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Aug 14, 2012

16 year old murdered where? Belize City

Kirk Hemmans

On Monday we told you about the eighteen year old and his eleven year old sister who were mercilessly shot repeatedly while they slept inside their home on Benbow Street. And it doesn’t take a criminologist to observe that most of the victims as well as the perpetrators are regularly in their teens. So the well used cliche “old beef” as the motive of murders, is preposterous as the teens are too young to have built up many years of murderous frustration. But we report tonight that another teen, this one sixteen years old also lost his life after being shot on Monday night. 

Isani Cayetano, Reporting

What appears to be an ongoing conflict between rival factions in the area of South Creek, in Belize City, has resulted in yet another casualty.  Presumably, because it is believed that affiliates of Kraal Road and Supaul Street are at odds with each other.  That theory, however, is yet to be confirmed by the police department.  What is evident is that the war is waging on, claiming two lives within the past two weeks and consequently injuring a pair of siblings over the weekend.


Yvonne Miller

Yvonne Miller, Grandmother of Deceased

“Last night, me, Kirk and Elton mih dih sihdown out ya ‘bout afta ten.  Soh ih gaan buy two beer, one fi he and one fi mi neighbor.  Ih tek di beer and tear it inna half, di bag, and give the young lady one and he keep one.  So afta dat when ih done drink di beer ih sit down out ya so di relax, dehn ih say he hungry, he gwein go buy fry chicken soh I tell ahn go then.  Ah tell ahn yoh haftu go home because yoh know how dehn thing dih happen out yah.”


…and that would be the last conversation Yvonne Miller would have with her sixteen year old grandson.  Kirk Hemmans was gunned down at the corners of Kut Avenue and Fairweather Street around 10:30 on Monday night, in front of Tow Tow Grocery.  He had only just borrowed this bicycle to go and purchase something to eat.


Voice of: Kirk Hemmans’ Neighbor

“So ih tell we how ih deh pan my ma bike, so I say, “You deh pan my ma bike?” and ih ker back di bike.  Ih say, “Later mein I gwein home, tomorrow.”  But ih neva did tell me ih hungry cause I always cook and thing and I feed ahn.  And [then] my bredda text me and tell me how dehn kill Kirk and I mih cyant believe.  I still cyant believe right now.”


The young man, according to his grandmother, was not a troublemaker.  His mistake, she later attested, was associating with members of the Supaul Street Bloods.  That involvement may have ended with his murder.


Yvonne Miller

“Dat da wah gang-related thing fi true because, weh yoh call it, Crips and Bloods thing, dehn da Bloods.  Supaul [Street] da Bloods.  So ah noh know weh happen when dehn go deh noh but I feel like da that. Wid Kirk, yoh noh, sometime ih go heng out da Supaul Street.  Ih like go da Supaul Street and wih lone tell ahn keep affa da street deh cause yoh know deh da gang place right.”


It is uncertain whether or not Hemmans took that route on his way to buy food, but upon reaching Fairweather Street a gunman, also on bicycle, approached from behind and fired a single shot in his right upper back, mortally wounding him.  Prior to his demise, the teenager had been having a change of heart, seriously contemplating the life he led.


Voice of: Kirk Hemmans’ Neighbor

“Ih tell me how ih dih try change and ih sorry how dehn shot di young gial and ih noh know why dehn do that.”


That little girl was his neighbor.  Eleven year old Carline Pinto, along with her brother Tyrone, was injured during an early morning assault on their residence on Saturday.  A few weeks earlier his friend, Kendis Pike, was also gunned down a stone’s throw away from where they all grew up together.  Kirk had borrowed the bicycle so he could have attended community service today.


Voice of: Kirk Hemmans’ Neighbor

“Ih mih gwein go staat to check pan it and book in because ih say ih mih wahn change and ih tiad ah how people dih dead round ahn thing so we tell ahn, we tell ahn, “Kirk sih weh di go aan out ya and sih how people di dead.” cause one ah fu we friend dead last three weeks.  So ih sorry dat how dehn kill di young bwai and every time ih say ih noh wahn dehn kill ahn, ih noh wahn dehn kill ahn.”


Carline Pinto

Inevitably, the same outcome was meant for him.  After firing the fatal shot his assailant made good his escape by riding in the direction of Kraal Road.  The community, in the wake of the recent shootings, has become hostile.  Over the weekend, Arlene Banner, whose children were injured amidst the ongoing enmity, had her house showered with lead while her family was asleep.  She has nowhere to go.


Arlene Banner, Mother of Shooting Victims

Arlene Banner

“This is my castle and I don’t think no one should let us move from here.  That’s the way I see it.  I noh think we suppose to move from here because of what happened because it’s not my fault, it’s not my small children dehn fault.”


Whatever the circumstance may, be the youths on Benbow Street are being targeted.  Kirk is remembered by his grandmother as a decent young man.


Yvonne Miller

“Da wah very good lee bwai though, [ih] noh give no trouble.”


Reporting for News Five, I am Isani Cayetano.

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11 Responses for “16 year old murdered where? Belize City”

  1. Storm says:

    First, I hope police can catch the killer and he pays the ultimate price, death, one way or another.

    But Grandmother, a 16 year old BOY drinking alcohol is already a sign he was on the slide down to being lost. It was just a matter of time. Sadly, his time came too soon, he never had a chance to make anything of his life. I hope God has mercy on his soul.

    Other parents out there, don’t worry about being cool, just be a good parent. No alcohol for children.

  2. Rod says:

    You all need to thank your great pm for all the murders happening in the country because he certainly is not worried about it he is in Miami beach vacationing while belizeans are being murdered all over the place let me ask all the regular udp supporters that come on here every day when is the last time one of your ministers or the pm come out and say what they are doing about all the murders in the country when have they given any kind of solution to all the murders when have they shown that they even care about all the children being murdered I have never heard no one in this gov. Give a damm how sad that a pm and gov. Doesn’t even care what happens to its people this pm is worse that bashar assad of Syria we are dying at the same rate.

  3. Al says:

    It so sad to see another child loosilng his life in such a senseless manner. There is no satisfaction in taking the life of another, the killers are getting younger and so are the victims, how tragic. Parents will have to take charge of their children, this child was sixteen, but he was well on his way to become an alcoholic. His grandmother talks about him buying beer and drinking it like he was drinking a glass of water. The home is failing the children and the governmnet does not have a plan to change the direction. The people will have to take the stand and demand some answers to the problem.

  4. now i see says:

    How in the world this so called “granny” allowed the 16 year old kid to drink beer?. How can she be sure that he was not bad? WHEN OLDER PEOPLE DRINK SOME BEHAVE BAD. NOW IMAGINE A KID.? APART OF THAT WHAT CHINEE SOLD HIM THE BEER? THE BEST THING OF ALL THIS IS THAT LITTLE BY LITTLE THEY ARE KILLING EACH OTHER. Granny if you still have more grandkids cook for them like a normal granny instead of being on the street so late probably gambling. So sad so young now gon.

  5. Elgin Martinez says:

    This is now the norm in Belize,what’s next?

  6. BMNJ says:

    If gang members are killing innocent victims without blinking their eyes, what would you expect if you have ‘beef’ with them, or if you’re a friend to or have some affiliation with a rival gang?

    To the parents: raising a child is not like raising a puppy or a kitten. There’s a lot of responsibilities involved. If you raise your children from when they’re very young to respect others, going to church service on Sundays, say good morning, good afternoon, Mr, Mrs, etc to others, I wouldn’t be able to comprehend how a 14 or 16 yr. old will one day just decide to pick up a gun and shoot or kill someone without remorse.

  7. Belizean says:

    @ROD….Since everything barrow does is so wrong, lets hear it from you!!!!!!!!!!!! Give us a real, tangible proposal on how to solve this! Something solid and wise. Im sure this is far beyond your league, gathering from the silly and nonsensical comments you make.

  8. NY says:

    The GOB is failing the jewel, and the media is not doing it’s part by not holding these officials accountable.

  9. NY says:

    Here are some solutions to help rid the country of these crminal elements… amend the laws so that the punishment fit the crime ( you can’t kill someone in a grevious manner and not get life because the death penalty is not an option), have social workers go into the underserve areas and educate some of these kids about the value of being a civilize human being, install night vision cameras in the hot zones, create a fingerprint database for criminals, replace the DPP w/ someone who can secure more convictions, conduct job trainings, provide student aide to underprevilege hige achieving students, prosecute people who intimidate witnesses, and have prisoners earn their keeps in jail by producing things such as food that could help the general public especially the underserve kids in the nation.

  10. g q says:

    Pm feeling good holding down henot from Belize u c where he’s at chilling !*** him are you about you serious don’t come back. Sey your #**** @$$ in miami family is not in b z just want money not worrying

  11. ashley says:

    so daam sad

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