession of the young lady that was killed in San Ignacio?


Supt. Aaron Guzman

“Right now Mister Sanchez that matter is still under investigation and we are working on certain things that we have in relation to Miss Martinez’s case. If it is that we need to charge him for anything relating to Miss Martinez, the same applies. We get a removal order, we get him from the prison in Hattieville and take him to San Ignacio, formally arrest him and charge him and take him to San Ignacio magistrate’s court.”


Jose Sanchez

“He is being investigated while doing his twelve months for both murders?”


Supt. Aaron Guzman

“The murder investigations in San Ignacio and Belmopan keep on going and we hope to get some answers very shortly in relation to some scientific evidence that we may have obtained.”


Ical returns to Court on January 11, 2013.

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11 Responses for “Pedro Ical gets 12 months for handling; no charge for murder”

  1. nigel says:

    So now they are handing down 12 month sentences for double murder? We have officially sunk to a new low in this country. Guzman don’t blow smoke up the people’s a$$e$$ because we all know that your so called police officers can’t even catch aids at the worst whore house. We have lost all confidence in the police force and the entire justice system for that matter. Just this once I will agree with rod when he says we need to march; but rod you also need to realize that the people are so entrenched in the pockets of the politicians that marching for our rights may mean that you mat not be able to feed your family tomorrow. We are truly living under a dictatorship wrapped in sheeps clothing.

  2. Truth says:

    ” that we may have obtained” damn people. if you cant then say so. invite international forensics team and learn from them. despite the location there are old ways n tricks to get a favorable response n answers from the evidence.

    Just do your work with pride and seriousness, more over respect and document every single thing as it may be irrelevant but to someone else it might be a crucial piece to complete the puzzle.

    Just do your job, every person deserves a chance to heal, if a killer remains out there the family does not heal.

  3. Young Gial says:

    Beyond the police, the problem is the ancient laws Belize is governed by. Remember you are innocent until proven guilty and besides this you must be guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt. So, if we don’t have the forensics to convict this person then there is just no way our justice system can even have a chance. This is not the police fault, the police already did their part to as much as they can. We need to pressure the prime minister to work on our legislation and forensics. The Prime Minister is a lawyer and he knows where the loop holes are that criminals use to be freed from charges. I say it is the Prime Minister fault that criminals are walking out free. We need a government that cares enough about our people to start to put the right laws in place for the safety of our country and people.

  4. Marie says:

    When they wanted to put preventative detention in place the people railed up-this is what you get.

  5. Vex Saldana says:

    In Guatemala this guy would be burnt to death and the politicians who pocket our money and do nothing, SHOT

  6. Young Gial says:

    Exactly Marie, I couldn’t agree with you more. I think the community are too small minded. That when the police takes matters into their hands and infringe on the freedom of people, everyone complains. But as soon as their freedom is put into questions by fear and the reality of criminal minds acting out, they then complian that the police is not doing anything. But the Police can only do as much as the law provides and as much as they are given authority to do. That’s just the truth in my eyes. Something has to give and it is either we sacrifice some freedom for safty or we sacrifice our selves for freedom. Unless the government/ Prime Minister actually willing to make a difference and enhance our legislation. I think he needs to take time to sit and think things through.

  7. ixora says:

    if the killer doesnt die the family dont heal, my father was murdered i dont know who killed him but i am over it now it has been 6 years.

  8. Rod says:

    Hand him unu self no make his useless gov. Stop unu they let all the murderers go because of heir incompetence and why is their no one in jail fo treason don’t forget people this gov. Is letting in any and everyone who can pay them they all need to be put in jail for treason..

  9. FOCUS says:

    focus people, improved forensics, trained prossecutors, a real pathologist, full time these are the demands that need to be made. jumping up and down with ropes tied in noose and praer vigils are good for the television but acheive nothing tangible. focus your energy people.,,,,

  10. Genotu Rembiuos says:

    This Gov is FULL of treason, just as a hog in a mud hole, so much mud that mud CANNOT wash off mud !!! So nothing can be done, we must live in mud and by those mud.

  11. LM says:

    This man only lucky murderers in belize are having the best time in prison. thats the reason why so many stupid and cruel killing are happening in our country why gov why police why judges why dont you people in power give a death penalty to those Crazy murderes they deserve a slow but cruel death!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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