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Oct 8, 2012

Self defense; woman not charged for killing husband

Kareem Dixon

In Belize City, a security lost his life in a case that was initially dubbed as murder. His common-law-wife, Melanie Staine, was detained, but later released from police custody. She was being held as a suspect in the killing of her common-law-husband over the weekend. But on further investigations and from statements given by Staine and her son, she acted in self defense and there is no evidence at this time to substantiate a charge of murder. News Five’s Isani Cayetano reports.


Isani Cayetano, Reporting

The death of thirty-seven year old Kareem Dixon, a security guard employed by AAA Security Services, is another in what appears to be an increase in the number of male victims of domestic violence.  Dixon was stabbed once inside his Mahogany Street home on Saturday night by thirty-five year old Melanie Staine, with whom he was involved in a tumultuous relationship.


Raphael Martinez, Police Press Officer

“On the sixth of October at 11:30 p.m., acting on information received, police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where they saw Kareem Dixon, thirty-seven year old Belizean laborer of a Mahogany Street address, suffering from an apparent stab wound to the left side of his chest.”


The couple, it is reported, was embroiled in a heated spat when Dixon returned home armed with an axe.  He allegedly aggressed Staine punching her in the face before their son intervened.  When the child was restrained Dixon again turned on Staine, who produced a knife and pierced him.  News Five understands that they constantly fought and, that on several occasions prior to that incident, Dixon threatened to kill her.


Raphael Martinez

“Investigations revealed that on the sixth of October at 11 p.m. Kareem was at home at the abovementioned address when he allegedly got into an argument with a female who took out a knife and inflicted the wound to Dixon.  On the seventh of October, at 1:45 a.m., Kareem Dixon succumbed to his injury whilst undergoing treatment and his body now awaits a post mortem examination.”


Raphael Martinez

While both families declined comment, Dixon, who was stationed at Channel Five as a relief officer working the night shift, is remembered as a recreational artist.  To past his time here Kareem would occupy himself sketching portraits.  His is the third incident since May resulting in the loss of life caused by a lovers’ quarrel.


Raphael Martinez

“Police have since detained that female, a thirty-five year old Belizean domestic of a Belize City address, pending charges.”


According to her attorney, Melanie Staine has since been released from police custody under instruction from the Director of Public Prosecution that no charges be brought against her.  Dixon’s death will presumably be ruled an act of self-defense since Staine had also filed several complaints of domestic abuse with the police department prior to the stabbing. Reporting for News Five, I am Isani Cayetano.

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10 Responses for “Self defense; woman not charged for killing husband”

  1. sheshouldbecharged says:

    She should be charged for murder or at least man slaughter because she meant to kill him they were arguing about the sweetheart which he worked with so the wife killed him, yes they were arguing but they need to investigate more many of those woman out there will get away with killing us men because they claim self defense

  2. Katara says:

    Thank God, she defend herself. It could have been her and not him. He threaten her several times and she feared for her life obviously, she filed several domestic violence reports prior to this, so that’s confirmation that she didn’t want to live in such violence. A lot of people always say if the woman is being beaten and ill treated why don’t they leave, the irony of this is that they fear for their lives that most women end up sacrificing and staying just to protect themselves and kids. It’s easy to encourage someone that’s being abused to leave the abuser but what takes place within that person is not just the bruises and scares that’s on the body, they have to deal with emotional, physical and psychological abuses, which is not easy to just brush off and go on with living your life. It affects the whole family and if the abusive spouses family and friends don’t stress to the abuser that what he is doing is wrong…he will continue as long as the victim is willing to stay and be his punching bag. Most victims feel ashame and want so hard for their families to work that they sacrifice everything until a turning point comes where it’s kill or be killed, which a person that’s thinking logic would not wait around for such a pivotal moment to come but unfortunately it is known that the high risk of a woman losing her life is when she’s ready to leave and start a new. That’s when the abuser feels violated and afraid of losing control and then we know what all happens after that, jealousy, frustration, stalking and even more dangerous high levels of physical abuse. I don’t feel sorry at all for Mr. Dixon, he should not put his hands on a woman, if she’s doing right or wrong in his eyes…he should not put his hands on her. It’s self defense clearly and lucky her that she filed reports with the police department… We need more females that are being abuse to fight for themselves as this individual and go to the most limits to protect themselves because once someone hits you they will never stop with out getting the proper help, which I’m not sure if Belize have a Women’s Domestic Violence Group. If Belize don’t, it would be nice to create one.

    I know what she went through because I went through being abused for 11 and a half years, I wanted my family to work so I sacrificed and I realized one day that either he will kill me or hurt my kids badly that I would not be able to see my children grow up and go off to college. Mind you, family and friends were encouraging me to leave but it’s not that easy when someone threatens you and you know they are serious and not joking. You fear for your life, but in the end I fought my fears and let go of that man and it was the best thing I have ever done for me and my kids. We are happy and in peace and living life to the fullest. The escape will only happen when the victim is truly happy with herself. The most important thing I found out through this ordeal of my life, it’s always better to love yourself. Don’t wait for someone to love you. Get to know yourself and love yourself. When you do this you won’t need to push yourself on someone. Validation that your beautiful and worth cherishing will come natural. I hope these true words can help a reader that might be in Mrs, Staine’s position and take heed that sooner or later you will have to fight for yourself and leave the abuser that you are with because IT WILL NOT STOP. Don’t fool yourself. It will not. Go on and live your life. There’s other fishes in the sea.

  3. Bear says:

    Accepting all of the killer’s explanations as true, the story is a loud warning to people who think with their genitals instead of their brains — crazy relationships often lead to really bad endings. Get out of them and start over with someone less crazy. Better to live alone than to live with someone who will kill you in the end.

    Human tragedy all aorund.

  4. Rod says:

    She is still a murderer no matter what but no surprise here if these useless judges and ov. Let her go free no matter what he still committed murder in the first degree she should be locked up I have no pity for murderers period.

  5. Mario says:

    This woman will go free because as the old saying say ” Deadman tell no tales” and that the shittiest part of the sttick she will talk for her self but the guy Dixon cannot talk for himself at all. We live in a cruel world filled with hatred and violence. Why can’t we be peaceful or is it that we willl never learn????

    Like what Ghandi Said “Victory attained by violence is tantamount to a defeat, for it is momentary”

  6. I gaan through this to says:

    I know what its like to be abused. I dont agree with killing the man but i know what its like and agree 100% with Katara. Sorry you went through that but glad you made it out. I also made it out and for those that are not going through it , it is hard to leave. Very very hard to leave when you are scared for your life or when the person says sorry and bruises disappear you tend to forgive but when some one is abusive they need help that we as the victim cannot provide.

    I am so glad she made reports of it and more women or men need to report it. I live in america and did not make reports cause ” I did not want to get him in trouble”. Imagine that. I was the one being abused but still worried about him. So when I went to the cops for help they told me he would have to abuse me again for them to arrest him. PLEASE PEOPLE REPORT IT REPORT IT REPORT IT TO HAVE TRAIL.

  7. Nini Tobias says:

    I agree 100% with Katara, why because i work this field everyday and i know how it feel,s you do so many police report, and what comes out of it nothing… and if the police is called often the officers would say you call one more time and you will get arrested.

  8. murder is murder says:

    Regardless of whatever went on in that household before,murder is murder.If Ms Murder Staine get away in court with it,she still has God to answer{Thou shall not Kill Exodus 20: 13}. I am a mother and if someone kills my child I would want to see justice, she could have walked away a longtime ago. People are acting as if Karim Dixon was a monster, no…he was someones son. She is hurting for her son,so coldbloodily killed by a woman who professed to love him…he was sleeping with the enemy. I pray that God mercy and Gods vengenge comes quickly, there is no excuse for murder. I f he was such a monster get out,leave him, talk to his family.I hope and pray that Ms Murder Staine get her just desert.
    to the family of Karim you have my heartfelt sympathy. dont sit and let that murderess get away with killing Karim,band together and get justice,wake up the dead if you have to.

  9. moses says:

    katara r u available for another go at it. More fishes in the sea.

  10. Dis noh right says:

    Aint this like 4th case of woman killing their common law husband?
    dude run over by a car “Motorcycle?”
    Dangriga coast guard guy “Stabbed?”
    Kaylee mom’s? burned Kevin Burgess house?
    Orange walk dude killed by his common law wife?
    Now this?
    Domestic Voilence is a BIG NO NO!!!

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