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Jun 26, 2012

Should child molesters receive bail?

In the past week, over a thousand persons participated in our e-poll on the question: Do you believe that the penalty for murder convictions should be death by hanging or life in prison? The overwhelming majority, eighty-five percent, voted for hanging convicted murderers while fifteen percent said to lock them up for life. In the blog section, it was clear that there is no more tolerance for crime. One viewer commented “hang them by the neck until dead; do it publicly and quickly—after a fair and impartial conviction, of course.” Tonight’s question is: Should child molesters be granted bail? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an email with your comments to

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17 Responses for “Should child molesters receive bail?”

  1. Elgin Martinez says:

    No,child molesters are a threat to the General public as a result why should they be given bail?


    Say “NO” to bail and help save a child.

    Molesting a child or murder which is more abominable, despicable, and monstrous?

    Only a monster is capable of harbouring and carrying out atrocious and beastly act on a child.
    Bail should not be an option once they commit themselves to the act they should be punished severely.

    When we set bail we give them absolution for their crime.

    We give them bail then expelled them back into the public to commit the same crime, but when we default to punish them for their act we the justice system should also be held responsible for the same crime committed against our children.

    Without bail we strip them of this possibility to harm our children again, and the only justice for these monsters should be the one this world can deliver.

  3. Storm says:

    NEVER. The purpose of bail is to ensure the defendant returns to court, and to protect the community from a danger.

    Children are among the most vulnerable members of our country, and child molestation is among the most damaging of crimes — it kills the soul of the child in many cases. And studies suggest child molesters will almost always repeat their crimes. The danger to the community is too great and too real. Keep accused molesters in jail, and give them a SPEEDY trial — it defeats justice to delay trials of molesters — time causes all memories to fade, but it is generally worse with young witnesses. Delay defeats justice that we must demand.

    A judge who gives bail to a molester should be required to take custody of the defendant and let him stay in the judge’s own home!

  4. bzean says:

    this question should not even be asked to start with. Secondly Vasquez seemingly has been doing this crime for so long and due to being let out (bail) we had to see a young girl murdered, who knows how many of the missing children that have been found dead were not his victims or victims of persons like him that til this day we will never really find out how they ended up dead.

  5. why says:

    …………., why give them bail, if they can do it once why can’t they do it again or even kill innocent kids after they get what they want, we should protect our future kids n teach them from a young age that if they do bad there’s always a price to pay, child molesters should stay where they belong locked up with no chsnce of getting out, we need to protect our kids from harm.

  6. indian says:

    whosoever says “yes child molsters should get bail” needs to get an @$$ whoppin! nuh tolerate deh sick people at all…

  7. Latina says:

    Bail, for what? So that they come out and do the same thing all over again?

  8. now i see says:

    Of course not. See what happen with vasquez? I agree with @ storm if out let the judge take him home.

  9. rubs says:

    hell NOOOO, no bail for those mother !@#$%^&. catch them, hang them from their ….., give them more torture until they die.

  10. concern parent says:

    Well you should ask yourselves!!…. If it was YOUR child that was targeted and molested, would you want that child molester to be granted bail?? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!… EVERY child is SPECIAL and needs to be PROTECTED. These predators are mentally corrupted and sick individual who are a danger to our children and society and nothing more. MOLESTERS WILL HARM A CHILD AT EVERY GIVEN CHANCE OR OPPORTUNITY, SO WHY SHOULD WE ALLOW BAIL???!!!! ABSOLUTE NO BAIL SHOULD BE GRANTED OR CONSIDERED, AS THEY HAVE ABSOLUTE NO MERCY ON OUR CHILDREN… OUR FUTURE. IF WE ALLOW THESE PEOPLE TO WALK THE STREETS … WE ARE ALLOWING THE RISK OF ONE OR MORE CHILD TO BE MOLESTED. WE NEED TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN SO WE DONT WANT THESE MONSTERS IN OUR COUNTRY…. LETS COME TOGETHER AND GET RID OF THEM ONE BY ONE. ABSOLUTE NOOOOOOO BAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. concerned parent says:

    As Yourself! If it was your child, how would you feel about bail??? INDEED, ABSOLUTELY NO BAIL!!!! EVERY CHILD is special and have a right to be protected. CHILD MOLESTERS are sick and corrupted individuals who are more than a DANGER to our children! A CHILD MOLESTER WILL HARM A CHILD AT ANY GIVEN CHANCE OR OPPORTUNITY, SO BAIL SHOULD NOT BE EVEN CONSIDERED OR WORST GRANTED!!

  12. vicky says:

    HELL NO!

  13. Ren says:

    A resounding NOOOO! Bert the pervert’s case is enough to show us what happens if the courts fail us like this. If he wouldn’t have been released back into the public, probably little Jasmine would have been alive today. And not to mention all other things he might have done we are not even aware of. These sickos need to be locked down or plain put down

  14. NoNo says:

    Hell NO, No Bail and NO life time sentence, come on its our young girls they are hurting. The deserve the DEATH PENALTY. Hang then, electricute then, tie one feet each on a horse going oposite direction and tear then in half, I really dong care but they dont deserve to live after killing the innocent little girls, and beating then up, mien dat Vasquez guy, i would turture the … No Bail, NO life time sentence, Once solution… Kill them… Im tire of paying tax so prisoners can eat and be well taken care of.

  15. says:

    Pervert bert needs to be confine with a chastity belt on his . . . .

  16. william says:

    Is this rely a question that needs answering???
    Can anybody in the right state of mind find a reason why a person like this gets back on the street, CAN ANYBODY COME UP WITH A GOOD REASON, and ill show you a person that has no clue what the victim and the family goes thru during the act….and it shows you a person with no regard for human life or feelings…..
    there is only one way to make sure that a proven convicted murderer,rapist, molester stops doing this vicious act to another person, take his life….
    Why should one f….up as..hole have more rights then the victim and family, you all know , even the law makers know this aint right…..till it happens to the people that can change the law it will not change…..

  17. tg says:

    how about this my daughter was abused by her grandfather and he gets out on bail and I called the judge to see if he is to be around firearms and it is not in the bail agreement WOW! I said so I know there is guns and what is to say that he just loses it and goes and kills everybody and himself I under stand the equal to rights but it is ok to deny a murder but not a molester if the person stalks the child is that not like murdering that child who my never have a life to me that is murder so the courts should consider it that way we need to take this issue to are elected officials NOW before it is to late .we just had a 5 year old girl who was taken by a convicted child molester who the system lost him when is enough enough

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