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Jul 12, 2012

Woman claims that cops regularly harass her

Natasha Lewis

Twenty-three year old Natasha Lewis says that the GSU is harassing her and that it has been going on for too long; she says today while she was walking on Dean Street, a truck with some officers stopped her and an officer physically assaulted her. She says that in January she was vocal about her cousins who were tasered by law enforcement officers, and ever since she went to media, they have been targeting her. Lewis tells us about her recent encounter on Dean Street with officers, she calls, “GSU.”


Natasha Lewis, Claims GSU Harassment

“They rushed out like it was a criminal, yuh know, and then P.C. nah rushed at me and grabbed my hand and hollered, “You noh hear I di halla fi you then? Give the police yo bag mek dehn search yo bag.” “Weh unu want search my bag for?” That was my response. So I look pan he and tell he [pause] he tell me that, “So you noh wah give the police yo bag mek dehn search yo bag then?” So I tell ahn, “Me noh have nothing fi unu; left me alone. Weh unu di harass me for?”


Andrea Polanco

“Did they tell you what they were looking for?”


Natasha Lewis

“Dehn noh tell me nothing weh dehn di loom for. If they had come to me and said well okay then we need to conduct a search, this, that, whatever, I would have understand, but they didn’t state any reason state whatever reason why they wanted to search my bag for.”


Andrea Polanco

“Did you have a prior incident with the GSU?”


Natasha Lewis

“Yes I did. It wasn’t with me. It was with some girls I used to hang with. But then that was like from a year ago. I’ve changed, I’ve been working for almost a year now. I’m from home to work, work to home. I changed only because of my daughter. The last time when I went on the media was with my little cousin when they tasered her and from that time, GSU doesn’t like me. When I left from them, after they took me to Queen Street, I went to Internal Affairs at Raccoon Street to make a report and I explained to them if they don’t do something about it, then I will take matters into my own hands because this has been happening for so so long. Today when Nah choked me and slammed me against that police truck…”


Andrea Polanco

“So he physically hit you?”


Natasha Lewis

“He physically hit me mammi. And honest to Jeez, today when he took me to that station and I left, I called my mom and I explained to her that I have a crazy, crazy headache. I passed out on Albert Street today and you can ask everyone that was out there.”


Andrea Polanco

“What did he say before and after he hit you?”


Natasha Lewis

“Before he hit me, when he grabbed my hand for the police to search my bag, I tell ahn, “Nah, this dah every time thing with you. Lef me ‘lone.” That is when he choked me against the police vehicle. And his exact quotation; he said, “Yo see unu, watch weh wah happen to unu.”


Because News Five spoke to Lewis minutes before news time. We were unable to reach the GSU to comment on the allegation.

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10 Responses for “Woman claims that cops regularly harass her”

  1. Jr says:

    Those pigs seems to believe that they’re invincible because of a badge. It’s a shame for officers to be profiling civilians much less abusing a female, that’s inhuman and shouldn’t be accepted.there jobs is to serve and protect. People of Belize need to protest against police brutality and stop getting treated like animals. Any officer abusing a citizen without a valid reason should be fired.

  2. Storm says:

    Apparently she enjoys her 15 seconds of fame by crying to the media.

    Police have a hard time with dangerous criminals, they don’t need to be subjected to a mouthy street girl like this.

    I am sure there are some cases of unjustified police harassment, but this does not like one to me.

    But it’s another illustration of why I think police should carry inexpensive voice recorders — if the encounter were on tape, we would know the truth. And police knowing they are taping things will tend to be polite and show respect and restraint.

    If GOB would cut pay to gangsters for a single month, every officer in the Jewel could have a voice recorder on patrol. That would be a smart use of the people’s money.


    I applaud the police for taking out criminals whenever it is necessary to do.

    Although the police are sometimes criminals themselves, a woman like you should be smart about being pulled over by the police.

    Drop the !@#$%^ attitude and it just might spare you some embarrassment in public.

    The next time the police order you to stop, stop.

    Then try to restrain yourself from responding this way

    (Quoting you)

    “Weh unu want search my bag for?” and

    “Me noh have nothing fi unu; left me alone.

    Weh unu di harass me for?”

    This same anti social attitude can come off as lack of respect and resistance against authority, and if I were the GSU I would have Tasered you for resisting a search order.

  4. neverjudgesomeone says:

    @storm and maddyvandijkderealisto you are two idiots it doesnt matter how polite you are to law enforcers they always take matters into their own hands and get disrespectful and abusive. maybe if it was you sister then it would be different. policemen always tend to prey on ppl who know their rights and the law and therefore i applaud the young lady for standing up for herself. look at the record of convictions and you will see why they are so many guilty persons are walking free. their lack of professionalism is the main reason the justice system is failing and thanks to the PM for paying gangsters and the GSU. maybe you guys should try to teach the police how to do their job then again if thats your attitudes toward a female complaining about police harassment and identifying her as a criminal then u guys are as useless as the bad cops too.

  5. Black says:

    I strongly disbelieve what this young lady is saying to the media. Apparently she is the one who have a problem with the police, instead of cooperating she was resisting. Yes it is the Job of the officers to serve and protect which the majority of them do without any doubts. Usually it’s only the persons/Criminals that don’t want to respect and abide the law that have a problem with the officers. Law abiding citizens applaud the work being by officers. Good Job GSU, don’t worry about criticism there will always have when you guys are working.

  6. BMNJ says:

    Watch and see what happens when the legislation legalizes marijuana consumption to this already out of control Belizean society.

  7. Simone says:

    or stop hanging with people who sell drugs and they will stop harassing you.

  8. Mario T. says:

    “If they do not do something about it, I will take matters into my own hands”. Spoken like a true Gaza girl. Any wonder why you just happen to be a law enforcement target, sister? No one with sense will believe this nonsensical account. I have no doubt that the GSU uses force. I have no doubt that sometimes, they use excessive force. But good Lord, broad daylight on Dean Street? Choking, throwing around and threatening a Gaza girl? Come now! The one they call Nah must be smarter than that! GSU has a bad name but don’t insult our intelligence. If you want to be believed, next time, say dead of night, digital camouflage, muscles and masks………

  9. somiah says:

    You can’t seem to win… People want police protection, but on the other hand, when the police are doing their jobs, all we get is complain form the public. Come on people, what is going on in Belize need extreme measures, and we know that the law is for the criminals… If you are a law abiding citizen, you have nothing to worry about. Go get them GSU!


    Neverjudgesomeone, you can applaud Lewis for her foul attitude, but in the end she was the only one feeling the force of the law, so shut your face.

    She was not standing up for her right in this situation; she was just being the loud mouthed, disrespectful person that she is. Stupidity will get you kill.

    Belize is a third world country. Belize is not even the most influential country in the amongst the third world countries. Its economics, education, politics, judicial, technology, science, and culture, just to name a few areas, do not even begin to color the world’s every socio-economic fabric. Don’t just stop at attacking the police, if you attack them it is only fair to condemn Belize as a whole.

    I’m done talking,

    With that said, Lewis is dumb, loud and disrespectful………… that is obvious.

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