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Jul 4, 2012

$9 Million needed for Belize/Guatemala Referendum

Dean Barrow

The bond is not the only financial responsibility that waits in the horizon. The P.M. also projects a nine million dollars bill for the Belize Guatemala Referendum that is scheduled to take place on October sixth 2013. Residents in both countries will vote on whether or not the claim will be taken to the International Court of Justice.  The government supports going to the ICJ; however, the nine million dollars still needs to be raised for the education process to commence next year.


Dean Barrow

“I just spoke to a colleague about that and I am happy to repeat what u said. I think it is all a matter of timing. First of all, there is a budget that we looked at and approved; it’s nine million dollars. The whole idea is to have a referendum commission—bipartisan—that will oversea the process including the public information process. The persons directly in charge of the public information process will be professionals; but no doubt seen as pro-government, one that will be seen as P.U.P. oriented. So we want to handle this thing as sensitively as possible; always trying to appeal for bipartisan support, bipartisan guidance, bipartisan direction. The government’s position or the administration’s position is that saying yes, voting yes is desired, but I’ve said to cabinet and we’ve had full agreement; if it appears that we are trying to browbeat people into a yes vote, if it is too much of a hard sell it is going to backfire. Our job is to say where we stand; to suggest the reasons why our position is the right one; to most important of all, put all the information out there for public and thereafter leave Belizeans to make up their own minds. No matter how you slice it; that public information campaign will appear to be slanted—we are going to try our best to have people see that the attempt is to be as objective as possible—but you know it is going to be seen as being a little bit slanted. If you start too early, you’re going to get people back up, you are going to raise the hackles and I think that realize disaster. So the key for me is to choose the timing very, very carefully. You can’t leave it too late, but you sure as hell don’t’ want to jump out too early. We have not yet agreed the start date, I can tell you what my personal preference is; not before. I don’t see the campaign starting in earnest before the start of 2013—before January first, 2013. And for me, it would be even better if it started in earnest, next financial year on April one. That gives you about six months which I think is enough time and it helps me in terms of finding funds. We are going to be looking to the friends of Belize externally to help; but a lot of it will have to be found locally. So both for reason that I think strategically you don’t start too early and because I couldn’t find anything like nine million dollars right now.”

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5 Responses for “$9 Million needed for Belize/Guatemala Referendum”

  1. Lucas says:

    Wait!; I thought the so called FRIENDS OF BELIZE AND GUATEMALA were going to fund this Referendum Thing. And speaking of this ICJ, Belizeans: BEWARE! and think for a moment. The ICJ is as toothless as a chicken unless uncle Sam supply it. For example: In the matter of the Palestinian People versus Israel in regards to the Wall, The Court ruled in favor of the Palestinian People but the wall is not only still there but construction continues. Why? because Israel has the power to defy the court. The U.S. has not and will not force Israel to comply and the palestinians do that have the military muscle to force Israel to obey. If we lose, the Guatemalans are going to pour in and we will not be able to stop them. If we win, Guatemala will renegade as usual and, we have no military power to force the Chapines to comply. This Guatemala thing will never go away. Consider for example: In 1982, the Brits and the Argies went to war over the Faklands. The Brits won but up to this day, the Argentians still claim the Islands. Last April, 30 years after the war, Cristina brought the claim to the U.N.. Ask the Artificial Man and he will tell you. An ICJ ruling in our favor will not solve the problem either. Listen to this: “….and problems will keep coming, even if you settle the dispute ( in the ICJ). You will not avoid it, as you cannot avoid the problems with Mexico and the U.S.”( Cesar Gaviria, Channel 5, Nov. 16 2009). So what should we do?. Our best option is to prepare ourselves for war. Belize should have a well trained, well organized, well discipline and well equipped army. Look at Israel who is surrounded by Siria, Egypt and Jordan. Israel has fought two wars with these countries who were left with no appetite for a third round.

  2. Rod says:

    Useless incompetent bafoon .

  3. Storm says:

    “Education process?” Who needs to spend money on educating us before the referendum — either we want to part of Guatemala, or we want to be free. There, I’ve just single-handedly saved GOB $9-million.

    But we do need money to close the border to illegal immigration. Otherwise, we will just be absorbed by the Guats within the next 10-20 years.

    It doesn’t help that PM Barrow gives them citizenship by the truckload just before elections, either.

  4. says:

    Use the 9 mil to get more tech to patrol n care for bze border, wata n aerospace. We da po country n if oas cant understand lethem provide the monies. Conditional pact n funds foreva to build highway n patrol. Incursions n trafficki.g will keep increasing anyways.

  5. belizean says:

    this 9 million can be used to recruit more BDFs. the GOB will spend 9 million to tell the Belizean people to vote “yes” many educated belizean already know the fact of the guatemalan claim and will lets all vote “NO” and save the 9 million

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