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Aug 13, 2012

11 year old girl shot multiple times while sleeping; brother also injured


An eleven year old girl is fighting for her life in the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. The vicious cycle of violence continued on Saturday morning but instead of the streets, the gunman went with bloody vengeance to a family home. According to the police, the child and her brother were shot while asleep in bed.


Isani Cayetano, Reporting

An armed assault on the residence of Arlene Banner at daybreak on Saturday has left two of her eight children injured.  Along with her common law husband, the family occupies this small wooden structure on Benbow Street.  They were all asleep when shortly before five o’clock a salvo of bullets tore through the exterior wall at the rear of the property.


Voice of: Tyrone Pinto, Shooting Victim

“Me and my little sister were sleeping on the bunk bed and so the first gunshot that went off woke me up.  But the gunshot sounds came from behind our yard so I assumed it was our house.  So multiple shots kept firing after that so I grabbed my little sister and tried to pull her off the bed while I rolled off the bed to hit the floor.”


The bullet-riddled wall, several inches above the mattress, is a clear indication that the gunman knew exactly where the bedroom is located and where its occupants lied dormant.  Eighteen year old Tyrone Pinto, who recounted the harrowing incident off-camera, shares this bottom bunk with his eleven year old sister Carline.  The pair was sleeping next to each other when the onslaught began.


Voice of: Tyrone Pinto

“She slipped out of my hands and she stayed on the bed a little more while the shots were continuously firing and so I landed on my sister that was sleeping on the floor as well and so I told her I got shot.  But I asked her for my little sister Carline and so she was still on the bed and she rolled off on top of me after that so I tried to pick her up quickly to bring her outside of the room.”


By that time, his sister had already been hit multiple times to the body, including her chest, stomach, shoulder and right foot.  Their mother, who was asleep in the adjoining room, was also startled by the sound of gunfire.


Arlene Banner

Arlene Banner, Mother of Shooting Victim

“I hear the gunshot, the first one, the second one and I just pulled up on my bed and I dah like, I di say, afta di second one dah like yo hyah plain di other one, dah like dehn noh wahn stop.  I neva even count babe because to me di way how ih sound [dah like] yoh know when yoh open wah machine gun, like da machine gun noh wahn stop. My son bawl out, “Ma, Carline get shot!” Ah say, “Carline get what?” Ih say, “Yes ma.” so I jump out straight into the hall but when I came out he was, the eighteen year old who got shot in his foot, he was on the floor trying to pick up his sister but when he mek fi stand up, he drop due to the shot.  She couldn’t say nothing and dah then we saw the blood on her shoulder.”


At that moment, Tyrone’s elder sibling came to their aid.  He managed to lift Carline while blood dripped unto the wooden floor.  Another brother then summoned the neighbors for assistance.


Voice of: Tyrone Pinto

“My older brother picked her up and before that my other brother shouted for the neighbor so that he can give us a lift to the hospital.  And by the time my brother picked up my sister the neighbor was already out there waiting in his minivan and so we made it to the minivan and made it to Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in time so the doctors can treat my sisters wounds as immediately as possible.”


Tyrone has since been treated for a flesh wound to the left knee and released.  Carline, on the other hand, remains in critical condition at the K.H.M.H.  Police Press Officer, Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood, says that a mobile patrol was in the vicinity at the time of the attack.


Fitzroy Yearwood

Insp. Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer

“Our patrol was in the area at the time because this incident apparently occurred 4:53 a.m. and by 4:57 our officers were already on the scene.  What we are noticing is that these, how to say it, the criminal elements are still using their timing and precision as to time our patrols so we will put other things in place to deal with that also.”


According to the mother, the entire ordeal may have been precipitated by an unwelcome GSU visit a few hours earlier during which the officers claimed to have been looking for her son, twenty year old Keron Pinto.


Arlene Banner

“They asked for a name.  The name that they gave I don’t know and I told them, I said I don’t know that person.  So he [one of the officers] said yes.  He said it’s your son.  I said no, I don’t have a son named like that.  He said yes and I said no.  He said ma’am well we need to search the house, so I told him, I said go ahead.  I said do what unu want to do, I said it’s free.  So I opened the door wide and I let them in.  They did their search and whatsoever.  About five [minutes later] dehn no even tek ‘bout five minutes and they went.  They had a young man because the young man that they brought they said yes yoh son name soh.  I said please bring me the young man mek I see.  They brought the young man and I said well I don’t know him.”


Keron, says his mother, moved out a few years ago and has hardly had any contact with the family.  She would not, however, confirm or deny allegations that he may be tied to an ongoing rivalry in the neighborhood since he was being sought by both his enemies, as well as police officers. Reporting for News Five, I’m Isani Cayetano.

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19 Responses for “11 year old girl shot multiple times while sleeping; brother also injured”

  1. Storm says:

    It’s too bad when gangbangers invite death and mayhem onto their families. I won’t weep much ig\f the gangsters kill each other in the streets, but whoever shot these children must die, the sooner the better. Otherwise other children may have their lives destroyed, too.

    No mercy for gangsters. And not much sympathy for the parents who watched them become gangsters.

    But my prayers are for the recovery of the little girl, who is apparently an innocent victim of a criminal brother and his enemies.

  2. Robert2 says:

    “we wrestle not against flesh and blood…”, If anyone knows what I’m talking about, let’s fight the good fight of faith.

  3. Rod says:

    And where is the supposed leader of the country I’ll tell you Miami beach spending your hard earned money. When will you belizeans wake up and march on this useless incompetent impotent pm and gov. March belizeans march before you or your children are next to get shop. Hang hang hang we have to bring back the hanging penalty this is a must.

  4. OBAMA says:

    Marching won’t solve the problem, we need to get out this useless ADMINISTRATION BY HAVING A RECALL ELECTION & put REAL PEOPLE WHO CARE ABOUT YOUR WELFARE. RON, YOU WILL BE MY VP. GOD BLESS.

  5. BMNJ says:

    How about increasing the penalty to 20 years imprisonment for unlicensed firearm possession?

  6. Philleziean;) says:

    She’s an innocent pretty lil girl & nobody wants to be honest sounds like the mom covering up,& we h simple !@$$ Barrow doing about it nothing poor Belize gone to !@$$

  7. bzean says:

    i understand the Gov has the responsibility on how the country is governed in terms of the many different problems that we are faced with everyday. However I don’t see how you can put all the blame on the PM and the ministers, if we put in the PUP they will be the same way.

    What has to be made clear is that these kids are not being raised up properly, no father figured so they are left on the streets like wild dogs.. there is where the prblems starts and should be looked into.

  8. Seletar says:

    Great idea, BMNJ. You have my vote.

  9. Truth says:

    FITZROY YEARWOOD just give another press conference.. I am sure that solves the crime.. DO something about it !@$$

  10. KEKI says:

    @ bzean, father figure or how someone gew up has nothing to do with the life they choose ro live. some parents do try but they child wants to follow friends an travel the wrong path in life….

  11. now i see says:

    @ bzean VERY WELL SAID.

  12. ratty says:

    This is getting out of hand. What’s up, GOB? don’t wait for it to happen to your family

  13. Rod says:

    Nowisee and belizean two dunce figures in Belize I bet neighter one of them live in Belize.

  14. concern citizen-2 says:

    All that Fitzroy guy does is talk, he has been talking now for years. They catch these gangsters and just let them back on the streets, to do more killing. I agree with everybody just ” HANG THEM” or send them to Syria, just a thought.

  15. Bigz says:

    GSU killing these people and doing bs shiloh around and blaming the guys on the streets…what search they do take 5mins?? They wetter searching fur a target and was sending a clear message…i how they ready for my messages when I get back….the revolution is coming ….

  16. vintage1 says:


  17. NY says:

    Bze has now become the land of the hunter and the hunted/ preditor and prey…… and what are the leaders of the country doing about it, nothing; this is why many more people will be victims of gun violence. The laws needs to be amended so that the punishment fits the crime, its not rocket science

  18. Bev says:

    This is where the government need to impose the law of “rico raketeering”…..anyone affiliated must be dealt with…enough with the cover ups cant they see that innocent people are getting affected…damn its our children that are suffering the most.

  19. ang says:

    Street gang themselves should agree to apprehend gangsta who kills children n innocents what honor isthat? When he ispaying u our monies give back to the community give back the cowards who cant even shoot straight nor handle a gun.

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