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Sep 18, 2012

Brother shot and brother murdered in Bullet City

Andrew & Jordan Usher

There was an execution-style murder on Monday evening on Jane Usher Boulevard. As we reported in our previous newscast, a gunman opened fire on two brothers on a motorbike.  Jordan Usher was hit once and managed to escape but a hail of bullets found their mark on Andrew Usher.  The gunman stood on top of him and emptied his weapon hitting him seven times on the chest, right arm, left hand and upper rib cage.  The two had just visited with their father, Andrew Usher Sr.  Word on the street is that the murder is allegedly drug-related.  News Five’s Isani Cayetano reports.


Isani Cayetano, Reporting

An evening of joyriding on a two-seater scooter ended violently for a pair of siblings on Monday evening.  Brothers Andrew and Jordan Usher were victims of a calculated attack as they rode the cycle from their family home in Port Loyola to a nearby grocery store on Jane Usher Boulevard.  Upon reaching the shop the young men came under intense gunfire.  Their father, Andrew Usher Sr., who spoke with me off-camera, heard the fusillade from his home a few blocks away.


Voice of: Andrew Usher Sr., Father of Shooting Victims

“I yer sohn heavy, heavy gunshot ring out right and I tell dehn bally, “What! Weh gaan ahn?  Dehn bwai noh come back yet yoh noh.”  So dehn bwai she, “Bwai go check weh gaan ahn!” Soh one ah dehn young bwai run ‘round di lane and ih come back and ih seh bwai, ih seh laad dehn shoot up dehn bwai.”


Andrew lay mortally wounded in the street, his blood pooling beneath him.  The twenty-three year old fisherman was hit in both arms and multiple times in the torso.  His younger brother Jordan was shot in the right leg but somehow managed to escape into a clump of nearby bushes.


Andrew Usher Sr.

“Di amount ah bullet weh he get brotha like dehn mi really intentional ah kill ahn.”


Isani Cayetano

“How many times was he shot?”


Andrew Usher Sr.

“Ih get shot bout seven times.  The next one get it bout two times and da wah innocent ting mein.  Ih noh deserve it, dis bwai no deserve it.”


Andrew, who lived on East Canal, had just returned to the city.  While the father of thirteen described him as an innocent victim of gun violence, he later attested that Andrew may have been involved in an ongoing conflict with someone or a group of men in the area.


Isani Cayetano

“Do you know why anyone would want to have both of your kids dead?  I know they succeeded in killing one yesterday andJordanis recovering from the injuries.  Any reasons or motives as to why they would be wanted dead?”


Andrew Usher Sr.

“Well all I woulda seh that no, we da noh bad people, I noh do nobody nothing, ah noh steal nobody, ah no hurt nobody, ah noh kill nobody, ah no deal bad wid nobody, ah noh think ah have no enemy, but now it seems ah have enemy.”


Isani Cayetano

“What about your sons though?  While you may not have any known enemies, what about your kids?  At this point you can’t really vouch for them seeing as though they’re both grown men, Andrew being twenty-four andJordan, I believe, eighteen.  Any reasons as to why or they may have been involved with in any kind of altercation?”


Andrew Usher Sr. 

“Brotha I noh know, I noh know because Andrew da wah very violent lee young man too.  They have dehn problems maybe pan di street right and then uhm, I noh know, I noh know, ah noh know weh dehn do, who dehn do people things but ah noh seh dehn innocent.  Ah noh seh mi son dehn innocent because dehn have problems too, problems ah dehn own.”


It is reported that the men were accosted by a lone gunman of dark complexion, wielding a chrome pistol.  Having injured Andrew Usher, the hit man then stood over him and fired additional rounds into his body.  No arrests have been made in this latest homicide. Reporting for News Five, I am Isani Cayetano.

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16 Responses for “Brother shot and brother murdered in Bullet City”

  1. Rod says:

    This aw keep then happen because people in this country look like they like it so if not they woulda mi done march tha this pm house long time march belizeans march don’t let one more belizean loose their life because of the total incompetence of this pm and gov.

  2. Rod says:

    This aw keep the happen because people in this country look like they like it so if not they woulda mi done march tha this pm house long time march belizeans march don’t let one more belizean loose their life because of the total incompetence of this pm and gov.

  3. Storm says:

    Too bad the temptation to “get rich quick” in the drug business attracts so many Belizeans. It’s a deadly trade all around, it kills the customers randomly, and the dealers kill each other, not to mention killing the occasional innocent bystander.

    Regardless, murderers must be put to death. This one is obviously extremely violent and well-armed, so if I were the police, I would not take any chances trying to arrest him alive; dead works just as well and is a lot safer. Hopefully the surviving brother told the police exactly who to look for.

  4. Marie says:

    When even your parents cant say you were good then you deserve to get whacked

  5. Uncle Benji says:

    The gang problem in Belize is an American import. Belizeans take their kids to live in the USA, where both them and their kids become losers in life. The parent gets hooked on street drugs, living in rat infested ghettos, while the kids learn to roam the ghetto streets. Eventually they are deported back to Belize, dumb, stupid, drug addicted and violent.

    This American import has become too costly for us Belizeans to handle. Is there some way that perhaps the Americans as a sign of goodwill, provide Belize with the technology, weapons and money to curb this American dilemna we have inherited?

  6. Truth says:

    Isn’t there anything else these people know how to do other than kill one another.. get out there and clean your yard . take your kids to school, church, help the community..KILLING grow up and be Human .. it’s just plain stupid.

    The government on the other hand know who the bad crowd is get rid of them segregate them flush them no one will miss them. its just bs mien..

    Time for some house cleaning…

  7. Bear says:

    @Truth, every word you wrote is . . . TRUTH.

    @Uncle Benji, from your comments it seems you believe every Belizean has gone to the US, become a criminal there, and returned. I kind of doubt that is true. Know the truth, and it will set you free. We get bad and good influences from the States, but I would bet most of our gangsters are home-grown. Instead of copying American crime, I wish we would copy American hard-work ethic and capitalism. They may not be doing well today, but they’ve shown the way for 100 years.

  8. National service day says:

    Mr Price was a humble, peaceful, simple lifestyle, energetic, civic minded person. who in this present UDP government tries to even come close to any of these qualities.
    in the UDP we see and hear things like ‘Jules I am not a normal person” we see BMWs, Lexus, Range Rovers, Moet Chandon Champagne, we hear things like collateral damage, our turn to eat. this country would do well if our leaders try the least bit to portray some of Mr Price’s qualities.

  9. Uncle Benji says:

    @Bear…. Please be honored. As a rule, I do not respond to other bloggers; but there is kindness in your heart, confusion in your soul, but you are honest, thus I pay you homage with my response.

    So you are in love with America. Kudos to you. But my original post referred to Belizeans (not all Belizeans) that are drug addicts down in the neighborhoods of southwest Los Angeles, over in the Bronx and Brooklyn areas of NY, and the southside of Chicago. Walk those streets, and you heart bleeds to see drug addicted Belizeans, dope pushers, whores plying their trade. Sad, sad but true. Three years later? They have been deported to Belize and are part of the Belizean criminal elements. Losers in America. Criminals in Belize.

  10. a victim sister says:

    Well I just lost my brother a week ago, and I just want to give my condonlances to the victim family….its not easy when you lose a love one, Am praying for the family so that they can get tru this, I can say I no what you all are going tru I walk in you all shoe a week ago….GOD bless you all….

  11. Al says:

    Uncle Benji, not every criminal in Belize is a product of the Anerican life. The economy in Belize and the lack of job opportunities play a big part in the way the young people choose to go.

    Parents should shoulder a lot of the blame for what is going on with the children, for one thing very few children in Belize are nurtured, encouraged to go to school and excell.

    Take a trip up to Hattieville and see the number of children who are at home during a school day washing clothes and taking care of their siblings, while mama is out hustling to feed the five or six illegitimate children that five or six men dropped on her and went their way to spawn more illegitamate children. I am sure this is happening in every corner of the country.

    Uncle Benji, the responsibility for the majority of the cesspool stench that our young people are creating is home grown They come from homes that are in a hopeless delema. I hate to think of how many young people may have been buried who carried with them to their graves the cure for cancer, the capaciaty to lead this country forward, or some thing that would have contributed to this world.
    The lack of sound mentoring is missing. The older men who should be mentors themselves need to be mentored out of the hopeless place they have put themselves in. The young see these older men sitting under verandas, or under trees and all they are doing is smoking whatever, drinking liquor, playing blackstick, gambling and talking foolishness.

    The young people see this and they accept this as a way of life, it becomes their norm. As television sucks them in and they see makebelief on the screen, they take it and make it their way of life. I say this because Uncle Benji, I do not believe all these people are deportees, I agree some are. This mess is environmentallly caused.

    I got my education in America, worked for a large financial institution, rose to the positon of Assistant Vice President and Human Resources Manager. I also met a Doctor in a hospital who was born and raised in Belize and earned his medical degree in America. Those who choose the criminal side of life in America were pre-disposed to do that. So you can’t blame all this $$$$ht on America. Please look at what has become of the infrastructure of the country, there in is the foundation for a lot of the problem.

  12. Belize bwoy says:

    Uncle Benji how stupid of you to say all belizean come to the states an suffer and turn criminal . The. Riminals r the one who is frustrated they can’t leave the country. Because of stupid possetiom charge . R the one who is doing the killing is Belize check the Matt’s these guys have. Ever left Belize.

  13. Victim relative says:

    @ Marie how dare you say that, my family was no saint but i can honestly say he was no murderer or bad person, if any wrong that would have been was he like to tease, I would know cause i grew up with him. He was a father, just became the father of a baby boy. And for someone to just take another persons life is just inhumane, Belize need to wake up and judgmental people need fi see the real truth.. get to know the person before you judge.. What if it was your own???

  14. Seletar says:

    I think most of us can agree it is sad the man died as the apparent result of some bad choices he made, and by that I refer the reports that he was a fisherman who got involved in the drug business. Maybe he did that to try to earn more to support his baby, but if so, that was a short-sighted choice — jail or death is in the crystal ball in the drug life. Neither of those probable ends would help the baby in the long run.

    Sadly, it’s the life he chose.

    My prayers are with the baby he left behind, the widow, and the rest of the family.

    And I hope terminal justice is handed out to the killer, in this and every murder.

  15. BMNJ says:

    @Victim relative: If the only wrong he did was teasing, then that murderous act was beyond boundaries. Is there something he did to someone that neither you nor the family knew? Nevertheless, justice should be served and the killer should be caught, convicted, and hanged.

  16. Philleziean;) says:

    @ victim i’m sorry for ure loss. But benji u need help cause its not all Belizean come da America come do !@$$, i’ve been out here 10 yrs & like what my mom always say u got the good road & the bad road so u choose,talk wisely fi me no, its not all Belizean doing drug& prostitute we out here trying to do better weh Belize couldn’t give us.

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