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Jun 25, 2012

Rape and Robbery of U.S. Citizen in Dangriga

An aggravated burglary turned into a case of rape of a U.S. National in Dangriga Town. The fifty-four year old U.S. citizen reported that sometime around three Saturday morning, she was sleeping when two men wearing stockings over their heads and rags over their faces gained access into her home. One of the assailants tied her hands and had sexual intercourse with her against her will while another pointed her pellet gun at her head. that was not the end of her ordeal as the men then proceeded to rob her of an I-phone, two hundred U.S. dollars in cash and an assortment of other personal belongings—including the pellet gun—all valued at over twenty-seven hundred dollars. Police investigation continues.

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20 Responses for “Rape and Robbery of U.S. Citizen in Dangriga”

  1. Storm says:

    Welcome to Belize! What a great advertisement for tourism in the Jewel.

    Catch them, castrate them, then throw them in jail for a long, long time.

  2. now i see says:

    So sorry for this lady. You think now the U.S will do something? This country is getting worse every day. This lady could be any ones mother or grandmother next it could be ours. We need to do something before it happens. I know what you are thinking { if this ever happen to my mom or granny, i will kill them} but guess what? You will never find the m$€£¥ that did it!!!!

  3. Rod says:

    Americans stay away from Belize or this will happen to you also we have a gov . And pm that useless and incompetent and corrupt stay away go somewhere else for your vacation if I was this tourist I would sue the pm and gov. For incompetence .


    It’s like biting the hands that feeds these ungrateful dogs.

    Probably people she trusted, trust no one there with your life.

  5. b.Jones says:

    I agree 100% with your statement Rob. To think of it, I got robbed & had my batty touched in Los Angeles, California. I think I will sue President Obama & the U.S. Government due to their incompetence…….NOT!!!!… I guess the PM is managing that portfolio, responsible for creating crime fighting strategies for each district of the country and responsible for patrolling all the streets , businesses & homes, while running the country…lol..Typical ignorant response from someone who refuse to look beyond his person agenda. Grow up Rob

  6. The Doc says:

    Rod, how di hell unu turn everything against the Government? and btw, read di article.. da no wah tourist, da wah resident… the lady mi eena shi house… When Belizeans start act responsible fu dem own actions, unu wah grow… in the mean time, with people like Rod round, nada wah eva get betta… mek I guess, when PUP mi di do !@$$, u neva talk bout it right??? when dem sell we future way fu superbond???? use unu head

  7. Uncle Benji says:

    Telling Americans to keep away from Belize is anti country. It’s pathetic to see such American lovers ready to trash Belize. Yeah, Belize has problems, but let’s look at the other side of the story.

    Perhaps if Americans did not crave drugs so much, perhaps Central America would not be so violent. Perhaps if Americans quit selling the USA as being God’s place on earth, we would not have so many broken dreams among our deported (from America) youths. Perhaps if Americans did not flirt with Belizean men, in hope of fullfilling their Kama Sutra sexual desires, there would be less of these rape stories in the news.

    Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. But don’t trash Belize. Let’s learn to love our country.

  8. Someone says:

    Uncle Benji, to say that if American women did not flirt with belizean men, in the hope of fullfilling their Kama Sutra sexual desires, there would be less of these rape stories in the news is quite an extrodinary comment. It seems you are putting the blame of this burglary and rape on the victim. Are saying that victims of robberies, murders, rapes and all crimes are to blame for the criminals behaviour. Are you saying that the young girls killed or molested by Vasquez are somehow to blame? I am sure you are not, Belizean people need to take back their country. It is a beautiful country that does attract alot of expats from other countries. But crime and comments like the one from Uncle Benji go along way to putting people off Belize.

  9. deedee says:

    Rod you make me laugh sometimes…….how u wah tell foreigners nuh fi come visit the country??? We all know u wah bash the PM & his government til thy kingdom come, but fi say tourist/visitors needs to stay away is just really wrong. Whether you want to admit or not… tourist dollars plays an essential role in the economy. Aye mi lee bredda lol.

  10. Phillybelizean says:

    I am a american belizean I work with a lot of older people who want to retire an live in bz but wt these crimes an things there is no way our country will move forward.they no a lot about bz,i dont see why people have to rob an thief if u want something try to work an buy it ur self.these guys does not respect women they must rem they have mom granmom sis brother,the word is a circle guys,respect to all mothers.nuff said

  11. Joe says:

    US has a lot to do with what happens in Belize – and in other central american countries. They sell the guns and buy the drugs. What happens to us is nothing of their concern.PERIOD.

    come on guys – they are to blame for all this.

  12. vicky says:

    Probable these people were abused when they were young, that’s why they are going around doing the same thing. Shame on them!

  13. Rod says:

    Unu the make me sick all a unu we see whey the go on Ina this country and still defend this useless incompetent corrupt pm and gov. That we have is really beyond my comprehension I guess maybe it will take something to happen to unu or a family member fu make unu wake up and put the blame where it belongs the supposed leader of the country is responsible for all the citizens of this great nation but he have y own army of gangsters that he is paying with your hard earned money if that is what you want that is what your going to get so let it be said so let it be written.

  14. now i see says:

    @uncle benji you are an @&& how can you say that the american women flirt with belizeans? One think is being freindly and another to be flirting. The thing with people like you is that you dont see the deference. You should apologise to the americans because you are just a sick and nasty p.o.s.

  15. toledo says:

    It’s ashame crime is out of control in Belize all because of lazy ………. Belize could do so well in all areas if not for a powerless corrupt government. There are a lot of good, outstanding, and respectful citizens in our country. It is the few that is bringing a bad name on Belize. If we all stand-up against crime like the protestors in Benque and school kids in the city, we can reduce crime. The thing is the police is weak and many times can’t touch the criminals because the politicians tend to interfer in their investigations. Dont be surprise to hear politicians bailing out criminals, not only street thugs, but criminals at the government level. Maybe a military government is what we need to clean out corruption. UDP can’t handle Belize.

  16. surgery14E says:

    A usual, Rod is running off at the mouth again! So Rod, what do you propose to lessen the crime rate? It’s easy for you to bash the Gov’t and the PM but what are you doing to help? If you are not a part of the solution, then you are part of the problem. Stop yakking and start doing.

  17. Phillybelizean says:

    @toledo thats rite the gov need to work harder for the people I dont understand why paying gangs to hold peace those are our tax money u pm.why dont u pay them out of u own pocket how I see it thats all there are in for is money,

  18. Keygyal says:

    More Crime to add to Belize Statistics !!! I am an American by birth but with Belizean Garifuna heritage !! Now don’t put blame on US tourists for being assaulted .. the article clearly states this Woman was clearly asleep in her house when she was assaulted inside her home which is Terrible !!!! Belizean citizens along with the Belizean government really need to do something about all the crime , killing , rapes etc that is happening in Belize !!! Practically, every week someone is killed or there is some report of a jacking or rape.. the Keyword is Practically !!! I really don’t think US gov’t need to intervene with Belize’s social breakdown … Belizean Gov’t need to have stiff penalties in place for all these crimes .. bring in Capital punishment …Instead of investing in tourism .. maybe Belize should invest in building another prison … perhaps even make their officers watch “The first 48 ” to learn some tips on investigating crime..

  19. MAR says:


  20. BelizeanMother says:

    I was researching Outstanding Citizens of Belize and this is what pop up. All I will say Belizean and the rest of the world we need to turn to God he is our only hope.

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