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Aug 2, 2012

Gaspar Vega not scared of scandal and puts faith in God

The Prime Minister did not address directly the land amassed by the Vegas, nor did he indicate if his government would reprimand the Minister or condemn his actions. While the PM has some of the land is bought from private hands, for most people the land transactions stink to high heaven, and whether by luck or nepotism, the Minister of Natural Resources disagrees and says that his people paid the required prices and all transactions were done by the books.  The media was invited to accompany Vega on a cattle sweep in Blue Creek today and the matter was raised. According to Vega, he only gave his brother, Ignacio German Vega, one hundred and thirty five acres. While for the average man it is hard to conceive even getting one or two acres of land in Belize, for the close associates, who Vega confirmed majority are relatives, it sounded like it was pretty easy. Vega made it clear today that while he sees nothing wrong with facilitating land titles to his relatives, unlike other people, the Vegas are hard working people. Here are his words.


Jules Vasquez, 7 News

Gaspar Vega

“This is what the P.U.P. said; normal people have to wait in line, have to jump through hoops for years to get a piece of land.”


Gaspar Vega, Deputy Prime Minister

“Jules I am not a normal person in Belize; I work much harder than a lot of other people.”


Jules Vasquez

“Yes, but your family should be normal people?”


Gaspar Vega

“My family are as hard working as me.”


Jules Vasquez

“But they are getting preferential treatment.”


Gaspar Vega

“They are not getting preferential treatment from me. They’ve been able to do this ever since; Jules. It is not now that they’re acquiring it. He is not a cane farmer of three-four thousand plus tons of cane today. He has been a cane farmer—every single Hernandez in San Estevan is a cane farmer and they are the biggest cane farmers of that village ever since; not in the last two or four years. I don’t see anything wrong with that. I gave my daughter two house lots and one ten acre piece of farm land. I don’t think or see anything wrong with that. It’s not like I’m giving her land to sell or have a party or whatever the case may be. I think she can build a house or eventually have a little farm.”


Jules Vasquez

“This one right here, Zamir Vega?”


Gaspar Vega

“That’s a house lot. I gave him a house lot in San Pedro.”


Jules Vasquez

“As we know house lots in San Pedro are very expensive, but we see here the purchase cost is two thousand dollars?”


Gaspar Vega

“All house lots in San Pedro are between two thousand and two thousand five hundred dollars; all key land once it’s a house lot, that’s the going price. But look at the land that he is saying I sold for three hundred dollars. And it’s the P.U.P. who actually sold him the alley.”


Jules Vasquez

“So looking at this Do you think that this will deal you a fatal blow from a political perspective or even within your own party?


Gaspar Vega

“I have faith in God. I only fear him because I cyaa hide fah he. The rest, future will tell. I’m not scared.”

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19 Responses for “Gaspar Vega not scared of scandal and puts faith in God”

  1. Now i see says:

    You should be ashame of yourself Mr VEGA. Of course you are NOT ordinary people you are a THIEVE. Yes you are stealing from the people of Belize. Someone has to finish with all these corruption from both parties. If we want land we have to buy it and pay a lot of money for it and yes we do work for our money not like you guys. No wonder the politicians almost kill each other for elections. They dont give a #%@&*%# for the country all they see is $$$$$$$$.

  2. p. griffith says:

    The audacity of this man!!! Shame on him. The majority of Belizeans are hard working honest people Stop this corruption. DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS, MR. PRIME MINISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Uncle Benji says:

    God? The man is invoking God’s name. What a !@#$%^& joke. I cannot help it. I am on the floor rolling with laughter.

    This @$$hole has been quietly but consistently robbing the Belizean people lands, and now he calls on God for help.

    God does not like thieves.

    As a regular blogger here at Channel 5, I usually tend to write with sacasm and usually I go against the mainstream or trend of the day; thus my posts are on the humorus side. Howver, this story requires a serious side from all of us.

    We only live once, and it is our lifelong dream as Belizeans to own a piece of land upon which we can build our sugarshack. While we have Belize City ghettos getting bigger by the minute, you have Casper (ghost) disappearing much needed land.

    Maybe it is my turn to invoke God’s name………. Lord hear our plea. Rid us of these thieves.

  4. Guardian Angel says:


  5. Rod says:

    How can you praise god in one hand and thief in the other hand you know the lord said vega if you right hand offends you cut it off well in your case you would have to cut off both hands and feet this is just outright stealing what a corrupt pm and gov. Then when caught the pm defends him just like he defends all the murders in the country guan barrow guan please leave the people of this country with a little dignity you are a total fraud incompetent boob. Rise up belizeans march to this pm house judas is laughing at us all.

  6. Mike Vega says:

    What a shame on the Vega name. I am a Vega, and have never asked the Deputy for help. It is obvious that corruption do exist under the UDP. It’s a shame to hear he saying that he and his family work harder than most people, and hence the reason it is justifiable for what he is doing. He should be removed as Minister of Lands!! Poor Belizeans need to be begging for a piece of land while they share the land with their close relatives.

  7. Moze says:

    Nonsense Gasper, you and your family are not much important than we the majority, we worker as harder or even harder than you guys and still cannot afford a house lot. Ask your prime minister to call election now if you feel condfident…. Let see what happens to you. We are sick and tired of your foolishness.

  8. x says:

    The best vega line of the interview is on channel 7, where he says:

    “Albert Burns is a gentleman that is not in politics, so he won’t lie.”

    So in other words if he was in politics, he would lie, or is he saying all politicians lie.

    Politians steeling land is not News, Has happened and will happen everyday. What is News is the cattle sweep underway. This will give a huge boost to our sagging economy. Right now Belize produces a limited amount of cattle. That limit is the market size (what Belize eats and what can be illegally exported). Once we are legal the market demand will become limitless. You will see over the next few years the Belize herd size will explode, bringing with it more money, more gov. revenues, and more jobs. This should have been done 10yrs ago. Isn’t this what we put them in office to do? Help the people, not enrich themselves.

  9. alley cat says:

    I am not sure about the specifics with Vega but he is right about the prices of lots, anyone can go to lands and get a lease for almost nothing and convert it to title at a cost of 1,000.00 to 2,500.00 depending on the area. You can go buy land in fresh pond and many other areas in villages across the country for these prices no matter who your family or last name is. A couple years ago (2008) public servants where able to purchase lots on the north end of Ambergris on the west side for $3,000.00 per lot. Show me some Cayes purchased for 3,000.00 or even less than 20,000.00 like under the prior administration and I will really get worked up.

  10. Belizean Pride says:

    and I can’t even get a house lot while this scuuuuum the give away land to his clan in 100′s of acres. mein, I work hard my taxes pay his ride to run country wide while he says he works harder than me, is he nutts or just being arrogant, selfish and self centered. should we just march against all these atrocity being done to we hard working Belizeans being littled by vega as the most hard working person. I feel disrespected vega for this statement you made.

  11. GAPI says:

    “I am not a normal person, my family is not normal people” TEK DAT

  12. Seletar says:

    Is it a defense that he claims he only stole 150 acres for his brother?

    THAT ONLY HAPPENS IN THE MOST CORRUPT BANANA REPUBLICS ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH. I guess that is what Hon. Barrow and his UDP have made Belize.


  13. me says:

    Shame on this type of people. Gapi that is why you took my land from me, shame on you, karma will get you.

  14. Storm says:

    Let’s have a criminal investigation of Gaspi and the family that benefited from his pinata.

    I think he will end up in steel bracelets if that is done, and rightfully so.

    He’s right, he’s not a normal person — he’s a sick thief who imagines he is better than the people from whom he is stealing. He’s too smart, and we are too stupid to find out and stop him.

  15. Swamp Dragon says:

    Same on both sides. PUDP!

  16. Dr Seuss says:

    i hope HONORABLE GASPER VEGA realize that his political career is over. get what you can now buddy its over

  17. xman says:

    I use to work for mr vega as a security personnel at his office in Belmopan, I agree he use to work hard, but hard at putting money in his pocket. He use to stay late at night almost up to twelve every other day, but most of the time it was with a new face in his office. I wonder what he was up to…..

  18. Earl Grey says:



  19. Super says:

    Go job minister we need more honest people like u not like thieves from the pup

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