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May 17, 2012

Brian Brown’s mom denies having contact since raid

Brian Brown

The Gang Suppression Unit searched the residence of Brian Brown, also known as Derrick on Wednesday.  The raid started at six a.m. at Jimmy Dyer Street on Faber’s Road and continued throughout the day. The GSU says it found several Ziploc plastic bags which contained compressed marijuana, suspected crack and cocaine, a bullet proof vest, ski masks and cash.  Brown was not home at the time of the raid which continued until close to six in the evening. The Gang Suppression Unit says all drugs were weighed and amounted to one thousand one hundred and twenty four grams of crack cocaine and seven hundred and sixty two grams of cannabis. According to the GSU the illicit substances were all sealed and labeled in the presence of a Justice of Peace. The unit also says that Brown’s mother who resides in an adjacent property said her son was not at home and that she contacted Brown by phone. There were some conflicting reports as to whether or not Brown was asked by his mother to turn himself in. She told News Five today that she has not heard from him prior to the incident and she is also upset that the GSU did not allow a family member to witness the search.

Voice of: Mother of Brian Brown

“I haven’t heard anything; I repeat, I haven’t heard anything from my son. Yesterday, the GSU dehn come ya, they broke open my son gate. They get in and they broke open the house and they get in. And I noh like the idea that Channel Five had me on the news and I didn’t get in touch with my son the whole time. I never had no interview at all with Channel Five.  So I really need fi mek they make a correction and apologize to me for that because I never had no conversation with my son; weh dehn di talk bout. ‘Bout how I call my son and he noh wah give himself in. They didn’t want to let us in. They were in and out—they go out, they come back and they bring bags and they did this and they did that. Even when they went for Channel Five, it was like minutes to five when they came with some news people. I had no, absolutely no talking with anybody.”


There is a warrant out for Brown, who is wanted to face drug trafficking charges.


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13 Responses for “Brian Brown’s mom denies having contact since raid”

  1. peach says:

    Mother in denial!!!!…its mothers like you who watch and know your sons are monsters but still try to defend them . Hope they find his a** quick or death might. God bless unuh mein!!!

  2. concerned says:

    I dont know why they making a big deal about this and all they will do is charge the man and let him out free and he will continue doing his badness… Belize Law sucks

  3. Sasha says:

    Mom, no one has to interview you while the raid was taking place, unless it was your property which unfortunately wasn’t in your possession. It is people like you that has the community in chaos because you know what your children are doing is wrong and still COVER UP FOR THEM.


    I cant stand mothers like her that defend their children when them know good and damn well what they are up to but they support them cause them lazy and them the get easy money fi them to…..Then them the try blame GSU now. GSU has their faults but this da common sense you could see weh the happen there

  5. CEO says:

    I agree fully Shasa! Too bad the law does not allow for mommy to be arrested too. Let me make a bet.: I bet he does not have a job that he goes to every morning?

  6. Islander says:

    Belize needs a law that arrests mothers that protect their hoodloom sons.

    NOW this makes sense GSU keep up the good work

  7. now i see says:

    I bet he was at his moms house. The G.S.U should rade the ma house too. I bet they will find interesting things there. Shame on you mother they should lock your @&& too.

  8. DEJA VU says:

    Dec 31, 2001

    Police look for Brown re: drugs, weapons

    “According to police reports, on Friday afternoon they searched Brown’s residence on Central American Boulevard. There they found a Mach-eleven machine gun, three magazines for the weapon containing forty-one bullets, plus another one hundred and one rounds of other ammunition. They also seized thirteen pounds of marijuana, sixteen grams of cocaine and fifty-nine grams of crack, along with scales and other paraphernalia believed to be used in the processing of powered cocaine into crack. Several people have been detained in the case and Brown is being sought for questioning.”

  9. Home bwia says:

    Listen to these hater!!!. So what if her son is bad.. that’s his choice.. Belizean people need to stop blaming the mothers for their childrens choices. He is a grown man, making grown decisions.

  10. are ramirez says:


  11. jose says:

    who are you all to be judging ahhhh,, when some of you are doing worst or your kids ahhh, no matter what but a mom will always be a mom and she is trying to get her in hand himself in to the police thats what i understan now am not show but let us stop judging ok because the end a the day sles a mom yes i am of the believe that she must sdvice her son to do the right thing who knows if she is doing that

  12. Mindunu business says:

    Haters, how much a unu live wid the ooman fu no e business. mek it were you all children. its not the lady who is bad, its her son. stop chastising the lady for her son’s actions. @Now I See, you are a fool, think first b4 casting your stupid comments. that would be the first place police would look for the son. Maybe they should lock you up for posting stupid comments like that.

  13. Vengeance says:

    One down hundreds to go. Cut off the head of the beast another one grows in it’s place but at least they got this one. I’ve got a lot of hate towards bullies, and that’s what these hoodlums are. BURN BROWN BURN!. How can his mom not know what he’s up to ?, she lives on the same property. She’s no fool, she just want’s you to think she is.

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