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Sep 26, 2012

P.U.P. walks out before end of House Meeting

While it appeared in our first story that there were fiery exchanges between the Prime Minister and the Opposition, it was more a juxtaposition of points rather than a heated exchange. That is because when the PM was wrapping up the debate sometime after one o’clock, aiming his usual first shot at Said Musa, the Fort George Representative walked out. The remaining thirteen members of the Opposition also left the chambers, leaving an empty room for the PM’s traditional literary tongue lashing.


Prime Minister Dean Barrow

“It was Mark Twain who said noise is nothing. Very often, a hen that has merely laid an egg cackles as though it had laid an asteroid. That’s what I was reminded of when he is making all this noise as though he thinks he is doing something wonderful. And again even before he started with the noise, what he was saying was by and large a repetition of what the member for Fort George had said. I don’t think you want to be repeating and embracing and endorsing what the member for Fort George said at any point in time. Now I’d said earlier Leader of the Opposition, it reminds me of another speech of his. Man, you had your chance, please shut up and sit… Oh you’re not going because I’m coming to you next; you see. I wonder if I can quickly move to him before… You see, you see.”


Michael Peyrefitte

Dean Barrow

“Members of the gallery; remain silent please, members of the gallery.”


Prime Minister Dean Barrow

“Mister Speaker, how absolutely deplorable and disgraceful. They claim that they are so concerned about the bill; they claim that they want to be advocates for the cane farmers; they claim that there are certain requests that they wish to make when we get to the committee, but they leave before that can happen. And why? Because they are scared of the tongue lashing that I’m going to give them. I would think that they’d be used to it by now.”


The bill, which now changes the entire landscape of the sugar industry, will now go to the Senate for ratification.

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28 Responses for “P.U.P. walks out before end of House Meeting”

  1. Storm says:

    Woe is the Jewel! Not a statesman in Parliament anywhere, just crooked party hacks.

    How embarrasing for us all, not to mention that they consistently have an unbroken record of lies and disastrous results of their “efforts.”

  2. Ricky Malthus says:

    The only tongue lashing Barrow can proffer is on his own senile body and corrupt and malevolent mind. Barrow has not accomplished even one iota of constructive material to benefit Belizean but he has created incalculable political,financial, and social catastrophies all over this land. Belize is in default on the superbond, although this has been hidden from the public. Go read the Economist. Wall Street Journal, Reuters, They have stated categorically that tiny Belize has defaulted but will not yet pursue the GOB in international court. Barrow is chaos . Barrow is a dummy, Barrow is a non compos mentis, Barrow must take a permanent hiatus from government and life. Tongue lashing!!!! By the way the Speaker must allow expressions of dissent. We don’t live in slavery, Mr. Speaker. These UDPs are still enslaved culturally and mentally

  3. Earl Grey says:

    ARROGANCE STINKS…. smells really bad!!!

  4. verymad says:

    Is this a joke? What a shame!!! Our prime minister acting like a child now. He should of went to the meeting with a mask on his face. Instead of behaving like a fish seller at the market.(sorry guys selling fish)

  5. Rod says:

    What a disgrace as a pm any normal human being not living in Belize would not be able to believe that his man is in charge of a country I really really feel so ashamed to have judas barrow as the supposed leader of our country and why is minister hulse not in jail for incompetence because of his leadership we have terrorist we have Indian we have Chinese we have European Guatemalans pouring into our little Belize because of the total lack of leadership in this gov. Why is no one in jail is their no pride in the belizean people anymore it is deplorable and if ou wa do some tongue lashing perhaps I suggest no make I tell you wey you could lash.

  6. judith says:

    It is a shame that the Prime Minister of this country has to resort to bullying. It is a pity to see an educated man act like this. He is an adult and should act learn to act like an adult. This is him being “deplorable and disgraceful” so I completely understand why the members of the opposition would walk out. If these people can’t stop acting like children, I can’t see myself voting either red or blue. Some drastic changes need to be made to the political arena for me to do so and for this country to progress.

  7. Al says:

    It would be so nice if these little boys, who call themselves men appointed to lead this country would lead instead of having cock fights the country would be further ahead. The country is plagued with so much problems and they use quotes to jar each other. I wish I could hear an argument about fixing the broken places, creating jobs, ficing health care and bringing the country into the 21st century.

  8. B says:

    The PUP’s are acting like a bunch of sissies…..

    Throwing a lick then running away!!!

    They definately have the support of orosco

  9. me says:

    Yes barrow is educated, but he lacks respect for others y lacks morals, he lacks standards. Barrow will go in history as the best of all worst PM for belize, and his sons and grandsons will be remembered as the same. History will judge barrow and his simplis wife.

  10. ABC says:

    B I disagree with your opinion. What does a tongue lashing help Belize with???? Our PM, actually your PM does not know his @$$ from his face wen talking about leadership… He may be very educated but that doesn’t change the fact that he is an arrogant SOB and will always try to bully others like that will help this nation in any way. I for one stopped listening to the sitting of House of Reps, doesnt make any sense to me.

  11. Pedro Dolmo says:

    We are being led by a dictator since when this is democracy one man have all the say in the house and all the little minions just listen. Dean O Barrow must realize that those PUP representatives have been elected by the Belizean People and so to be disrespectful to the oppostion is to be disrespecting the people of Belize este Barrow no recuerde que nosotros del norte votar 3 pup en OW para los elecciones porque nosotros no quiere a ellos yo llamo a mis gentes en el norte y los caneros para luchar

  12. Flor says:

    Barrow Being the prime minister should address the issue with more intelligent. He needs to be more professional in what he does/says in the house of representative. He needs to address the issues with some manner at least. Mr Barrow we are students and we follow what this country is going through every day, but let me tell u , u need to stop fighting and calling names to members of the house of representative; instead of fighting come sit down with the opposition and come up with a solution that will benefit all Belizeans. Don’t 4get that people put u there and they can destroy ur career. For ones think about the future of the country “Belize.” DON’T ACT THE WAY U SEE/LOOK.’

  13. Tongue lasher says:

    unfortunately tongue lashing does the country NO GOOD, this is not the Maury Povich Show, but Barrow seems to think so. Belize is a country in default, a failed state, highest murder rate in the western world, 3rd highest public corruption index in the world, highest HIV RATE in the wetern world, .highest internet cost in Central America. and all Barrow can up with is TONGUE LASHING, no wonder we are in this state of affairs.

  14. JUSTICE says:

    All the name calling and disrespecting makes you all sound just as Barrow sounded in the house. We the middle class an the poor will remain the same, as Borrow, Fonseca, Vega and the rest of them that are members of the house sit and sip on their expensive wines TOGETHER. Look Belizeans we need to grow up and see the bigger picture, neither PUP nor UDP has Belie at heart but their families pockets at heart. we need true leaders but it wont come easy unless we stop the back and forth and build leaders of those that really want what is best for Belize/Belizeans.

  15. roska says:

    THE PUP STILL FOLLOWING MUSA???… they never learn!!!

    They were elected to represent the people….. not to follow the most corrupt leader this country has had…..they must let Barrow hear trhe voice of the canieros…. even if he doesnt want to hear it…their duty is to struggle for their cause …. not walk out like a bunch of indoctrinated fools that cant debate…..

    that was a clear sign for all those that wanted to think otherwise that MUSA IS STILL THE LEADER AND NOT FONSECA….. If anything FONSECA, AS THE “LEADER” WAS SUPPOSED TO HEAD THE WALK OUT… NOT MUSA!!!

    as a nortenio Iam ashamed of florencio and Ramiro…..they are there to fight our cause NOT TO FOLLOW THE MAN THAT HAS THEM AS THE OPPOSITION AND HAS DONE THE MOST HARM TO OUR COUNTRY…. looked like a bunch of puppies following mother…. walking out of the sitting of the house is sign of cowardice…. or idiocity!!!

    WHEN WILL POLITICIANS STOP PUTTING THE PARTY BEFORE THE PEOPLE….. yeah I know…. when we the people START demanding it strongly from them….

  16. Gone fishing says:

    The Mugabe training videos are paying off.
    If the opposition keeps irritating the powerful, they risk being arrested.

  17. Louisville,Ky says:

    @ me, “History will judge barrow and his simplis wife”, that was a low blow, real low dude.
    But, this is what party politics do to people. Reduce them to the height of a snake’s belly. Must be real uncomfortable down there.

  18. impartial says:

    Barrow…you should be ashamed of yourself…and us of ourselves for allowing you to become pm… PUT THE SAME EFFORT TO RESOLVE ALL OF BELIZE’S PROBLEMS!! not in “tongue-lashing”

  19. Jose says:

    We are not paying anyone’s salary to deliver tongue lashings. WE ARE PAYING YOU TO GET US OUT OF THIS MESS THAT MOST OF YOU HAVE CREATED!

  20. ceo says:

    As Belizeans we should realize that it is our responsibility to rise up in protest against unjust laws. If this bill is so good why do it under the cloak of secrecy? Put it out there for review and comments especially by those that it should benefit. I protest bad actions by both blue or red. If you are not willing to stand up to scrutiny you should not involve yourself in lreadership of a democratic country.

    The PUP did well to walk out.

  21. b.Jones says:

    While I understand that it is “tradition” for the part in power to lambaste the opposition every chance they get, I don’t thing now is the time, being the country is in such turmoil. I think the country needs to come together for the betterment of the country and
    put aside all the antics. No one can/should be celebrity or gloating during the most challenging times Belize has ever faced.

    All of them need to grow-up fast and cut the @rap bc Belize is living in some serious times.

  22. Ixora says:

    when the PM said noise is nothing he was reffering to himself and out goes the PUP. Please PM you are leading BELIZE and stop making yourself look good but make the country look gud.

  23. sugacity says:

    PUP are a bunch of cowards! The blind following the old sly blind fool! Musa is no good, has never been good and the other bunch of followers are just the same! Musa is !@##$% as well as his followers!

  24. me says:

    Behind every great man there is a great women. Well kentucky something you will never know.
    So i wont even bother to explain to you, you will simply never know.

  25. Seletar says:

    @Louisville, it was a low blow, but if you look at the anger in these posts, the people are obviously desperate.

    Desperate people do desperate things. Marie Antoinette said, “Let them eat cake,” and the people replied, “OFF WITH HER HEAD!”

    I fear things are getting so bad that any little thing could set off rioting or worse. When people have nothing left to lose, they lose their fear.

  26. Orange Walk says:

    The PM and his whole band wagon act like little girls in primary school. last we checked he isn’t the father of any one in the house of reps so he can’t tongue lash anyone. he acts with such ignorance that his academics are over shadowed. i question his intelligence
    The government needs to remember that yes the people put them there but the same people can get them out. GROW UP MR BARROW AND STOP ACTING LIKE A LIL GIRL!!!!!

  27. madman says:

    barrow no gud fu Belize.. all dat he do is insult the belizean ppl. wat kinda pm is dat..instead he shuda find beta solutions n sit wid d oppositions to move d country forward but not in tongue lashing… Good Move dat the PUP walk out.

  28. Orangewalkeno says:

    Barrow and all his lambiscones should go cut sugar cane and sweat de royal @$$ fi one day.educated mules.

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