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Jun 26, 2012

With friends like these; victim robbed by his buddy

Eckert Fitzgibbon

Robbery is despicable as it is, but robbing a friend is inexplicable. Another case of robbery came up before Magistrate Hurl Hamilton; it was a man accused of jacking his own friend. According to fifty-two year old Raymond Harris, on June seventeenth he was out socializing with some friends at the corner of Victoria Street and New Road, when thirty-two year old Eckert Fitzgibbon approached him and allegedly hit him in the face with a glass bottle.  Harris alleges that Fitzgibbon then he searched his pants pocket, stole twenty-five dollars and ran off. Fitzgibbon, a resident of Victoria Street, was charged today with Robbery and Wounding. There was no objection to bail, but Fitzgibbon owed the court several outstanding fines from previous matters. Still, Magistrate Hamilton granted bail of three thousand dollars, but he could not pay and was remanded to the Belize Central Prison until July thirtieth.


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20 Responses for “With friends like these; victim robbed by his buddy”

  1. Rod says:

    So much poverty in the land people are turning to robbery to be able to eat while these ministers are driving around in 70 000.00 dollars vehicles which this pm says is nothing people are killing each other in order to eat and feed their families and the us sends us a few dogs and we act like we really got something we need jobs we need the corruption to stop we need leaders who are not corrupt we need to hang all murderers we need to stop the drugs we need to stop taking back gang members from the us we need a true leader in the country and not a useless impotent one like the one we have we to bring back pride to the belizean people instead of fear when you see someone stealing a piece of happy cow cheese to feed their family and risk going to jail you know thing have gone from bad to pitiful. Guan barrow guan resign go and turn in your resignation you are a complete and total failure at your job.


    Crack-head .

    Another idiot lost in an increasingly godless society.

  3. Storm says:

    Rod, there is poverty, but I will bet there are drugs and/or alcohol abuse involved here. We may be hungry and have little, but we are not yet reduced to the level of animals. The criminal is responsible for his despicable behaviour and must pay a heavy price — he didn’t care how badly he injured his friend, the money ]and presumably his next drink or next drug fix] was.all that mattered to him.

    There’s a special place in Hell for people who betray their friends.

  4. Belizean says:

    @ROD. Do you really think it is ALLLLLLLLLLL the honorable Prime Ministers fault? Do you really think that? Instead of grumbling and being so so negative, maybe you should start a prayer meeting to pray for this country. Look at Mexico, all over the world there is high crime, and Im sure the faults are not restricted to the Prime Minister, President, Governor, Leader ETC. What can the leaders do if the parents havent taken time and trained their own child? A tree can be bent in a young age but not when its older. Consider this

  5. OriginalWoman says:

    @ Belizean, Rod does not have your wisdom……Your sensible comment does not resignate to his sense of reasoning. HE IS AN IDIOT!!!! A TRUE IGNORAMUS!!!

  6. rod says:

    belizean and originalwoman it is people like you who have this country the way it is you see whats going on and you still try to protect this useless pm and gov. you are the real sick ones .

  7. gINA says:

    To the others against Rod, yes he does make a little since, how can PM be giving away mone to gang members when the money could be used to hire a couple people to do honest job, he is giving away TAX PAYERS MONEY, why doesn’t he take it out of his salary. fOR THE JOB HE IS DOING HE DOES NOT DESERVE TO GET PAID.

  8. b.Jones says:

    @ Belizean..Asking Rob to “consider” is assuming that he has ability to Contemplate / weigh and evaluate the specific matter at hand, based on it’s merits. Bad assumption on your part buddy, Rob gone long time….lol

  9. rubs says:


  10. Rod says:

    Gina am glad to see that not all belizeans are not walking around with blinders on you give me hope for this beautiful country of ours these people who keep defending this pm and gov. Like originalwoman and belizean are the cause of all the corruption murders and rapes etc etc going on in the jewel they see what’s going on and still decent this useless pm and gov.think about it this pm and gov. Is paying each gang member over 500.00 a month of our hard earned money to each and every gang member for sittingnatnhome waiting for orders from their master barrow on who to kill next only country in the world who is paying gang members for doing nothing I hope the us will take this into account when passing out money perhaps we need to send letters to the republicans in the us see what they will think of where the us money is going to gang members instead of the poor people who need and deserve it.

  11. b.Jones says:

    @gINA…. How can the PM play a role in stopping you from Robbing your friend, if you feel like doing so ? How can the PM play a role in stopping you from extracting revenge from “the fools around the corner who dissed you” If you felt like doing so.

    People like you and Rod would seems less brain-dead if you were to organize your arguments. Children don’t obtain necessary manners, principals, respect for self , ambition & respect for their fellow man due to the level of government corruption. These basic teachings comes not from Government actions but from families who take the time and make the efforts needed to raise decency & productive citizens.

    You make it easy on the criminals & neglecting parents when you hold the government responsible for the actions of criminals. Put the blame where it belongs. If you have an issue with corruption bring your claims to the public, in a sensible manner.

  12. Belizean says:

    Well, all I can say if you curse something, cursed it will be! I realize that the crime is beyond limit. But, if one keeps it in his mind day in and day out, that things are bad, and keep wallowing in it, things will get worse. If one day in the morning you experience a bad thing, and right away you put it in your mind that this day is messed up, well believe you me IT WILL BE A BAD DAY!!! Rod explain to me just how, just how do you think the P.M. would stop the killing? All you keep saying is money and cars and all those material things, etc etc. I know its beyond your comprehension. Said Musa couldnt stop it and neither could you ROD!! So if you were P.M I could blame you for the hen that pooped on my door step?

  13. Belizean says:

    Thank you @ b. Jones, how very wise and thoughtful. You have elaborated eloquently in this matter. The point you had about the different aspects of character traits in children is one of utmost importance, and has been neglected in so many families, probably even with some that comment here. This is sad, but hey, every one has his very own decision to make.

  14. deedee says:

    Rod you started a fire storm in here…lol, there are those who are in agreement with you & those who are against you. All i’ll say is this…before we go blaming any person, organization or the government of the day we must look at our selves first. Look in the homes where the root of it all is coming from. Look at the recent PSE Exam top performers….when those kids gave their “thank you” address, who were the first set of people they mention THE PARENTS. Whether its a single parent or both mom & dad, they are always the first to be mention. EVERYTHING STARTS AT HOME!!! Look at those worthless mothers who are always on t.v saying “my pickny nuh do dat” when they know otherwise…….again it starts from the home. As for Eckert…….enough said.

  15. Storm says:

    To EVERYBODY: Rod is right. Since Barrow became PM, crime seems to have increased all around the world, and we should blame our PM. Oh, yes, blame George Bush, too.

    Objectively, with a 3% conviction rate, our government is doing an incredibly poor job of running the system of investigating and prosecuting crime. Day after day we see the same handful of gangsters in the news, killing and robbing, then getting out again to rape and pillage some more. It is the law-abiding Belizeans and their children who pay most of the price in blood.

    Everyone knows who the worst criminals in their communities are — each of us can probably name a dozen or more. GSU and BDF should go after them and hunt them like animals, until they are in jail, dead, or fled the country. It’s harsh, but it’s just.

    I believe in Biblical justice before man’s justice, and nothing in the Bible says we have to have line-up parades. caution statements, foolish juries, and soft or crooked judges. It just says, “Thou shall not murder, thou shall not steal.” I would be happy to see the example of Arthur Gentle’s arrest followed quite a few more times in the Jewel.

  16. rod says:

    belizean you boggle my mind with your stupidity if you cannot see whats going on in this country then their is no hope for people like you gov. is i repeat is responsible for the safety of all its citizens i mean all its citizens that is what being A leader is all about and if you cannot see this then their is no hope for belizean and b jones i repeat the leader of the country is responsible for the safety of all its citizens but when you have a totally corrupt pm and gov. their is very little except revolt that can be done look at mubarak look at assad in syria why do you think they are in the position they are in what we need is a belizean spring clean out this corrupt gov. bring back the hanging penalty hang all murderers and rapist get rid of all the nincompoops like belizean and the rest of barrows lackies send them all to live somewhere else where they will be happy with all the murders and corruption you can corrupt each other.bjones look like you have been a stupper all your life cant you see whats going on in the country do you need a bullet to hit you or one of your family or friends for you to wake up wow how dumb can you be.

  17. Belizean says:

    So now youre threatening people Rod? Maybe police should come pick u up!! I I understand youre mind is boggled. Its very easy to understand that. It is clear to see how narrow you think. Please read Deedees’ comment. Its very helpful, and what deedee says, is EXACTLY what I would say. Yes, if your dog bites you and tears you to pieces , BLAME BARROW! Blame OBAMA!!! Blame ASSAD LOL!!

  18. Ricky Malthus says:

    Rod, you are right on target. Barrow has his paid gunslingers monitoring these blogs to deflect from his impotency in all affairs of state, and to harass people like you. Give him , Barrow, hell.

  19. RELIABLE says:


  20. daddydick says:

    dont blame d pm at least d gang members wont have 2 rob u who is blaming crime on d pm, say something now………….

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