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Jul 12, 2012

Another Double Murder in Corozal; this time cousins killed

Robert Hernandez

Exactly one week ago, we reported on the double murder of a mother and daughter at their hotel in Corozal Town.  Tonight there is another double homicide to report on, in that municipality. This time, two cousins were shot to death in the center of town while they were hanging out. The men; a car dealer of Carolina Village and a laborer of the town, were said to have been known to walk on the wrong side of the law. News Five’s Andrea Polanco went north to get the latest on the killing of the cousins and files this report.


Andrea Polanco, Reporting

Cousins, thirty eight year old Robert Hernandez and fifty year old Kenrick Vaccaro, were gunned down on Wednesday night shortly after ten. The two men were talking here on Sixth Avenue in Corozal Town, when a man dressed in a camouflage jacket fired multiple shots at them:


Supt. Gualberto Garcia, O.C., Corozal Police

Gualberto Garcia

“They were outside, leaning on a vehicle where this incident happened on sixth street when a lone rider came up to them; came off the  bicycle and pulled a firearm and opened firearm where he shot approximately eight times at these people.”


Hernandez died shortly after; while Vaccaro died a few hours later at the Northern Regional Hospital.


Supt. Gualberto Garcia

“The first person who passed away at the hospital here at Corozal, Mr. Robert Hernandez; he had multiple gunshot wounds to the back and on his chest. The other person he had a gunshot wound on his left upper arm, which we believe also penetrated his rib cage as well; for that reason he was transported to Orange Walk Hospital where he passed away, I believe, whilst undergoing surgery.”


Kenrick Vaccaro

Paslow Kelly, the uncle of the murdered cousins, says he was asleep when he got the tragic news.


Paslow Kelly, Uncle of the Deceased

“Your nephew Kenrick Vaccaro was shot; so I just jumped out my bed and took off. So when I got there, somebody said Kenrick is serious but Rob is dead and that was kinda surprise to me. I didn’t get to see him because he was already in the morgue and it being a police case, they didn’t let me see him. So I went and I saw Kenrick, he was in the x-ray room. He was saying, telling the doctor to give him something for the pain and he kept saying that over and over. So they put him in the ambulance and I rode with him to the Northern Regional Hospital and I stayed there with him. The doctors were very efficient. I was there when he died.”


Andrea Polanco

“While on the way in the ambulance, did he say anything else? Did he try to talk to you?”


Paslow Kelly

Paslow Kelly

“It was funny that he died. He was very but he kept saying the same thing over and over, ‘tell them to give me something for the pain.’ He keep trying to raise his right hand and they tell him no to put it down I guess to stop the bleeding but I guess something he was trying to do.”


Andrea Polanco

“So he didn’t say anything about the shooting?”


Paslow Kelly

“Nothing; nothing.”


According to Kelly, while he would see his nephews regularly, they never discussed their personal business with him.


Paslow Kelly

“I see Kenrick a lot because he lives by the sea side where the lands office used to be so I pass there and hail him and check for him and say hi and stuff so I see him a lot. I think I saw him just a couple days ago.”


Andrea Polanco

“Did he at any point; or did Robert at any point mention to you that they had an old problem with anybody or if anyone was targeting them?”


Paslow Kelly

“No, no, no. I never get in those kinda. I don’t know.”


Andrea Polanco

“So they wouldn’t tell you; even if they had a problem, they wouldn’t tell you?”


Paslow Kelly

“No, they wouldn’t tell me; no, no.”


But according to police the men were no strangers to the law.  Corozal police believe that Hernandez was a marked man.


Supt. Gualberto Garcia

“Well, they are known street figures; they have been involved with us before so they are not persons who are unknown to us; both of them, we have been dealing with them for some time.”


Andrea Polanco

“When you say dealing with them, in reference to what, robberies? What exactly?”


Supt. Gualberto Garcia

“They have had incidents with us, with regards to drugs. The investigation is ongoing and we are looking at all angles but from the initial investigations, how this thing actually happened, it is apparent that the intended target was Mr. Robert Hernandez so we believe at this point that it was a hit on him.”


While he mourns the loss of his two nephews; Kelly says that the bottom line remains, that people aren’t safe anywhere they go.


Paslow Kelly

“Well, I already knew that things were bad in Belize but this is really Corozal and we don’t have that much murder here and it is frightening. It is very uneasy and I keep [pause] you’re not safe anywhere anymore, that’s it.”


Reporting for News Five, I’m Andrea Polanco.


Corozal Police say that they are looking for one person who may be able to assist them with the double murder investigation.

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16 Responses for “Another Double Murder in Corozal; this time cousins killed”

  1. Storm says:

    Sad to have more murdered Belizeans.

    But drugs was the life they chose, and there can be little sympathy or surprise when they die young and violently. Maybe a lesson for other boys entering the drug life.

    That said, I hope police find the murderer, and the system delivers deadly justice. A life for a life.

  2. Rod says:

    Read the us assesment of the us gov on Belize and of this udp gov. And you will really be frightened because their assesment for the future of Belize is very bleak to read it for yourselves you will need to. Go to. And read from page 127 to 130 read em and weep belizeans even the us gov. Is calling this pm and gov. Corrupt and predicts a doomsday scenario for the country of Belize. Another tidbit did you know that Belize is the only country in central America that is not a member of the un convention against corruption. I wonder why that is don’t you.

  3. Belizean says:


  4. Black says:

    Very sad to hear murders being reported almost everyday throughout the country of Belize. This present government have to step up and find an urgent solution to the escalating crime situation. He needs to stop finding “silly” excuses to evade the problem we Belizeans are facing everyday with the present crime situations.

  5. Belizean says:

    ALSO ROD, I HAVE READ THAT ARTICLE YOU POSTED THE LINK FOR, AND NO WHERE CAN IT BE FOUND THAT WE ARE NOT A MEMBER OF THE UN CONVENTION!!! I will quote that paragraph that states it ” Despite enhanced efforts to monitor coastal waters, limited funds, equipment, and personnel hampered the Belize Coast Guard (BCG) and the Anti-Drug Unit (ADU). Belize‘s counternarcotics efforts were limited by corruption and deficiencies in intelligence gathering and analysis, the judicial sector, and political will. Belize is a party to the 1988 UN Drug Convention.”

    Notice last line

  6. Dr No. says:

    I remember this Paslow guy from the 80′s. Freshly escaped or deported from the USA. He was living the large life in Belize city driving Mercedes cars and had fast boats and lots of money. Looks like all the ill gotten gains are now gone and he has become a poor bush man who steals clothing of peoples clothes lines to dress himself.

    His family . . . . . . well live the life and pay the price.

    I would rather get older and have only a little cash than die young with a lot of cash.

    I wonder if this new double murder is connected to the 200 thousand that went missing from the double murder last week at the Corozal Sex Hotel?

    Looks like a drug war is erupting in Corozal Town.

  7. drose flowers says:


  8. rod says:

    belizean did you read the whole thing and you still dont believe mein something wrong with your head is say corruption is rampant in the gov . there are 750 pages in that report belizean read man read get your head out of your @$$ and read you are truly and ignoramus you and judas are two pees in a pod judas the traitor and you the non believer .

  9. Aneenah S. says:

    That is sooooooooSAD my prayer go out to the family&real friends

  10. rod says:

    the paragraph i commented on is where it say belize is the only central american country that is not a party to the un convention against corruption . please read ignoramus.

  11. rod says:

    belizean you are a nincompope read what i said good then go to page 120 no 4 under corruption and read read damm no wonder you going on in life with you eyes shut no wonder you cant see whats going on in this udp gov. open you damm eyes belizean.

  12. now i see says:

    Poor Rob died like a dog in the drain. I guess karma is a !@#$%. Do you know how many people he poison with that !@#$?. The other drug dealer from carolina most be worry. Sorry, not drugdealer car rental.

  13. somiah says:

    Rod, did you read in the report that no senior or high – leveled officials were arrested or charged with corruption related offences? I think that says something about the government… It is all a matter of perception Rod, you see only what you want to see…

  14. Vero says:

    Thank u 4 the prayers….. I c no1 else has a hart 2 no it’s always some 1 left behind that have 2 move on from the lose …..

  15. Belizean says:

    Have I cursed at you Rod? I have not profaned my thoughts and mouth with insanities. I have proved by copying and pasting the paragraph where it clearly says “Belize is a party to the 1988 UN Drug Convention.” Im not saying we dont have corruption, and we do have a lot of it. But do you really think Belize would purposely NOT be in that convention? If we werent, you and I would not be typing a thing on this board!! Please search your heart Rod. If this message seems to offend you as well, all I can say is that you have a way bigger problem in your eye than I have in mine

  16. BM queen says:


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