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Jun 19, 2012

Police questioning suspect in relation to Jasmine Lowe

There appears to be a major break in the murder of thirteen year old Jasmine Lowe of Santa Elena, Cayo where police are preparing for the arraignment of a well-known Belize City man for her murder. The sensational arrest was made on Monday, two weeks after she was found dead near a farm in Cristo Rey. The shocking murder of the young girl sent shock waves throughout the country and in the west, where it hit home hard, the community has been agitating for an arrest. The arrest of the businessman came when he was caught with a minor in his vehicle and four others came forward alleging that he preyed on them. Jasmine’s mother also says she has identified her daughter’s ring, which was found in his car. Freelance reporter Duane Moody reports.


Duane Moody, Reporting

The residents of the Twin Towns of San Ignacio/Santa Elena gathered in front of the San Ignacio Police Station chanting for justice this morning. Police have apprehended a suspect in the murder of thirteen year old Jasmine Lowe. He is a well-known businessman that is no stranger to the courts. Jasmine’s mother, Marisol Lowe, says a ring belonging to Jasmine was found in his possession.


Marisol Lowe

Marisol Lowe, Mother of Jasmine Lowe

“When they told me that the man is there, I just felt like I want to see who is the guy.”


Duane Moody

“What have you heard has happened or who is he?”


Marisol Lowe

“The police haven’t told me really what’s happened but they tell me that they think it is the guy because they found the ring. And yes it is the ring because I went to see it yesterday; last night actually and it is the ring.”


Jasmine Lowe

Duane Moody

“And it was found in his possession?”


Marisol Lowe

“Yes it was found on him; on his bag and I know that it is the ring because it has six diamonds—five is real and one is not real—plus it was broken and I had it fixed for her because it was mine. I had it for nine years. But this is really hard. I just wish that there is justice.”


The detainee was nabbed around four p.m. on Monday with a minor in a remote area in Santa Elena in a police search for a missing teenager.


Alberto Palma

Alberto Palma, President, Bishop Martin neighborhood Watch Committee

“We received a report around two-thirty yesterday that a child was missing and so we got together and we came to the police station because we were ready to organize search parties and things like that; because we were not going to leave it for long. At the same time that that was going on, the police started going search all over the place and they say they encountered this car somewhere in a back road and that’s when they stopped and searched the car and they saw the guy with a little girl in the car. Some other little girls came forward and they identified and the car and they said that that was the car that was following them.”


Duane Moody

“Following them?”


Alberto Palma

“One little girl said that the car stopped and told her that he is lost and he is looking for a place and that he will pay her money to take her. And the little girl ran and told him no that she is going to school and that’s how she got away.”


Nathania Ochoa

Several minors claim they have been approached by the suspect in a grey in color Kia car.  Seventeen year old student of Sacred Heart High School, Nathania Ochoa, with consent from her mother, recounted her experience last Thursday, June fourteenth.


Nathania Ochoa, Victim of Attempt Kidnapping

“Two blocks away from Sacred Heart College, this car stop me and ask me if I dah from den yah areas and weh I gwen and if I go dah college—if I dah wah sixth former or a fourth former—a lot of personal questions. And ih ask me weh I gwen afterwards. And then ih mi di ask me fi show ahn this shop around the corner on Bullet Tree Road. And so I tell he that I can’t because I have to go to college and I have things to do. But he still mi di insist fi mek I get ina the vehicle with ahn and he said that it neva mi wha take long; that it would only take fifteen to twenty minutes and he could offer me thirty dollars for the amount of time. I tell him I can’t and no and thing. I think he get tired and thing and so he gone. Thinking he gone fi good, right before reaching heart again, I meet him again and he tell me that dehn yah people just text him and he di ask for Greedy’s cause he noh know weh part Greedy’s deh. So I tell he ih noh far from yah and I mi di give him directions. But then he said he really need mi help. And so I tell him, if you really need help, you could ask the young bwai weh di come behind me. And he said that he noh like deal with young bwai. So right there so, other things come to my head that maybe this dah something else and he noh really need help.”

Duane Moody

“What color vehicle was he in and did you recognize him?”


Nathania Ochoa

“Well I neva recognize him and I neva recognize ih vehicle. Ih vehicle dah mi wah lee silver four door vehicle; the glass very tinted and like dehn lee Toyota corolla like; dehn lee car.”


Duane Moody

“When you did go online, did you confirm that it was the same person that approached you?”


Nathania Ochoa

“Yeah it was him. Wah man weh mi deh deh from Greedy’s he do the searching and everything and he show me the picture of the person and dah mi he. As I see he, dah he dah mi di person and then when I see the vehicle dah station, I coulda mi recognize the vehicle too. So dah mi he right deh.”


Ernie Braun

But the residents are adamant that justice must be served. They have been outside the station from the onset of the investigation.


Ernie Braun, Cayo Resident

“But this is too much and the public says enough is enough so the public says don’t let anything happen now. We will be here and we want to let them know that we expect something to happen now.”


Duane Moody for News Five.


This Wednesday, there is a call for a protest when the businessman will be taken to court.

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72 Responses for “Police questioning suspect in relation to Jasmine Lowe”

  1. AJ says:

    picture on channel 7 news for last night print it an show the people. he needs to be hang

  2. Eye in the Sky says:

    So what business does he have and where is it located?

  3. Nicole says:

    He need to get a 160years plus life in jail

  4. GOTHGIRL says:

    they should castrate his perverted @$$ as he has been charged several times before we cant allow this monster to continue to rape and kill our children

  5. tony says:

    when this idiot goes to jail i hope bubba gives him what he deserves then heng him from his ……

  6. lino says:

    arrest the whole ring of little child molesters including his uncles, cousins, brothers and other people always preying on young girls

  7. janbee says:

    Need to put out his picture all around so that we can see who he is.The man is an animal he should not go jail should be hang .

  8. BIRD says:


  9. Belizean Pride says:

    i guess Dickey B. must be preparing docs. for the fight of freedom for this scum bag, as usual he is the only one that seems to have criminals walk free with our weak law in Belize. i mean lets face it how many times do we see him fight for them, instead, let him fight for the victim. on his same talk show he should be ask why is he doing it ? does it creates any remorse to him to see a criminal walk free same time he pockets $$$ and the victim ends being the one as a looser. this really sucks, seems criminal have more money to have access to hire him than we the poor.

  10. teresitapeck says:

    plz dnt let no more girls get murder or missing. plz police put the best lawyer and best police to beat the truth out of him he is distorying our country wit crime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! charge him wit every piece of evidence n DONT LET MONEY CONTROL U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Seletar says:

    I hope Chester Williams & Co. go by the book on this case — no slip-ups. Give one of our bleeding-heart judges, who favours the criminal and not the victims, a chance and you will see all the necessary evidence excluded from the trial. The lineup parade was unfair, the caution statement was coerced, and the ring was found in his car illegally. It’s hard to imagine any witness will develop amnesia or disappear in a case like this, but even that can happen if Vasquez’s money gets passed by somebody (who could that be?) to them.

    We need a fair trial, Jasmin needs justice, and Bert Vasquez needs hanging.

  12. Happy Princess says:

    Yuh wah fih we children all get rape and kill we need fih stap dis !@$$ and hang this man! Jasmine lowe was beautiful and deserved better he doesnt!

  13. Sweet Queen Bee says:

    There is too much going on in our country Belize. Our laws are nonsense because all sorts of crimes are committed and real justice isn’t served at all. Imagine all the mothers that shed tears and all the families that are now broken. Our Ministers and everyone in the top heir achy have to do better and deal with this ……… so hard. I love that Cayo is uniting together that is how PG should be too. I strongly say hang him and for those defensive lawyers stop protecting these criminals it can be your very own!!!!.

  14. The Voice says:

    Ok first of all let me just say, if you catch a criminal especially like this one, his face should be all over the news so we the people can beware of him, especially if they have kids. Anyone who is cruel enough to molest an innocent child should without question be sentence to life in jail without parole. The law needs to set the example let each and everyone one of us know how serious they are about this situation and this is the kind of punishment you receive if you were to commit such act.

    The Government, the law you are our leaders and our decision makers. Lead us in the right direction. Set the example and show the people of Belize why you are our leaders and why election day we vote for you. keep the people happy and safe and remember they are they reason why you are there. God bless our beloved country Belize and keep our people safe , especially our kids who are the future.
    The Voice

  15. buttafly says:

    bet yuh if da mi dikie daughta he mi wa di fight mek the friigin stupid man dead in jail but like its not he only d worry about his pocket dikie u nuh hve no kind a remorse i knw its ur job but u shud well knw which cases are woth fighting for i guess u shud help sink him in jail

  16. lily.lemos says:

    this man musi crazy. i wish he dead. he act like if he neva have daughters, if i mi have he close to me i mi wa treat a like i theat mi stupid dog when i no obay my. i beat a until she almost dead.

  17. Al says:

    Now that the police have the evidence to show that the little girl was in the car, I hope that they keep it safe and it does not come up missing. i also hope that they photograph of the car and of the evidence as it was discovered in the car. They also need to lift fingerprints from the car, I bet that little girls prints are in the car. How frightening for that child to know that she was about to die. This ……. should also be made to suffer the same fate. Sentence him to hang, let him feel what it is like to walk up the gallows steps, knowing that at the top of the stairs is the rope that in miniutes will snap the life out of his body. He needs to know the fear this child endured.

  18. Phillybelizean says:

    I say lets skin him like a pig cutting piece by piece let him feel a slow death telling him what he did an when reaching to d bone just brake it up.he does not belong on earth nir wasting tax payers money to feed him in gail nuff said mi say.

  19. miguel guerra says:

    put him in prison rape him so that he will feel the pain and then kill him. that guy doesn’t deserve to live. politicians are the problems in Belize, They bail out drug dealers from going to jail, just for money and their vote. The majority ot politicians in Belize are corrupted. They sell passport, they own island etc. But people has the fault also for elected them back and back and put them in office again. Every five years they should change government. See what happened in mexico with the PRI. The samething will happen in Belize, if you keep the government in power.

  20. miguel guerra says:

    politicians are the problem in Belize. They bail out drug dealers from jail. money talks in Belize. BELIZE is a very corrupted country, just like in mexico. The politicians are the drug dealers.

  21. miguel guerra says:

    politicians are the problem in Belize. They are very corrupted and made Belize just like Mexico. They bail out drug dealers from prison. Everything is money and politics. The people has the fault for electing the same people to office. They should change government every 5 years and stop the corruption.

  22. miguel guerra says:

    Belize newspaper are way behind on the news. I don’t waste my time on reading it, because everything they talk is about politics. that’s why Belize is a third world country.

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