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Aug 16, 2012

Belizean car jacked on dangerous road in Mexico

Hiram Longsworth

Businessman Hiram Longsworth, an occasional auto dealer, was carjacked in Mexico on Monday by a trio of armed bandits in the State of Tamaulipas.  Longsworth, who occasionally visits family and friends in the United States, was transporting a pair of vehicles along a treacherous stretch a few miles outside the city of Matamoros when he was pursued at high speed by a vehicle carrying several gunmen.  The former soldier, who had been robbed in Mexico once before, was driving a bus with a sports utility vehicle in tow when the harrowing ordeal began.  When it was over, he had lost fifty thousand dollars in investment, as well as cash in various currencies and personal effects, before being left stranded on the highway.  With help from a fellow bus driver and other dealers he was able to make it to Belize’s border with Mexico at dawn today.  He recounted the frightening experience via phone this afternoon.


Via phone: Hiram Longsworth, Carjacking Victim

“On Monday, at about 2:30 p.m. while leaving from Los Indios, Mexico I was driving a Bluebird bus and I was towing a Ford Escape 2002 SUV.  While going through Matamoros, about twenty kilometers out of Matamoros towards… I saw a 2002 [Ford] Explorer of a gold color speeding behind me.  I was not aware but I know more or less that that place was a hotspot for us, you know, or all the people who transit vehicles from Los Indios to Belize; Guatemalans, Belizeans, Hondurans and all of us who do business through these points, and while going there was three of us because I bought two buses and an SUV.  This vehicle came up really quickly and fast and this guy of Spanish descent he gave me the signal to go over so I didn’t go over because I wanted to know why he wanted me to go over for.  But I was aware though, that he wanted to either get money from me or, you know, get in the bus so I continued and he then pulled out a nine millimeter pistol and pointed it towards me and that’s when I swerved my bus into him.  He then sped up a little bit faster because of the fastness of the bus and I began to go cross and cross the road so that then he doesn’t have a complete aim at me but what they did [was that] they began to go slow and slow and slow because I didn’t want to either crush his vehicle because if I didn’t crush it to total his vehicle then they would have probably shot me.  I started to think then, and I did that for about quarter of mile or half of a mile fighting with him and I tried to get over on the driver’s side [of his vehicle] where doesn’t have a proper aim on me.  That’s when at the back I saw an AK47 pointed at me [and] I said to myself, “dis da it bwai.”  So I then slowed right down and stayed in the middle of the road and they then jumped out of the vehicle and moved towards the bus.  I still sat in my seat wondering if I should then move forward or not.  He then, people say crank but the military term is cocked the weapon and that’s when I said, “dehn bally ya serious.”  I thought they wanted money and I had money to give them.  So he insisted that I opened the side door so I did and when he got inside that’s when he then says, in Spanish, “get out of the bus.”  So I said, “What!” no problem because it was two or three of them, the driver plus two.  I then came out of the bus.  Well he then wanted to move the bus far but the bus has a park brakes and he told me, he said, “you know what,” in Spanish, he said “go, go, go” and then he could not move the vehicle so I then went up the street or the same highway, a couple yards away from them and looked at them.  He called me back, he said let me release the brakes but I never did [because] he found the switch and he released it.  Then when I saw him he then began to turn the bus around but the bus is a long bus so he couldn’t turn the bus and the SUV at the same time so he reversed it and then crushed the SUV at the back.  Mein, I’m telling you mein these guys on that road are cruel mein, you know all these stuff are material stuff.  I lost about fifty odd thousand dollars right there and then.”


Longsworth is appealing to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to liaise with its Mexican counterparts to address the issue of highway patrols in Tamaulipas, since it is heavily trafficked by Belizean car dealers transporting vehicles.

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10 Responses for “Belizean car jacked on dangerous road in Mexico”

  1. Bear says:

    Lucky to escape with his life. The son of a friend of mine died there for a 20-year old Chevrolet worth about $1000.

    Foreigners are merely prey in Mexico.

  2. ernesto says:

    Hahhahahha, take your money from Dean Barow, he is the one who forced you, with high vehicle tax to do this dangrouse trip, sue the @$$ of Dean Barrow

  3. True Belizean says:

    I’m sorry for these dealers .Every time they pass through those places they put their lives in danger,and there is nothing they can do but walk away and pray to get back to their family with .

  4. george alamilla says:

    These people go through these dangerous incidents knowingly that going through mexixo has become so dangerous for the past ten years and they still continue to do it.I don’t know if they are trying to save some money,but this Person lost $50000.00 he didn’t say if it was us cy or bz. cy.Well,let me given them an idea.There are 3 ports that have transport to belize. Houston,New Orleans and Miami.It is cheaper to send via ocean that drive it through mexico.I hope they have learned their lesson.Next time,could be their life.

  5. now i see says:

    I know a guy that travels true there and he says that he has to have a “cuota”ready for them. The bandidos are not there all the time. Just in case he keeps the “cuota”ready for them. Probably Mr Longsworth did something wrong you never try to fight the bandidos with all the weapons they have. This is happening to mexicans also. Every day. Its one of the cartels they have so many its pretty hard to keep up with them. Mr Longsworth is very lucky to be alive. Those guys when mad chop heads. Mexico cant controll the crime anymore. Thats why we fight agains drug dealers that are helping the Sinaloa cartel here in Belize. Do you whant your kid to see a few headless bodies on his way to school?.

  6. iris says:

    thank God they did not kill him…. men he done get those thief pissed by driving off and then leaving the breaks on.. really .. let’s thank God you alive…..

  7. Storm says:

    There is no reason for a high import duty on vehicles.

    Import duties are usually used to protect domestic industries from foreign competition, but there are no Belizean vehicle manufacturers to protect.

    Instead, vehicles area necessity of modern life, and they support trade and commerce. We NEED vehicles in the Jewel, and if we had more and better and more affordable ones, our economy would increase.

    I say the import duty should be reduced to a nominal amount, no more than 10%. Then people could import legally and safely.

  8. belizeancayo says:

    something similar happen to be a few years ago. if its not the bandidios numb nuts its the damm corrupt mexican police. they are like scavengers – or piranhas fish….i wish that they can read english and read our blogs……..i advise anyone thinking of driving thru mexico – not to do so….i ve been there and done that and its not workth it any at all….ship ur vehicle or best of all buy it here in belize……..

  9. Josephino Estroberto Pesomedio says:

    Drivers enjoy the trip, plus save a little money by driving, but better save your life and not a penny.
    Not worth your life, all you drivers can strike back by avoiding driving through Mexico ALL together, see what they will do. Let them jack their own Mexican people.
    Many shipper do Ocean freight to Bz, save your lives.
    Mexicans say that Mexico is for Mexicans, leave them there, let them rot in their Mexico.
    As low as it may sound , if Belizeans would avoid Chetumal COMPLETELY, what they would do?
    Anyway, we will show them that we are humans, we will NOT jack their ADO buses here.
    Or should we?

  10. pancho says:

    i dont know why a mad…. !@#$ have to invovled the damn retarted…good thing you a live buddy…

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