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Aug 22, 2012

Pastor suspended, but minister hopes he won’t be back

Norman Willacey

Another big story for today involves, Pastor Norman Willacey, who has been placed on a fifteen day suspension from the Belmopan Baptist High School, effective today. Willacey, the principal of the school, fell from grace after the mother of a sixteen year old student told the media that he was having a sexual relationship with her daughter. An emergency meeting of the Board of Management of the high school concluded with an apology for the “serious allegations of misconduct” involving the principal. The board has launched a formal investigation and if the accusations are found to be true, it will impose just and appropriate disciplinary measures.  This afternoon, the Baptist Association of Belize issued a statement saying that the executive committee since Saturday has met with Willacey, the Belmopan Baptist Church Board and the mother of the teenage girl. They also highlighted that Willacey has been placed on an administrative leave from the church and pulpit pending the outcome of the investigation. Today Minister of Education, Patrick Faber, told the media that he is disturbed that it took the Baptist Association this long to make the matter public and to address it.


Patrick Faber, Minister of Education

Patrick Faber

“All indications to the ministry was that the matter would be dealt with in a swift manner. I will tell you that I at this point of the day, I am very disturbed and very concerned that the Baptist Management has not acted swiftly. In fact I have asked my C.E.O. to indicate to them that they must do something about the situation—at least put out a release to say what they intend to do. And I am asking for that to be done by today. It’s not that the government can punish Baptist Management in any way. My understanding is that they are working on it; they are meeting this afternoon. But certain for the situation that exists, it is my understanding for instance that the Baptist Church has relieved Pastor Willacey of his duties as a Baptist Minister in the Church. So why is it that it takes so long to tell the public or at least do something officially to indicate what it is they intend to do with Mister Willacey as the principal of the Baptist High School. Particularly because school is reopening, I am told on Friday, and so I join with all those who are concerned; all those who are clamoring to the Baptist Management to say you need to tell us what it is that you intend to do. The ministry of course will have options, but due process must occur and we are trying as best as we know how to follow the Education Act of 2010 and the rules to make sure that we are in line with what we are doing. We are making the plea and there is no need to create a quarrel about this deal. I am making the plea to the Baptist Management to deal with this matter swiftly; to make right whatever slow pace they have been going on so far and in the dealing with the rest of the situation because you know they can’t try the man and produce a verdict in one day. Do it according to those rules and move swiftly in getting justice.”


Jules Vasquez, 7 News

“Sir, are you of the opinion that when school opens on Friday, Mister Norman Willacey should not be acting as principal?”


Patrick Faber

“If it is, again I am not privy to all the information, but if it is as you have said and others are saying; there is enough evidence to give the impression that something wrong went on at that school, then yes.”


Jules Vasquez

“He confessed. He told me and he told Mister Sanchez in the text and he told me what was in the text was true—that he and the girl messed around.”


Patrick Faber

“If that is the case, then certainly I support that he should be suspended while a proper investigation takes place.”


Jose Sanchez

“Even his handwriting from the letters; teachers who know him recognized the handwriting in the love letter that he wrote. The lady is concerned that she has other children attending this school who will be there on Friday. And she doesn’t want him to be in charge, any at all, of her other children.”


Patrick Faber

“Like I said, again, I support fully that if indeed all of these allegations are true that he should at least be suspended. Or even if it gives the impression to be true, that he should at least be suspended until the investigation can take its due course. As I’ve said, it is to me a bit late. I’ve asked for a statement to come from them for at least forty-eight hours now and that has not been forthcoming. So I join with those who say this should be quicker. But I want to hope that they will now move quickly and that we won’t get to that point where the ministry would have to intervene. And I’m hoping Pastor Willacey will not be there at the Baptist High School on Friday.”


Willacey will remain on suspension while the investigation continues. The school management says that a subsequent release will be issued upon the conclusion of the investigation.  The Special Envoy for Women and Children, Kim Simplis Barrow, also issued a release today urging the school’s management to take a prompt and decisive action in this matter to set an example for our nation and to send a clear message that the best interest of our Belizean children is of utmost importance. 

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20 Responses for “Pastor suspended, but minister hopes he won’t be back”

  1. bigspoon213 says:

    This is a sign this stuff is happening allover Belize, patrick Faber you should be more than concerned what happening in our educational system for instance this school in front of George town road, Independence High school and the list go on and on teacher are playing with student it’s a shame to see and hear these allegation about our school administration. please look outside the box and stop thinking with your …………. you should have been the first one to respond to such issued but u wait just like the Baptist Management.

  2. BT says:

    pot deh cuss kettle

  3. Rod says:

    This man should be in jail and this idiotic gov. Is talking about suspension this man should be in jail if he wasn’t a black man he would be in jail already people would be asking for his head but people are trying to justify this pedophiles action even the supposed leader of the country is trying to protect a pedophile from justice because he is black what a disgrace I give more credit to the wife of this pm at least she has the fortitude and guts to come out and stand up for children every parent should pull their child out of this school since the baptist church is comfortable protecting a pedophile my child would not go this school because their teachings are of the devil.

  4. Louisville,Ky says:

    It is very obvious that the Baptist Mission is dragging it’s feet on this very sensitive matter. I don’t know what further information they need. Willacy admitted to messing around with the little girl. The handwriting in the letter has been identified as his. What more evidence and investigation do they need?
    Justice delayed is indeed justice denied and the Baptist Mission should be ashamed of themselves. Their actions or lack thereof, makes them just as guilty as their Pastor as it now appears they are condoning his immoral behavior.
    As far as Christian morality goes, the Church members would be doing well to second guess and even question the Mission’s understanding and adherence to bible principles. This is ugly, it does not look good at all, especially on people that say they are Christians.

  5. Storm says:

    The Baptists have acted pretty swiftly resolving their issues within a week of the scandal first breaking. Good for them — neither a rush to judgment nor a harmful delay.

    And they did it in private consultation, not with daily, changing press releases.

    Good job.

  6. Ixchel Pop says:

    Where are the moral paragons of virtue, these “good Christians who who were so hot-winded mounting demonstration in central park over the Unibam issues? Maria Z, Wade and Strim I am here to join your team this once. Or is it that a religious leader, principal of a school who regularly engage in sexual activities with his female students not immoral, corrupting and indecent enough…I guess that is perfectly normal….for the bilble thumpers …..hmm

  7. Belizean Pride says:

    in my time when i was in high school this was not a surprise to see the “sweet girls” fool around with the teachers since they always passed their grades regardless if they we’re dumb, so these things have been going on for decades but I believe also that the girl should be suspended also cause a 16yr old already knows what she’s doing if she don’t consent that kind of friendship nothing would have gone far as how it is now. and the pastor knew he was paying with fire so he deserves punishment. God can forgive him 100% but his a public figure who should have better morals. hope things get better and makes the teachers aware of these things. lately a teacher in the u.s was for having a sexually relation with 5 students, she was jail for 5yrs 1 yr for each account.

  8. Elgin Martinez says:

    Hold a vigil infront of the Baptist Church.


    Where is the father of this minor?

    Sexual abuse is a big issue in some minority communities, especially in Belize and Mexico.
    The consensual age is 16 years old in Belize, what is wrong with 18?

    One can easily say the government and its citizens have condoned this sexual act against our children for many, many years.

    It was always very easy for Belizean men to use their political, religious, education, etc power to commit the act of rape against our children.

    The first lady should take a stand on this issue and help to enforce laws against adults “corrupting” minors in Belize.

    Hang this animal.

  10. Double standard says:

    Karol Mello was chained and shackled hands and feet for alleged crimes in Slovakia, this man confessed to having sex with a minor under his supervision and nothing is done. Belize is RACIST. apply the law to everyone.

  11. Pauline Young says:

    For a person like him should not b allow in no educational issituation. Bigspoon213 i agree with you, in Indpendence. IHS is been knowing as the school were by the principal plays with this students and teachers. Pregnant students attend to high school big belly and there still going to school this shouldnt be happening. After they have there baby they still attend school. What th f*********? GOB not going a good job what will become of our Belize? Well i guess this happens cause the people doesnt speak out.

  12. Nimbo says:

    Faber is concerned the Baptist Mission did not act swiftly enough. What about his Ministry. As far as we know the mother had to bring this to the attention of the Media in order to get the ball rolling..typical Belize- pass the buck.

    As Minister of Education, he should be fully briefed if his Ministry is involved…but as usual Belizean ministers feel they do not need to get their hands dirty so their are never privy to all the information. goes on to show they are not at all concerned and do not care one bit. Heck, just listen to the daily news and you will get all the briefing you need.

    Should Willacey not be removed- I’d suggest all parents strike and proceed to remove their children from that school. IF allegations are true, it could more than likely have been happening from so long back to many other different girls.

    This should serve as an example to all others.

  13. ceo says:

    Where are all the demonstrators that showed un in court to tell of the evils of same sex affairs. Cam you go protest and tell the evils of child abuse?

    Religeous leaders abusing children for the last century or more is ok cause there is no mass protests. Catholic priests do little boys and the other preachers do the little girls!

  14. beachman says:

    ha ha! Faber say the Baptis Church to slow to speak! What about Faber’s office had this complaint one week more before media and no seh nothing! Faber you ride on popular public opinon of deh day!

  15. ROMNEY says:

    American Laws finally hitting Belize, but the justice & punishment is not swift enough

  16. Louisville,Ky says:

    Storm, if the Baptist were swift and decisive as you are trying to make them appear to be, that ‘wotliss’ Pastor/ Preacher/Principal/ Counselor, would be behind bars, where he belongs.
    By the way, are you one of the head honchos on the Baptist Mission? Am just asking……….
    Cause you surely have nice things to say about them.
    “Good job”, are you SERIOUS?

  17. Steel says:


  18. anonymous says:

    Although i do not justify Mr. Willaceys actions,
    I do believe that certain responsibilities should fall on the girl. As a former teacher I can attest that there are young female students who behave very compromising making insinuations or even sexual offers to get better grades, privileges, or even popularity with teacher and in school which they consciously know what they are doing. Although it is our obligation to act responsibly and maintain certain moral standards, we must be aware that we are humans and we let down our guard. When things like these happen its because it was probably not the first temptation at hand and like everyone, it happened at week point in the mans life.
    His authority figure was compromised and now the consequences haunt him. I have known this man very closely and have worked with him. He has worked very arduously and is a man of vision but the many things he has done to reach the school where it is, becomes blurred by this incident. I must say that it is a shame it had to come to light this way and bring his future to a halt or even at the brink of destruction. Like him there are many teachers, and other authority figures who are in the same situation, but the difference is that no one knows what is happening behind closed doors. In my opinion, if a person in error like this is reprimanded and does not heed to the correction then he should be punished with all laws applicable both earthly and spiritual laws, however any christian can agree that like David we do fall and condemning the person will be like an army killing its own soldiers. They both deserve discipline but also an avenue for recovery. The media and the many naive people want justice, but God’s justice is fair and that justice is for both the girl and Mr. Willacey although at different levels.
    This girl if anyone noted on the fb comments was aware of what was happening and knew what she was doing….she fed the fuel to the flame. I urge those pastors and leaders to pray for this man, he is one of your soldiers, you all are in the same army and he is just one more that became a victim of satans attack, and it can be you or me next as we are all vulnerable. Only God almighty can deliver us from falling into these temptations. whoever can give this man spiritual and moral support you will be contributing from preventing a visions from going down the drain. likewise for the girl and her family, they need the comfort and moral support. Whichever of you who is free from sin, cast the first stone. but remember adultery and fornication is a sin of two not only one.

    I hope both parties can recover from this awful and terrible situation. May God help them thru this process!!!

  19. surgery14E says:

    Shut up! Racist Rod.

  20. peepo.fresno,california says:

    about 22 years ago,he had an affair with my first wife,while he was pastor of that same church,
    he has been doing this a long time.I hope he will be held accountable.

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