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Jun 25, 2012

UB Professor says sex predators never caught on 1st offence

Bert Vasquez

Last Wednesday, the long arms of the law caught up with twenty-eight year old Bert Vasquez, the Belize City man who faces a murder charge for Jasmine Lowe and eleven counts of common assault, one count of abduction and one count of aggravated assault on eleven minors in the west. But prior to those charges, Vasquez had accumulated a long list of similar charges. Back in February 2011, he was charged for assaulting a twenty year old accountant. The woman reported that she accepted a ride home from Vasquez on January twenty-fifth of 2011, but instead she was taken to Belama Phase Four and Mile twelve on the Northern Highway where he accosted her with a knife and started taking off her clothes and kissing her. Vasquez was subsequently charged with three counts of aggravated assault of an indecent nature, aggravated assault with a pocket knife and unlawful imprisonment. Two weeks after he was charged, a ten thousand dollar bail from the Supreme Court gave Vasquez his freedom. Two months later, he was back in court, charged on May twenty-fourth in connection with an alleged abduction, harm and aggravated assault of a sixteen year old girl. According to the minor, while standing at the bus stop near the Pound Yard Bridge on May thirteenth, Vasquez approached her with a point thirty-eight revolver, put it to her side and instructed her to get into his vehicle. Fearing for her life, she complied and was taken to the Vista Del Mar area in Ladyville where Vasquez allegedly hit her with the gun in her face. She sustained a broken nose and bruised eyes. For this crime of forcible abduction, he was committed to stand trial in February of this year but the case has still not come up for trial.  This morning, on Open Your Eyes, Fermin Olivera of the Social Work Department at the University of Belize spoke of the behavioral pattern of predators.  Olivera says that perpetrators of sexual crimes against children are never caught on their first offence. 


Fermin Olivera

Fermin Olivera, Social Work Department, U.B.

“A certain innocence is lost; people are trusting by nature. We tend to look at people and trust them based on how they look and I need to point out that anybody can be a perpetrator—regardless of looks. Actually it’s those perpetrators; people that commit sexual crimes against children are cunning, smart people, manipulative people; these aren’t your average dunce—these are smart people.”


Marleni Cuellar

“It’s not the TV portrayal of you see someone and you get a funny feeling; in fact, it is typically the opposite. You are normally very much attracted to being around a perpetrator because they have that sense of how to real in children.”


Fermin Olivera

“We know of known cases of child perpetrators, pedophiles so to speak. The literature is very clear that often when these people are caught—child molesters; let’s use that for example. A child molester is caught and on average these persons would have molested over twenty-five children. So it’s standard. You never catch a child molester when it is the first time or the first child. Actually, you catch them because they get too comfortable and it becomes routine and that’s where the mistake happens. Serial killers again, you don’t catch them when it is the first time. And I think you have see numbers up to twelve, twelve people that you have killed when you are caught. And this is my confession; them serving multiple life sentences and they share this. I have had the opportunity to look at some of these interviews in the process of going to school and we need to know that. So you never catch people when they just done that first especially where sexual crimes are being committed. It’s not the case and you know what it is not something you cure either.”

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12 Responses for “UB Professor says sex predators never caught on 1st offence”

  1. yo says:

    he dont even look like a belizean da ya he the do in belize he need fi dead as soon as he go to jail !@#$%^ with hour young teacher and doctor !@#$%^ predator killin fi we people something need fi get done make a exzample out of him ………….

  2. Islander says:

    Put a bullet in Bert Vasquez’s head and you will see that he will be instantly cured. He will never rape again!

  3. Jessica Montegrado says:

    100% on that islander. Guilty by public demand.

  4. the truth says:

    This Bert Vasquez will walk free…. I just know it… He a big free masonry… His lodge brothers wont leave him bk there

  5. alley cat says:

    Be real!! I hope this whole Bert Vasquez thing will make some Belizean men think! I am not comparing it but there is not much difference between and 13, 14, 15 and 16 year old girls. Many a man like talk about how they like 16 – 17 year old girls blah, blah, blah. It may be legal but I don’t think it is right for a old beggy ….. man pursue these little girls. In my mind not too much seperate you guys from Bert Vasquez…

  6. StzComments says:

    Yeap, our people dont no much about it, but Free Masons have great influence.

  7. now i see says:

    Yes, put a bullet and also to all that helped him. So many victims.

  8. Me says:

    Fermin , what are you talking about, this people like berth are borderlining people. with a tendendency to of obsessive and compulsive behavoir. This people are not smart people. Again the are borderliners. That does not make them insane, but yes crazy (dangerous) in a sense.
    And in relation to the judiciary system in this country , what a shame. On a daily basis this perps. walk free. lots of cases (court) are left for even years same as the merriam webster dictionary has for defininion for trail. Shame. we need people different of all that have stepped forward before. people leaders to draw belize out of this quiksands that prevois administrations have threathen our existence with. when we step forward i only hope people of belize give us a chance to sling this nation up to be a very fruitfull and enviable nation.

  9. impartial says:

    not in Belize maybe, in other parts of the world they do get caught

  10. RadicalBelizean says:

    I don’t know why so many people seem to this view that a free mason member is above the law, and that its likely that he’d walk free because he’s a member of this “secret society” is ludicrous. I must say it’s a view that is held worldwide.

    A criminal is a criminal. If one is guilty of such heinous crime he will go to prison and hopefully rot in hell. Yes, there may be some connections in high places as anyone else would have in an organisation such as the free mason, but the notion that they would let him go is nonsense.

    I agree 100% with Mr Olivera, and I hope this individual is investigated further. He seems to have a great loathing for women. I am sure there are many more victims out there and they should be encouraged to come forward.

  11. JUST SAYIN says:


  12. my opinion says:

    Hang him in public! make him an example to others.

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