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Aug 3, 2012

“Baby Daddy” bites mom, breaks pint on baby and burns house

A family was left without a roof over their heads on Thursday night. A blaze quickly swept through the two-storey building completely destroying the structure and the belongings of Karen Willis and family. Willis claims it is a case of arson that involves domestic violence and the father of her child. News Five’s Jose Sanchez reports.


Jose Sanchez, Reporting

A two story wooden structure at number seven Raccoon Street was gutted in flames on Thursday night. A family of at least eight persons are spending the night under the stars as they lost everything.


Ashanti Wills, Fire Victim

Ashanti Wills

“My room ih start cause if I mi deh home, I don’t know what mi wah be the outcome of it. I don’t know. I noh have nothing, nothing at all—all my birth paper, social; everything gone. The thing weh I just gone register my new born baby; I noh have that neither. So I have to start that all over.”


Jose Sanchez

“What were you able to take out before the fire?”


Ashanti Wills

“Nothing, nothing. I noh mi deh yah—chair everything in there; bed, everything.”


The building was rented by the Wills family; the fire department says that preventing the fire from spreading to other old wooden buildings was a priority.


Andrew Nunez

Andrew Nunez, Fire Safety Officer, National Fire Service

On arrival, the wooden two storey structure which was approximately twenty-feet by twenty-five feet was engulfed on the upper flat of the building. The fire department quickly went into operation for fire not to spread; which we have done a fairly good job of doing so.”


Jose Sanchez

“The condition of the house and the other house in the area; could it have been worse?”


Andrew Nunez

“Yes it could have been worse if the fire had gotten away from us, but we know the area and we know the condition of the buildings within those areas and we ensure that it is confined to that said address.”


Karen Wills

From the corner of the yard, the family look at the blackened, charred remains of what was once treasured memories. They say they know for sure that the culprit is twenty-nine year old Eugene Thompson, Ashanti Wills’ baby’s daddy.


Karen Wills, Fire Victim

“We deh downstairs di watch TV and while we di watch TV, my daughter bwai—he noh stay yah; he got wah other gial weh ih live with—but ih just can’t left she alone. Ih come in; in pop open my door, bite she pan ih foot, buss di lee bwai head and then the night after that ih gone. The night, ih come back and I hear ih foot upstairs of the house. We say we noh think ih wah ketch the house fire because the lee bwai ih say dah ih son. So when I gone in my room now after we done watch the festival out of San Pedro, I gone in the room and put down my phone. When I di put down my phone, my husband mi di sleep and I ask my husband and I tell ahn, you noh smell fire upstairs. Then when I tell ahn that he get up and by the time we get up and come out, I only get one suitcase out of the house. And then the whole house start to ketch fire. When I come out I step on fire; my slippers, everything burn up.”


But the terror did not start at night, Wills had bite marks left by Thompson on her leg and their child was injured by a broken bottle flung during an argument earlier in the day.


Jose Sanchez

“You said you heard him, but did anyone see him to know for sure that it was him?”


Karen Wills

“I know dah he; I know dah he because anytime…”


Ashanti Wills

“Everybody know he cause when he walk up deh, ih walk hard. He tell me that he woulda burn down the house; he tell me.”


Jose Sanchez

“But why would he do that? What was the reason for him to do that?”


Ashanti Wills

“Because I noh want ahn. Ih see I noh want ahn no more and that’s why ih get vex and that dah weh ih do. Before ih burn down the house ina di night, ih come and want fight and I mi done promise my ma I no want start nothing again because I noh hurt ah. So left ahn right deh. So he come yesterday morning and wah fight. I mi deh ina di house di lay down with the baby di sleep. Mi ma say dah he; mi ma say noh go to ahn beucase ih know ih wah want knock mi. so ih buss open my ma house and buss open my ma door. Ih fly after me and when ih fly after me, I lift up my foot fi try kick ahn. And when I kick ahn, ih bite me pan mi foot. And when I buss outta the house, ih get wah pint, stone it caught mi son ina ih face.”


Jose Sanchez

“Is this his child also?”


Ashanti Wills

“Yeah, mhmm. I noh know weh wrong with this bwai. Now I noh have nothing fi none ah my pickney. This clothes weh I got on dah the only clothes weh I got; mi next son dah the same thing and the lee baby, only ah lee bit ah thing I have fi ahn.”


Jose Sanchez

“How many of you are homeless? Do you have somewhere to go? Do you have food for your children?”


Karen Wills

“We noh got nothing. Last night I gone and stay dah one of my friends house and I can’t even sleep. We noh got nowhere to stay.”


Jose Sanchez

“If someone would like to help you with some food for the children, blankets, mattress, whatever it may be, do you have a number that they can reach you?”


Karen Wills

“Well I got wah cell phone number; 631-0431.”


The five adults and three children need immediate assistance from anyone willing to help. Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.


Once again, if you would like to help the family, you can reach them at 631-0431.

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2 Responses for ““Baby Daddy” bites mom, breaks pint on baby and burns house”

  1. End Of Days says:

    sometimes its hard not to want to support eugenics.

  2. Storm says:

    That’s a baby daddy from hell! And if these allegations are true, I hope he rots there.

    Too bad this woman chose to get pregnant by such a man, and give birth to a child who is going to be hampered all her life by the mother’s and father’s irresponsibility, lunacy, and stupidity.

    The welfare offices should take a hard look at finding a decent home for this poor child before another Belizean child’s life is wrecked by lousy parents.

    Single girls out there, take a look at this mess and learn — it CAN be your life if you are foolish.

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