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Aug 21, 2012

GSU and 20 Crooked Tree residents clash

There is an alarming report coming from Crooked Tree tonight. At least twenty persons are claiming that they were brutalized and violated by the Gang Suppression Unit. The alleged abuse went so far that one of the victims says he was peppered sprayed on his private parts when the GSU went on a wild rampage, looking for guns and a particular suspect. News Five’s Duane Moody spoke to the victim’s and has details of that story from Crooked Tree.


Duane Moody, Reporting

Far too many times there have been allegations for the use of excessive force from the Gang Suppression Unit of the Police Department.  Tonight the latest claim comes from residents of the peaceful village of Crooked Tree.  At least twenty men including a couple of minors say they were injured by the GSU. One man was beaten behind his house.


Voice of: Victim # 1

“Dehn bring me back yah. All I can tell you dehn brutalize me ina that kinda way; they handcuffed me. They actually start stretch me. One ah dehn stand up pan my foot, [while] the next one grab me make I pass out like seven to ten time—I noh even know because every time I wake up, dehn put me right back pan dah hold dehn. Me noh know how long dehn hold me for. Dehn talk bout how dehn wah ker me back soh goh shoot me. From dehn come, dehn start beat me up. And that dah bout it. Dehn stomp up me, dehn stand up pan mi jaw; one pan mi head; dehn knock up mi pan mi two ear’s drum. When dehn come, dehn claim that I have drugs—gun an drugs—beat mi up fi make I tell dehn something weh I noh even know about. Some gaza; I just come in, I dah noh even from this village yah and dehn wah know about wah gang.”


The first incident occurred just before, at around nine p.m. Ten youths were practicing on the basketball court in the heart of the village when it is alleged that as many as nine GSU officers accosted them. Devin Swasey, who was just recently in a coma at the K.H.M.H. and is at home recovering, was on the court when he was targeted.


Devin Swasey, Victim

“The GSU they come and told us to lie down on the court and do not move. So we abide with what they were saying and they came over to us and they tazed us and they stoned some of the guys in their heads with the basketball. Approximately they were torturing the guys at the basketball court.”


Duane Moody

“Why did this happen? Were you guys doing anything out of the way? What could have triggered them to do something like that?”


Devin Swasey

Devin Swasey

“Well we weren’t doing anything at the court; we were just practicing for the coming CBL that we always have Friday at the court. They rubbed us down and one of them came over to me and stand up on my hand here and the other guy said, “You know what, you are hurting his hand. Mind you break ih hand.” Then when he released me, another one came over me and he stomped my hand again. The other guys, they received tasers to their heads, some of them had their feet over their heads; they were realizing brutalizing them at the other end of the court.”


Duane Moody

“Did they using batons or punching them, what?”


Devin Swasey

“They usually used tasers on them; some of them stoned basketball on some of their heads.”


The assault continued. One victim, who for fear of his life has requested anonymity, says that he was socializing with some friends near AJ’s Shop when he was beaten, then stripped and his genitals pepper sprayed.


Voice of: Victim # 2

Victim # 2

“Me and a couple of my friends mi di hang out right here and the man dehn just mi di drive pass and he stop the vehicle and two ah dehn jump out and grab me and beat me bad. The man dehn hold me di look fi kill me; make me lost my breath everything and I have to play like I dead fi make di man dehn left me alone. Then two ah my bally mi deh di ball out cause dehn look fi kill dehn and thing.  Man dehn haul off my pants, pepper spray me out; pepper spray my butt and everything.”


Duane Moody

“Did you have to go to hospital? Tell us about the injuries that you received.”


Voice of: Victim # 2

“I noh really got some bad injuries, but one of my ribs, my ribcage mess up right now but I noh know how bad it bad because I neva gone see wah doctor yet.”


Bernice Wade

The rampage by GSU has angered many villagers and they intend to seek justice. Bernice Wade says there actions were uncalled for.


Bernice Wade, Resident

“My grandson and my nephew tell me that after they put them down and they shock them up, hold dehn testicles and shake them and tell them bout ahn and how dehn big and all kinda thing. I am upset because I neva expect such thing in our village. I expect those people to come ina the village, seek about what they want to know and what they want to find, but noh brutalize the youths and minors like they did last night. I don’t like it.”

Several victims say that they are traumatized by the incidents as they thought the police were there to protect them. Some say they will be making a complaint to Internal Affairs Department of the Police. Duane Moody for News Five.


Up to late this evening, the GSU made no comment on the allegations. 

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39 Responses for “GSU and 20 Crooked Tree residents clash”

  1. James Moore says:

    Hey i believe the GSU knows what they are doing the thing is with Belizeans dem never do anything and they always innocent, but come on we know who the criminals are they are the same guys robbing people and burglarizing people’s homes but yet they have not done anything and is innocent hey its time we start to support the police if we want to stop the rampant crime in Belize and parent need to stop taking part for their kids or grand kids when they are guilty because they will end up doing a serious crime den how will they look on national TV so i want to say to all Belizean parent if ur child does the crime then let they suffer the consequences mein it time and over tim we support the police i will stick to my lobbying for support of the police.

  2. marky says:

    g.s.u. or g.o.b. same thing… i just hope that the proverb don’t come true ” the powerful lives until the coward wants”

  3. marky says:

    g.s.u. or g.o.b. same thing… i just hope that the proverb don’t come true ” the powerful lives until the coward wants” this gsu think they will be forever in power

  4. Storm says:

    If this is the same Swasey who recently was lucky to survive a roll with a crocodile, he’s having a rough summer.

    But I generally support GSU, because they go after the worst of the worst, an almost thankless and dangerous — but entirely necessary — assignment.. I’d like to hear the other side of it before deciding if Crooked Tree really is a “peaceful village.”

  5. ernesto says:

    Well done Dean Barrow, let your private army of dogs, so called GSU ,harm peac loveing peolpe, let your dogs brutalise and terrorise as many poor Belizean, sure becouse your Rich begger, you are so rich that you hate poor people like your self, GSU must be terminated once and for all.
    Belizean stand up, fight them back, other wise Dean Barrow and his dogs(GSU) will make you die mercelsly.

  6. Rod says:

    Sue them if we’re unu I’d sue barrow personally because it is because of his incompetence that these kinds of things are happening in the country it’s called barrow ism. Out with barrow ism out.

  7. D man says:

    It’s official. Belize is now a police state.

  8. now i see says:

    Where are the so called HUMAN RIGTHS?.

  9. Uncle Benji says:

    Aaah my sheeple. We have to get real. First we beg the GSU to save us in the city, then we complain about them in Crooked Tree. Sheeple. Sheeple.

    Congrats GSU! Keep up the job. You are doing an excellent job. Aiding and abetting is tantamount to criminal activity. If the GSU shows up, come clean. Don’t hide and don’t lie. Don’t encourage drug peddling or any other kind of crime.

    Protecting your own and family is a natural instinct for Belizeans, even if your own has criminal tendencies. Cool, I have no beef with that. But when the GSU comes a calling, I have no beef if the pistol whip your @$$, whether young or old.

    Keep up the good works GSU!

  10. alley cat says:

    Sum Ting Wong!!! These guys were just playing basketball and the GSU roll up and beat them up!!! The same way the Pinks Alley crew was beaten for no reason and a couple weeks later Arthur Young and a number of his associates are involved in Murder & Mayhem… This is what it means to make difficult decisions in this time, give the GSU some reason of doubt until both sides of the story come out, and then we are all free to change our opinions. All you innocent people out there, when was the last time the GSU pull up on you and beat the heck out of you? When is the last time you saw an innocent man who is not guilty by association get the heck beat out of him? I am not saying we don’t need to look at these claims but don’t be so political and dogmatic in your statements without hearing the other side of the story. This is not to say that we don’t have dirty cops in uniform but I am not prone to believe the first thing I hear…

  11. Belizean says:

    This is probably a very tight nest of druggies!! There is a reason for every action. For sure there has been a previous stigma of some sort. Im so so sure that this story, and every single other story has 2 sides, and weve heard only one so far.

  12. FONSECA-ISM says:

    Fonseca recent resolution passed unanimously by his party’s executive. – which was not announced to the public – makes it so that the leader cannot be challenged until after the next general election.
    talk bout barrowism Rod – sound like we have FONSECA-ISM dictatorship fi rule u PUP party…

  13. Ivy says:

    The Government and its criminal organizations are seeking to suppress the citizens. A suppressed society has no voice and rights. Communism is on the rise! All hail King Dean!

  14. Rene Villanueva says:

    The Injustice to our youths cannot continue,
    maybe this is a way to intimidate suspected gang affiliates, but i am sure that every young man in the Village is not in a Gang.
    Devin Swasey for instance, He is one of the most humble young man you will ever meet.
    I say enough is enough….

  15. Young Gial says:

    Yeah, there is two sides to a story for sure. The first one to cry foul is usualy the one with a problem. People don’t like to respect the police when they perform their duties or when they feel threatened by the presence or the police. That leads the police to believe they have something to hide and so things like this happens. The people today can be very disrespectful and they teach the young generation to be disrespectful too. Learn to respect the police and other law enforcement officers and you will get a different reaction.

    Same way deh seh a good husband makes a good wife…well dah something like that we need to teach one another to be respectful. So to get respect you have to earn respect and it works both ways for sure. So respect the police and the police will respect you.

  16. ernesto says:

    To uncle Benji, GSU is nothing but a private army of the grand begger Dean Barrow, they no good with real gangsters , becouse GSU are there to protect the thugs, and brutalise inusent people.’

    Ok MR. sheeple , your time will come , when the Dogs of Dean Barrow (GSU) squeese your ….. and stomp on your hand, I will see who will be laughing, time will tell, but do not come and say BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  17. Bzeangirl says:

    So some of you are trying to say that the entire village should pay if one bad person lives there?

    Also why use that kind of force on people ? Why did they need that kind of treatment?
    The GSU do lots of $#!% and get away with it too many times.

    We need investigators in Belize so cases hold up court. They go out there make a mess and go to court and the case fall apart. If the G.S.U and police put more effort in building cases and investigate these stuff then things would be better.

    They are all just a bunch of criminals.

  18. USG says:

    complaint to Internal Affairs Department of the Police…. A REAL WASTE OF TIME…GSU RUN THIS COUNTRY

  19. che guevara says:

    Idiots idiots idiots James Moore, Storm, Uncle Benji, alley cat, Young Gial…You would think that people with perhaps a little more education than that of the GSU officers would be passing more educated comments publicly. what kind of drug cooked brain could you have to sit here and cheer on such violence from a gang that is only fueled and blinded by your ignorant comments. You would think that the “bad boys” that have this country in this slump but its actually people like you all. Because you encourage the GSU to aggravate these guys even more, who do you think would ever win that war? The GSU? Can they be in all places at once? IDIOTS!!! Post comments encouraging GOB to invest in the necessary tools to prove these guys guilty and send them to jail for life if their crimes are in accordance, or set up sting operations to catch these men with the necessary evidence which would prove them guilty. Spraying pepper spray on someones butt isn’t doing a damn thing positive for this country you patriotic idiots! ……

  20. KIMMY TILLETT says:

    to ernesto, i love your comment on the so-call @$$ pieace of uncle benji.i think he has a problem with everybody in belize he is a selfish, ingnorant @$$hole .

  21. police_wife says:

    Let the police do there jobs caz when they do nothing you complain and even when they are doing their jobs you still complain.So my question is, what do you want? I f you don’t like the way they work well then you get up and try slow down the crime rate in this country…..Ernesto



  23. police_wife says:

    ernesto you complain too much…why don’t you go out onthe streets and do the policeman’s job your way since you don’t agree with theirs!!!

  24. Rod says:

    What do you expect from a despotic gov. Riddled with corruption.

  25. Goodday says:

    It seems there is more criticism towards the GSU when operating in the city and more support for them when operating elsewhere

  26. rose says:

    Only in belize you heard such a thing.. sue the gov. How can u pepper spray a human’s butt? The real thugs are in the city making a mess and deh cant do nothing about dem n da d village boys deh d harassed. U guys need ur lawyers…

  27. Concern Belizean says:

    What a shame for the Entire Police Department of Belize. I belize it should be called to the attention to the Human rights deparment to seek into these torture and criminalizing act by the police. they do this because they are the ones in uniform. even a person how had just comit a crime should not be brutalized. that automatically shows no type of “PROFESSIONALISM”, just a bush of gang that joins the police department an a poor training in belmopan. Ministry of Police should really take these mattes serious. How in the hell will the police gain confidence in the general public like that? tha is why we have a lot of crime these days, the same police are the ones comitting the crime. the poeple of Belize Needs to put a stand on the police and let them know that they are there to do there damn job not brutalize the public, and they are not the law of belize. they just to there enforce the law period.

  28. rose says:

    Some of us days will be coming when we have to face the GSU. (The ones that support them) im curious to see the out come..Theses guys are nothing but chancey+advantageous… higer an attorney people… stand up for your rights! What have they found on theses guys?0 how come they havent give a press conference, why they did it?

  29. Storm says:

    Che, I wasn’t there, which is why I want to hear GSU’s side. If you were there, why not say what you saw happen?

    You’ve chosen a curious blog name for someone who questions law enforcement authority. The original Che Guevara bragged about personally executing 7,000 “opponents of the revolution” without trial. His preferred technique was to shoot them in the head from behind with a small caliber pistol, or so he said. Would you be a happier Belizean if GSU used the same technique?

  30. Td says:

    GSU has a job to do but that doesn’t give them a right be harassing and beating up people around the place. They need to do their jobs properly and james moore, you’ll forever kiss police man @$$ caz u’re stuck up in their mess.

    They need to start doing their jobs the CORRECT way and quit acting like some harsh animals.

  31. ratty says:

    All the killing is taking place in killize city, so, what are the gsu doing in peaceful crooked tree, messing with …………..? Uncivilize

  32. NY says:

    These people needs to sue the BZE Police Force and the GOB for their ignorance and terrorists tactics. No individual should be scared of the police force or the gsu unit, because their # one job is to protect and serve and not to intimidate and terrorize. If the police did their jobs properly which is to gather evidence via undercover work, they would be able to arrest all the criminals in the jewel; they wouldn’t have to resort to terrorizing innocent people to get false information. This is why the conviction rate is so low in the jewel because the police department is too dependent on torturing people for information that cannot stand up in court. The gsu unit reminds me of the saying that goes as follow……power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. I’m all for policeing; and I do want the bad guys off the streets, but it really angers me when innocent people (who are normally poor and disenfranchised) are harmed or get taken advantage by the people who are suppose to protect them.

  33. Sharry says:

    It’s sad when we have idiots supporting the GSU but when those ignorant uneducated fools come knocking at their doors we shall see how they will react to it….. Wake up people GSU the instigate war and those ignorant fools need to realize that at some point they don’t have on those uniforms

  34. Bear says:

    I read all of these comments, and come away with one major conclusion. Some people support GSU because we need security, and they are willing to overlook police excesses and lack of professionalism, and for others those problems turn them against the police. Few people are supporting crime and criminals.

    Maybe we can reach a consensus in the middle. Our police desperately need more, better, and uniform training, and then ongoing professional supervision,management, and oversight.
    Without those foundations, cases are lost due to errors of procedure [bad lineups, bad caution statements, lost files] or due to failure to collect evidence properly. Beyond that police sometimes go out of bounds, not necessarily because they are “bad cops,” but maybe because of lack of discipline and frustration. When they go out of bounds, they alienate some of the law-abiding people who should be supporting them. It should be reciprocal– you protect me and treat me fairly, and I will support you.

    If we can achieve that state, I think there would be overwhelming support and satisfaction with the police. So I say we need a top-notch person at the top of the police, and we need first-rate training and modern equipment — police vests, vehicles, cameras, and audio recorders, so evidence can be preserved without question.

    Maybe the money that was set aside for the Superbond coupon, and was not spent, can be used to beef up the police in those ways.

  35. ratty says:

    I don’t really care what anybody say, you don’t go around hitting innocent people. The GSU is well known for that. Law enforcement the hide behind mask like thief

  36. john weller says:

    message to the G.O.B or dean barrow either you get vote out and have have someone that care about Belize and Belizean running that country or you will have a revolt by someone that fed up, with the way the same people that we put there to run it.what you are trying to prove with our people. Remember that your policemen ware a uniform and also have family and you also. The only reason you are prime minster is because we wanted a change and this is what you are giving us, we talk at the poles

  37. Amber says:

    Lack of education/wearing a uniform=jackass behaviour

  38. crooked tree massive says:

    Belize is incapable of governing it self! renounce independence and return under the British rule! or let Guatemala rule Belize!

  39. shaneekah says:

    This is pass nonsense now the G.S.U is here to protect but is that what they are really doing? no that not the way to protect citizens by beating any innocent person they see cause to me the way it seems is that if you dress a certain way now or chill out or even sit somewhere an socializing with guys especially young men the G.S.U want to bother you an even beat you senseless because ah what just the heng and have ah good time! I mean come on its a basket ball court 4 crying out loud they should really give this unit some serious background check before putting any body in these unit because they are really getting out of hand they are abusing they little bit of authority and its WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT IS MY COUNTRY TURNING TO ITS RIDICULOUS MEIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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