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Sep 17, 2012

Slovakian, Karol, mellow about permanent residency status

Karol Mello

Forty-two year old Karol Mello made an appearance before Justice Oswell Legall in court today, where his attorney was prepared to dispute the cancellation of his permanent residency in mid-July.  Mello was nabbed by local authorities in San Pedro two months ago, following a tip by Interpol that he was wanted in Slovakia for murder.  It is alleged that the real estate broker is a leading figure in Central Europe’s underworld, responsible for the gangland execution of a rival mob boss.  During his detention, Mello’s official residential status was revoked, as the Immigration Department made efforts to have him expelled from the country.  After a successful injunction prevented his expulsion, Mello was ordered to be released from prison but, before he was able to walk out a free man, he was once again arraigned on a pair of charges stemming from alleged immigration offences.  While those charges were later dismissed, Mello’s permanent residency remained canceled, that is until this morning when he learned that he had been awarded permanent residence for a second time.  Senior counsel Godfrey Smith told News Five that government’s decision came as a pleasant surprise.


Godfrey Smith

Godfrey Smith, Attorney for Karol Mello

“This morning was scheduled to be heard before the Supreme Court our application or claim to challenge the legality of the revocation of Karol Mello’s permanent residence.  The first hearing of that was scheduled for this morning; however, when we got to court we were pleased and pleasantly surprised to hear that the government had taken a decision to withdraw the revocation of Karol Mello’s revocation.  In other words, they are saying we no longer, we’re taking away the letter by which we revoked his permanent residence, which means his permanent residence stands.  With that, we informed the court, that as soon as we received notification of that we would be filing a notice of discontinuance of the claim and hopefully that would bring to an end a closed final chapter in the Karol Mello saga.”


Isani Cayetano

“One would want to think that after having spent a month in prison and there were these charges of false imprisonment and all this other development within that timeframe that Mr. Mello would want to seek some kind of legal action against the government.  Is there an explanation as to why he has chosen not to pursue it?”


Godfrey Smith

“Well he’s probably fatigued by all of this.  It’s flagged his energy I am sure, so I think he’s taking a break from litigation for a while and I think he’s thinking of nothing more than to spend time with his family.”


Isani Cayetano

“In hindsight do you believe that the government had anything substantial to pin against Mr. Mello that would have warranted his removal?”


Godfrey Smith

“No.  I think it came out clearly in the evidence and this is probably what informed this morning’s decision to withdraw.  It came out in the evidence that really, everything was triggered by the government of Slovakia’s request for him to be handed over.  Now that was based not on any extradition treaty, which doesn’t exist or not on any bad behavior or any threats that Mr. Mello’s action could adversely affect anything in Belize.  It was just based on that simple and singular request.”


It is expected that this will be Mello’s final appearance in court on immigration offences. 

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7 Responses for “Slovakian, Karol, mellow about permanent residency status”

  1. Storm says:

    A victory for Mello, a defeat for Belize.

    What nation’s laws require permanent residence for an internationally wanted criminal?

    The man should go home to clear his name, or else I fear Slovakians will come to the Jewel to render justice. We have enough home-grown murderers, it’s one with we do not need to import.

    I assume he bought his residence a second time from some corrupt member of GOB.

  2. Rod says:

    Incompetence incompetence this whole pm and gov.

  3. HellBoy says:

    There’s a place in the afterlife for people like Godfrey Smith!

  4. I Belize it says:

    Just don’t understand this. He is wanted for murder in Europe. Gets Belizean legal status under false pretenses. And is allowed to stay? Now is the time to go ask the Europeans for some loans and investment.

    Last week we find out a terrorist working with Belizeans involved with international smuggling, buys citizenship. But this guy screwed up big time. He did not hire a lawyer and pay enough fees. Now the govt won’t backup the passport. Now it will take a lot more money to move to Belize to head up Hezbollah Ltd. Cost of doing business when you cut corners. When you do a hit, just wounding works against you, a price to be payed.

    Is this really a country, or just a place for criminals come to when they are on the run?

    Now we got the murder rate, a homegrown insanity, breeding a whole new generation of leadership that cannot think besides rob and kill. Do we need to import better and smarter criminals? YES!

    Mello for PM, he represents the man on the bicycle taking care of business.

  5. Karl says:

    We live in a democracy; at least I hope we do. If the Government had clear and convincing evidence, this person would have been dealt with. The government obviously did not have the goods to proceed, and they made a strategic decision to back down.

    We would hope that all citizen of Belize would be able to afford this kind of judicial deliberation. The problem is, most folks cannot afford this kind of representation. I am no lover of this government or the last, but this is not Godfrey Smith fault, he was just doing his job, and was able to exploit the weakness of the government case. How many poor Belizeans go to court every day without a lawyer, and end up in jail. Remember the old saying “He who represents himself has a fool for a client”

  6. Al says:

    Karl, this man is not a Belizean, we do not own him. This country has it’s own crap to deal with, certainly we do not need Mello. Do you think if he were not running from the law he would give a rats @$$ about Belizeans or Belize.

    He came here becasue he thought that this would be the only place in the world, yes in the world, where he would have a chance of manipulating the system to not be sent back to his country. If I were a politician I would be pissed that Mello holds this country’s law in such poor view that he choose this country to hideout, think about that.

    Mello did his research. Look at the map and see how far where he came from is to Belize. Think of how many countries he passed up to get to Belize, why.?
    He saw a stupid government, and he was right. His attorney Smith, cares about his fee, not about the quality or good morals of Mello whom he is trying to release upon this country.

    I say send him home, where there is smoke there is fire, it is his country’s responsibility to find him guilty or not guilty.

  7. GEORGE USHER says:

    mr smith would sell god if he could get a hold of him sir you dont know these people belize is a tiny country boss we sell custom we the airport i was born in rockstone pond we sell the ruins mr smith please dont start selling the belizean people sir i had a lot of respect for you sir i hope you have children so u could leave nothing for them we voted you out but keep coming back look how many people is deported from usa but you dont wanto see that thats the law sir i give still so muchrespegt still is this how we shouldmake our money no thanks good luck mr big time laywer good luck sir

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