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Aug 22, 2012

Faber says P.U.P. decision goes against party regulation

Patrick Faber

Earlier in the month the executive of the People’s United Party took an unusual decision, which goes against the well established party regulation that allows challenges to the current leadership. The resolution protects the party leader and current elected P.U.P. area representatives from challenges at the next national convention. The resolution was presented by deputy party leader Julius Espat, who says it is to create a period of stability. Earlier today the U.D.P. Chairman, Patrick Faber, shared his views on the P.U.P.’s recent announcement.


Patrick Faber, Chairman, U.D.P.

“I hope that they continue to make those kind of wrongheaded decisions so that they can disintegrate and the U.D.P. can continue. But if you want me to be honest with my opinion, I think that that is wrong. That certainly would not happen in the United Democratic Party. If the constitution clearly specifies what it should be, then no central executive of a party can go and reverse that. It would take the national convention of the party which is the supreme body to make an amendment to the constitution or to agree to suspend some element of the constitution. So that to me is completely wrongheaded. Even the decision they made to keep certain area reps and standard bearers without being challenged to me is wrongheaded and it goes against the grain of democracy and I can assure you would never happen in the United Democratic Party.”


Jules Vasquez, 7 News

“But supposed—I know you have leadership aspiration—supposed you were to one day assume the leadership and the party was at a stage of devastation and splintering, wouldn’t that then be a prudent way forward to ensure stability going forward?”


Patrick Faber

“Absolutely not. Every two years the people of the party decide that I am not suitable or any other leader is not suitable; that should be appreciated. If you have to take power by force—and that really is the what the leader of the P.U.P. is doing if you go ahead with that—I don’t care what you say in this party, I am to be leader leading up to election and they are saying the same for the fourteen or so representatives that are there. to me that is not democracy. You should be confident enough in your leadership ability to put yourself to the text in your party, especially if your intention is to put yourself to the nation. It is just like in a general elections situation, if the prime minister would say I noh wah call general elections every five years, I wah stretch it out lee longer because we have to make sure X, Y and Z happens. It is completely undemocratic and I am sure that everybody in this nation would be in an uproar particularly the media and those who fight for that freedom of speech and of course all else that goes along with a good democratic process.”

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6 Responses for “Faber says P.U.P. decision goes against party regulation”

  1. Rod says:

    Not one to be talking as education minister he is a total failure at his job. Look at the latest with willacy he should be put in jail their shoud be no question he should be fired on the spot and yet he only gets a 15 day suspension what kind of education minister is this that protects a pedophile why is a pedophile being protected by this pm and minister of education something is very very wrong with our people when we allow a pedophile and a preacher of god to remain at a job where he can continue to molest children. as his boss this minister of education is also the worse minister of education in the history of this great nation education is in the dumps more dunce students than Belize has ever had in its history . Anybody like this pm and faber who would stand up and protect a pedophile need to be put in jail wake up belizeans no more barrow ism no more barrow ins we are sick of being laughed at by the world wake up belizeans give this pm and gov. The boot.

  2. Uncle Benji says:

    PUP all the way. As a kid, my family and their family were proud PUP supporters. During my young adult years, I conspired, work hard and bribed many while paving the way for the new PUP guardianship. I learned from the best. Ducho Thomas, CLB Rogers, George Price and others that are still alive.

    Now I say, PUP has failed all the way. Don’t get excited UDP goons. What Fonseca did with the leadership position is unacceptable. We need to go back to the George Price way…… if I cannot control you, then I will buy you. What’s your price?

  3. Storm says:

    Adolf Hitler did exactly the same thing to create a “period of stability” after the mysterious Reichstag fire.

    Democracy loathes policies that keep leaders in power even after they have lost their legitimacy and support. Looks really bad for the PUP to so totally abandon democratic principles.

    I say don’t protect bad men, but rather let the best man win.

  4. Stop Lie says:

    Dean Barrow did the same thing when they didnt allow people to contest the area reps last election. My my my how easily we forget. Just cause their version only occured in certain seats doesnt mean it didnt occur. Kettle di cuss pat.

  5. observer says:

    I never believed that I would one day agree with Patrick Faber, but the man is right. This is a new PUP, thing worse than Johnny Time. Francis the worry about his crown…and the ones who will pay are the true PUPS who wont have a say as to whom they want to represent them. That means I will be able to challenge the incompetent Jose Mai in Orange Walk South. Its funny how a few A@@ KIssers can just who call themselves executives take such a drastic decision without consulting the thousands of PUP voters. I see 5 more yrs for the UDP if that is the road they wanna take.

  6. Fake says:

    Oh shut your mouth fat man haha you full of it fader from day one. Stop giving away the peoples money to pay child support or our Loser brother. Down with UDP and PuP we need new faces in the house. The people of Belize needs to take Belize back. We are the ones that they need to get in the house. Stop giving away your votes for a couple dollars and think about tomorrow. Come on belize

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