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Aug 21, 2012

Mother of 16 year old minor wants campaign to change age of consent

Late this evening the People’s United Party’s women’s group also sent a release regarding the situation. It says, “the People’s United Party is appalled by the recent reports of sexual misconduct of adult men with minors, by persons in positions of trust and authority; and in particular by the matter involving the Principal and Pastor of the Belmopan Baptist School and Church who has confessed to being involved in an inappropriate relationship with a teenage female student and church member.” The UWG says it finds the report very disturbing and calls on the Ministry of Education, the Belize Association of High School Principals, the Baptist Association of Belize and the Belize Council of Churches to act swiftly and decisively to immediately implement appropriate measures to ensure that such actions do not re-occur. The mother also told News Five that she intends to start a campaign about changing the law of consent which currently stands at age sixteen.


Voice of: Mother of 16 year old Victim

“I want to start a group protesting this particular law. Now I’ve heard, again this is hearsay; that this law was brought about because of a particular religion. And I’m saying okay, let’s amend the law. If it is for a particular religion, then they can do this. You just have to show that this religion you belong to if you do something like that. Other than that, this is an open door for a pedophile.  A lot of men are aware of the fact that sixteen is okay. And you are looking at the men are smarter than these girls and they get them to do things and then the men fall back on the fact that they’re sixteen and it’s okay. This is mighty funny because I don’t understand how at sixteen, your mama has to still take care of you until you are eighteen because you are a child by law here. But sixteen, you are an adult to do an adult act and sex is an adult act. So to me you cannot be a child one minute and an adult the next minute. So I feel that we need to do a march, we need to protest this, we need to fight this, we need to get rid of this law because this law is not protecting our children. This law is not for our children. I feel as though we need to do something about this and a lot of people are not even aware that there was a law like this. So once this is out by the media, paper, whatever. People are going to see this. We need to join together and fight to see this law removed.”


So for now, since no decision has been taken, Pastor Willacey is expected to be at orientation day on Friday. 

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17 Responses for “Mother of 16 year old minor wants campaign to change age of consent”

  1. Storm says:

    My heart agrees with the mother, I would like to protect children at least until they are 18. I’m not sure my head agrees, because while 16 year-olds are financially dependent, and totally immature, they are well developed sexually and can be out of control, and parents cannot watch them 24/7.

    This story touches on another concern about puberty, etc., all the things people try not to discuss publicly. The UN agencies generally support the right for young girls to have abortions without their parents even being informed about them. I oppose that strongly, but with UNIBAM trying to make an international “human rights” issue out of their agenda, I’m sure we can expect strong outside pushes to dismantle family morality in the Jewel. A “right to abortion” will be an early item in that effort.

    I think parents should discuss these things in groups to reach some community consensus before outsiders try to force their agenda on us.

  2. Rod says:

    I totally agree you can hardly call a 16 yr old an adult hense the age should be 18 as in every other part of the world Belize has too many pedophiles to have the age of consent at 16 .

  3. chaveli says:

    It is a pity that we are bugged down by consent sue to a few perverted people in our society.

  4. Sammie says:

    16 years old. OMG. Yes the law needs to be changed. In the U.S it is 18 years, some states 17 years for consent. I am surprise that parents have not taken the law into their own hands to revenge such abuse on their children. I wonder if he has a daughter, and how he would feel if some old broken down old pervert did the same thing to her. Shame on the government for having such a law, and regardless of the law, shame on the men that hunt down these children. Then again, they cannot be men, because a real man wants a real woman not a child. Shame on him, the justice system and all parties involve that are sitting on their butts doing nothing.

  5. Uncle Benji says:

    Come on lady. Too little too late. Sheeple, sheeple. You are walking around with your head bent road runner style……….. up your @$$.

    Let’s get real. Parents drag up their kids through life. We give them horribe examples. We define success as running off to the USA, living illegally in run down, roach infested environments; yet we are surprised when so called kids get conned at their games.

    Walk the streets of Belize City on a Saturday night. Do you see how many young girls are plying their prostitution tricks? Where are the parents? Young boys selling crack cocaine or assaulting people. Where are the parents?

    There’s nothing wrong with the current law. Bottom line…. was it rape or was it consensual sex? Rape…….. arrest the …….. Consensual sex…………. who’s next?

  6. belizean says:

    Storm and Rod I agree with both of your comments, I think the age of 18 should be consented as an adult and not 16. As for the Principal where is the council of churches now? They fought against UNIBAM, while I am no supporter of UNIBAM here is where the council of churches should react swiftly and if the Principal has any shame he will not be at orientation on Friday

  7. Letty says:

    I agree and i will support the mother.

  8. The Truth says:

    Uncle Benji you have to understand that this relationship started like 2 years ago…. Do not judge all Belizean young kids with that of the fact that they are some who are prostituting in the City… To me you seem to be the another pedophile just like Mr./Pastor/ Counselor/ Principal Willacey. I want to see the law changed and also let there be justice cause he has manipulated the child and like he said “Repent and delete the text”. This is his thing cause this child is not the first either… We need justice!

  9. USG says:

    Uncle Benji…i hope everything you comment on doesn’t happen to you or your family,,,,if it does, I’ll let BELIZE know it happen to you and we’ll wait to see if you will comment stupidly as you always do…

  10. helpful says:

    yes, change the law… but NOT to raise the age of consent… because kids are gonna be kids… the law needs to be changed with an amendment regarding AGE differential (criminal offense if there’s more than 3 years age difference, IF one person is under age 18)… and special criminal provisions for those who ABUSE their of positions of trust, power and authority… that includes teachers, scout leaders, pastors, police, clergy, doctors, etc…. and those changes should be NON-discriminatory as to gender.

  11. Rds says:

    while we are on this topic, i figured i share a list of the different countries and the legal age of consent. and in reality we are not too bad in comparison to some countries, like Mexico and Colombia where the girl can consent at the age of 12. Most other countries the girls consent at 15-16-17 and a few countries at 18 and some even at 21.
    Take a look.

  12. beachman says:

    If pastor Willacey has a shred of decentcy left, he will be respectful of the students & their families & volunteerily step down pending the Baptist Board;s slow decision for him. If he is truly repentent, he will park his needs on the sideline for the sake of the kids & their families.

  13. Jeeboo says:

    I don’t agree with 16 either. But look at this … Canada’s age of consent is 14

  14. john says:

    Mr. Jeeboo

    your statement is 4 years old as Canada changed the age of consent from 14 to 16 in 2008 and, you can not be more that 5 yrs older that your partner or rape charges are in. The Belizean young ladies are left to the streets and having sex is as common as breathing air here. Unfortunately the birth control programs are scares.

  15. CEO says:

    Folks there i something caled the Romeo and Juliet laws, but this issue is about someone who abused his authority who thought it was unquestioned. @ Storm, listen to Belizean. Where are the strong statements from the Evangelicals who carry the loudest moral high horse. Belize Action, Loui wade where is the strong statement.UniBAM and its supporter has no problems to work on this issue. This is just one more case where our sexual offenses act needs to be updated. So lets get it right.

  16. Nelson says:

    You Belizean !@#$% all day and do nothing, you let the Guat, and all these sick people do what they want to you, then you look to others to fix the problem. Kill that so call Christian. He is no man of GOD.

  17. Nelson says:

    You Belizean bi,,h all day and do nothing, you let the Guat, and all these sick people do what they want to you, then you look to others to fix the problem. Ki,,, that so call Christian. He is no man of GOD.

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