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May 15, 2012

Minor charged for killing one of 3 shooting victims

A minor has been charged for the May tenth murder of Leo Palacio Junior, who was fatally shot on Central American Boulevard. Two other persons were injured in the shooting; cyclist Byron Pope and a seventeen year old minor. The accused sixteen year old appeared in Family Court this afternoon and was read a single charge of murder. But his mother is convinced that the police have the wrong person because she says she was at home with her son when the murder took place. In fact, according to the mother someone else went to the house to tell them about the incident after it happened. The minor has been linked to the crime because police received reports that the shooter goes by the nickname “Fish”. His mother says, however, that he was never included in an identification parade and he has a friend who uses the same nickname. She spoke to News Five off camera about her son’s arrest.


Voice of: Mother of Accused Minor

“Dehn arrest fi wah murder weh happen Thursday night pan di boulevard weh three young man get shot. But at di time when di murder happen, my son mi deh home yah because all ah we mi inside ya di play cards and thing. Di Friday morning, di police dehn come and seh dehn come look fi “Fish”; dehn neva call ha by ih real name, dehn just seh Fish. So my son at di time he mi deh yah and thing so dehn handcuff ah and dehn ker ah. I di ask dehn why dehn ker ah and dehn seh fi wah murder weh happen last night and I tell dehn but den he mi deh yah last night. Dehn ker ah, dehn lock ah down from Friday and let ah go Sunday morning. when he di come home dah morning deh, he mi di run come home fi come bathe and thing. By di time he get yah dah because police done deh outside. Dehn come, dehn search ah again, dehn ransack my whole house; all eena di back room, eena di fridge, dehn deh everywhere and I noh know weh dehn mi di look fah. Dehn gone afta dat. Like coming onto Monday morning like after twelve dehn come again; dehn time deh he di sleep een yah. Dehn come and dehn ker ah again fi di same murder, dehn lock ah down. When I gone dah di station dehn tell me dehn di charge ah fi murder—fi di three person weh get shot but only one ah dehn dead and di two you know. So I noh know weh fi seh but my son neva do it. I noh just di teck up fi ah, ih neva do it cause dah time he deh right yah and dat hurt me because he neva even been to court yet. He only sixteen and he neva been to court, he not even got wah record. But somebody out deh di tell police dat dah he, di call fi he name; ih nickname. Dehn noh call fi he name, just ih nickname and dehn got lot ah people weh got dah nickname deh.”


Due to his age, the minor was remanded to the Wagner’s Facility at the Kolbe Foundation compound. He is due back in the Family Court on June twenty-seventh.

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7 Responses for “Minor charged for killing one of 3 shooting victims”

  1. superman says:

    another idiot mother covering up….

  2. Sasha says:

    Dope! you just can’t go by the name/aka, there has to be concrete evidence before you go into the process becuase the killer is running loose, checkout all the gangbangers/thieves first, they should be your main suspect.

  3. rose says:

    This is the thing that pisses me off! mothers sees no wrong in their child….. thats why our society is sooooooooo jacked up because mothers tollerated their child. MOTHERS STOP SWEARING FOR YOUR TEENAGERS SON! THESE GUYS PROBABLY CARRYING GUNS ,THE SIZE OF THEM

  4. Seletar says:

    Old enough to kill is old enough to hang.

  5. monz says:

    nicknames are all over the place indeed,many people have the same nick name..but i don’t have tolerance for murders,i have no brother died innocently playing basket ball while a idot came an open fire.not even hitting his target!!its sad..we are one people..we all are struggling.the time we are bring down each other,we cold be up lifting ourselevs.that’s why our county is how it is…F*** up!Mother’s need to stop be tolerant! imagine it was your son who got shot.R.I.P justin roches!

  6. belizeanpride says:

    TYPICAL MOTHER COMPLAIN AND EXCUSE, when will our sisters learn that when your son does wrong he deserves punishment for it. Overall they keep crying and later they’ll feel sorry for the cover up they do but karma is not sleeping, watch the guy in orange walk he walk free from the murder raps but he never run off from the hail of bullets shot at him, which mothers should keep in mind as a saying says “life is not a like a jar of cookies but a jar of jalapenios cause after you eat it, it will burn your arse later” meaning what you do today might haunt you back later.

  7. Katara says:

    By now we all know that the mother’s will cover up for their kids even for the cold blooded killas that they know have gunned down and kill someone. It’s a disgrace. These killas pay off their neighbors and community to shut up their mouths. Some times they even threaten them if they speak they die. The police knows exactly what’s going on but refuses to make a change because they are also trying to protect themselves and their families. The police know exactly who they should go after but some killas have connection with high up people in the government and are being protected. The government is paying the leaders of the gangs to keep the peace while the government is setting up the leaders of the gangs murder. We all need to be real with ourselves. Everyone is being shady. Everyone is acting as if they are honest and living right by the law when they are not. Thank God that Jesus died for all of us so that we can change our lives and turn from our wicked way and give our life to him. To Monz, your brother wasn’t innocent, he too hanged around cold blooded killas and was not at the wrong place and time, he too knew what was coming to him sooner or later. This is a saying that’s so true, “the type of people you hang around is who you are.” But may God bless his soul. It all narrows down to the choices we chose to make in this life. But the realistic part of these crimes in Belize is that the values and morals that were embedded in homes, schools and churches in Belize are no longer being taught. Young girls are fighting for their man and selling their bodies for money and clothes. Young boys are throwing their lives to the streets trying to be recognized and think that killing and proving themselves to their so call friends will make them feel like a man. The mothers are not taking care of their children because they are too busy trying to take care of their dead beat man. The fathers are too busy chasing the young girls and spending their money on things that are of the carnal world. I can go on and on. And I know whom ever reads this comment and operates from their true self knows that I’m keeping it REAL.
    May God bless Belize and hope brotherly and sisterly love can exist in Belize.

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