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Jul 12, 2012

Julius Espat says pro-poor budget not like George and Weezie (80’s sitcom)

Julius Espat

As we mentioned, Cayo South Area Representative Julius Espat shared his view on the billion dollar budget earlier today, strongly criticizing the Barrow Administration for its highly praised pro-poor initiatives.  He also had a few choice words for the Minister of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation. On Wednesday, Anthony ‘Boots’ Martinez’s presentation celebrated the BOOST and Food Pantry programs as initiatives that will provide social mobility for the underprivileged. Espat chided Martinez for comparing the program to the success of the eighties television family series ‘The Jefferson’s’.   The initiative, Espat says, will further plunge the poor into abject poverty.


Julius Espat, Cayo South Area Representative

“Government continues to push their pro-poor plan which is the famous one but in reality it is a plan for us to stay poor.  And again I was listening to the Jeffersons.  The Jeffersons were not on a welfare system, you know.  The Jeffersons had a Laundromat, they were entrepreneurs.  Dis da noh wah welfare system!  And by the way, I heard the producers of the Jeffersons might sue you because you’re telling them that the show which was based on entrepreneurship is now one on welfare, please man.  Yes, we need to address the social issues and the issue of crime is extremely important but if this government does not face the reality that we have to generate wealth in order to deal with these problems then ladies and gentlemen we will not be able to live and raise our children in this beautiful Belize that we call home.  The village life that the residents of Cayo South cherish so much will cease to exist.  In reality, the U.D.P. is dead set on turning more middle class families and businesses into being poor instead of helping more poor people become middle class citizens.  Mr. Speaker, sometimes we have to wonder if they on the other side really and truly love this country and really want to help Belize.  We, the people of Belize, know that they have the ability to help themselves and their families but please man the people of this country want you to work for them.  We want true leadership.”

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12 Responses for “Julius Espat says pro-poor budget not like George and Weezie (80’s sitcom)”

  1. Storm says:

    I pray the Jewel can find someone who studies economics instead of “leaders” who study old American sit-coms.

    I do agree with the basic premise — working at or for small and medium private business for most people is the hope and path to prosperity.

    I have implored leaders several times lately, as the Jewel keeps moving for an economic abyss, to contact real economists with proven ideas, and ask them to consult on a path upward for us.

    I have even given names — Dr. Art Laffer [Ronald Reagan's economic planner, who turned around a disastrous economy in 2 years], professor at University of Southern California, and Dr. Lee Ohanian, professor at UCLA in California. THERE IS NO HOMEGROWN BELIZEAN WITH THE EDUCATION, TRAINING, EXPERIENCE, AND TRACK RECORD TO TURN OUR ECONOMY AROUND. Somebody like the two men I’ve mentioned can do it — if their plans are not foiled by corruption within our government.

  2. Rod says:

    Well said

  3. from the West says:

    This is the only polotician I have ever heard making any sense on what it does to give hand outs to the poor. Keep giving handout and create more dependants. Good point, Mr. Espat. You can never alleviate poverty by taking from those who have and giving to those who do not have.

  4. soulsista says:

    I was very much impress with Julius Espat budget debate presentation this man is brilliance and is not willing to take bs from the other side we need more people like him in the house he reminds me of Said Musa

  5. BMNJ says:

    Need to run this country like a business person. Santi has the knowledge & at least part of the solutions to Belize financial crisis based on the business successes of Santiago Castillo group of companies. Income must exceed expenses, check and balance on accounting / financial records, etc.

  6. Uncle Benji says:

    People like Storm are parasites that hurt Belize’s good name. What sort of crap is that, when you say Belizeans are not qualified to turn the Belizean economy around?

    It is sad to see Belizeans like Storm running off to America, living in the Southwest ghettos of Los Angeles, calling the ability to own a vehicle or a used house……. success; or believing that they can give advice and throw names around of people they have read about in the newspapers.

    Espat did the right thing in attacking “Ali BaBarrow” and his thieves. Belize has problems, many problems. Belizeans living in Belize will fix Belize problems, one by one.

  7. Seletar says:

    Sorry, Uncle Benji, if I stepped on some hypersensitivity you have about Espat and the PUP.

    All of your apparent assumptions about me are wrong, by the way.

    I am an equal opportunity critic — I only look for results, like prosperity, and I don’t care what party or person makes that happen.


    We are a small country, only 300,000, and the second poorest in the region, above only Haiti’s wretchedness. The U.S. has 1,000 times more people and is still the world’s strongest economy. Presumably, therefore, they have at least 1,000 times more people with experience in economic planning. I do not believe all U.S. economists are better than all Belizeans — heck, look at the current problems they have there. BUT THEY HAVE PEOPLE WITH REMARKABLE RECORDS OF SUCCESS, AND I NAMED TWO OF THEM Art Laffer and Lee Ohanian.

    Uncle Benji, if you were very sick, and the only doctor who knew how to save your you came from the U.S., would you commit suicide by insisting on a Belizean doctor, or would you do the smart thing and save your life, even if at the hands of a hated American?

    Both parties have tried all-Belizean economic programs, and both have consistently failed. Einstein said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.”

    I love the Jewel too much and pray for its future recovery. Sorry I can’t always agree with you, but that is one of the great things of democracy, we can both speak. For your health, maybe you should skip over my comments in the future, but I won’t be accepting your command to stop making comments. I hope some people see commonsense in them.

    Have a good day!

  8. now i see says:

    Very true Santi is a very good business man and always thinks about the people. He has a very big heart.

  9. Storm says:

    My mistake. I replied to Uncle Benji were using a friend’s computer and forgot to change the name/ID.

    I don’t want Uncle Benji to get mad at my friend, so to clarify, the comment above that says “Seletar” was actually from me, Storm. Seletar was just nice enough to let me use his computer, so don’t throw any arrows or bricks at him.

  10. Mike Mills says:

    Belize needs to follow the chinese or Canadian model. Not the American, sorry, China and Canada actually have budget surpluses. US doesn’t. We love America and Americans but lets face facts, the land to milk and honey is on a downward spiral and that is not a model to be followed. I agree, we need Belize to start investing in human capital . Meaning we need Belizeans who are willing to study political science as well as economics. Send them to China or Canada to study. If we are not carefull when borrowing from imf ect. we will be in the same situation as Greece, Spain , italy. Our country doesn’t not have the population or financial standing to sustain itself if we default on loans. People in these Eu countries are protesting because their politicians were so short sighted.Imagin if they are complaining about their standard of living declining. What will happen to Belize. If our politicans are not aware they should be. What will happen to our country and its people when it’s time to pay the piper?. Most politicians in Belize are financially solvent.. The majority of the population isn’t. Everyone needs to open theirs eyes a peer deeply, take a look at what and why these Eu countries as well as America are in the situation they are in . All the civil unrest. it’s sad and scary..Borrowing money from these people is not all it’s cracked up to be. open your eyes Belizean .Epecially our politicians. I love our counrty and our God lets keep Belizeans aware, proud and free of despots. Again,just because someone in a suit comes and and offers u money does not mean u have to take it.Be smart, strategic. Lets develop our country slowly. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. I know we have a lot of our people living below the poverty level but in due time WE SHALL OVERCOME . Pray, trust and invest in our childrens education for the prosperity of our beautiful nation.GOD BLESS ALL HIS CHILDREN IN BELIZE AND AROUND THE WORLD. AMEN.

  11. Mike Mills says:

    our government needs to stop borrowing money for abroad.

  12. Thinker says:

    Mike, all governments borrow. Canada and China have national debts, just like the U.S. and Belize. The question is whether the debt is sustainable, and whether it is being put to productive uses. Debt that is invested to grow the economy is sustainable as long as the economy (and therefore government tax receipts) grows faster than the interest and balance repayments. Also, if Belizeans don’t want to save but instead want to consume and live like first world people, then there will never be enough local savings to finance investment so we have to borrow from abroad plain and simple. What Canada and China DO have is local borrowing as opposed to foreign borrowing.

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