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Apr 24, 2012

Superintendent Alvan Gentle, a victim of politicians


There is mounting opposition in Cayo to the transfer of Commanding Officer of the San Ignacio Police. A citizens’ group wants to rescind the immediate and untimely” transfer of Superintendent Alvan Gentle. A press release was issued today by the group following an emergency meeting of the Peoples Coalition of Cayo, The JPs Association of San Ignacio and Santa Elena, the Business Community and general public on Monday night. The release states that “Superintendent Gentle’s policies of zero tolerance on crime and corruption, enforcement of all the laws equally and equitably, his endorsement and implementation of the “Broken Windows Theory”, mobilization of Community Policing and Neighborhood Watch Committees and his direction and discipline of officers are all felt to be reason for the recent decrease in crime.” The group says Gentle’s transfer is a result of his ‘intransigence to political meddling from politicians outside of the police’s ministry and chain of command. At the press conference on Monday, Minister of National Security, John Saldivar, was asked what’s behind Gentle’s transfer. Here’s what Saldivar said.


John Saldivar

John Saldivar, Minister of National Security

“With the new direction that the Ministry of National Security wants to take and in particular reference to the police department at this time we reserve the right at this time to look at our personnel; to deploy and to re-deploy as we see fit and so in the matter of Mister Gentle, it is within that context that we are looking at shifting our officers to suit the new direction that our department wants to go.”

The release went on to say that in the last five years, the Cayo Formation has changed six different O.C and they believe that the instability and inconsistency is contributing to the high levels of crime in the two municipalities. 

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19 Responses for “Superintendent Alvan Gentle, a victim of politicians”

  1. cayobway says:

    I am so disappointed in this dumba$$ minister of security, if this man is ddoing a good job in the area where he is stationed, and the people live that he is there, and most importantly if crime rate is down then why the hell does this mule see it fit to remove him, there comes a time when the majority should win over a few high connected folks. but apperently this jack$$$ is getting paid by these few.

  2. Charlie says:

    Dear Lord, I humbly pray for blessings upon Mr. Gentle, his family and his extended working family. Lord please guide the decision makers in their decision and please help us keep this humble servant in our town for him to continue doing your work that you have mandated him to do. In Jesus’ Name I pray..amen.

  3. john diver says:

    What does this lawyer saldivar know about what is good and what is not good for cayo recidents?i dont think saldivar knows how cayo looks,

  4. Bart says:

    This is exactly why the criminals feel free to perpetuate their crimes without any fear; The Department puts a man who has no tolerance for crimes and curruption and because we have some influential persons beeing affected they go and move a man who is lawfully excercizing his duty to protect the law abiding citizen. Well there goes another win for the criminals. This is a grimm reflection on the stance of the Ministry and the Minister and ultimately the Government…God save Belize!!

  5. Concerned Cop says:

    The Commissioner of Police is just a puppet. He has no say over our department which is ruled by the vindictive politicians. Whatever they say goes. Everything goes well once you dont interference with one of them. This has to stop, as no one is above the law. The jewel is in a mess because of politicians. This is what they have to stop, “stop interfering with the work of the police” and Belize will surely become safer.

  6. rasman says:

    DUMP Saldivar, what to expect from the nortorious lier. Cayo pipil stand strong

  7. concern Belizean says:

    Well it shows in what direction he wants the police department to go, the criminal side. IF you are moving an officer just because he is applying the law as it is then it means that all they care about is the criminals not the law abiding citizens that want the best for there community. This is not only happening in the police department its happening throughout the entire Government ministries. They are placing FO’s that don’t know 1+1 and CEO that don’t know what the ministry is all about.. Corruption!! Corruption!!! Corruption all to fit and please the ppl financing them. To hell with the citizens right Mr. Saldivar, I say keep Mr. Gentle in Cayo, keep up the Good work Mr. Gentle.

  8. WILD ROSE says:

    This is really sad to hear and echos loudly the reason why we are where we are today! Too much political interferance in every single thing. Instead of commending Mr. Gentle for the good job he is doing, he is now being punished so to speak; and then we wonder why we have so much demotivated, corrupt officers. The district of Cayo needs to come together and demonstrate strongly against this. The man is just doing his job, plain and simple; instead of encouraging the businesses to abide by the law; the politicians are saying to them its ok to break the law; we got your back. This is a sad, sad, sad state of affairs!

  9. Santa Elena Resident says:

    When something is working why try to fix it. If Mayor John August indirectly states that money is more important than the safety of the lives of San Ignacio/Santa Elena what can we expect from the politicians whose only interest is enriching themselves. This is what the Minister of National Security should address instead of fighting and insulting women over garnaches.

  10. R.I.O.T says:



  11. Louisville,Ky says:

    My fellow Belizeans, you have your answer right there as to a part of the reason why the country is in such a sad state of affairs as far as crime and violence is concerned.
    From all indications Officer Gentle seems to be doing a good job but in the process is stepping on some toes connected to high class society pipple.
    Those in authority need to understand that you cannot tell the less fortunate at the base of the pyramid, do as I say but not as I do. The result will be even more blood washing the streets of the Jewel and best believe; the streets of San Ignacio y Santa Elena are not immuned.
    Get real Mr. Minister and stop playing politics.

  12. red creek quen says:

    with d depature of mr gentel cayo gwen bad to police burtality and police actin like there gods ..its a shame to see all mr gentel good work go down the drain…

  13. mr gentle says:

    it is clear dat none of you posting all these alegations about politicians, know about politcs and politrics. its not the politicians who make themselves incompitent its the people who put a mental and phisycal strain on them thats the real cause of the problem.. i know people dat ask the minister to pay dare lite bills and if he dont day vexa than the world,, real simpletans.. if i was a politician evrybady woulda hate me ka i mi neva a go give no free moneys i mi wha mek dem work fu it yeah. ohh u want a dollar pikup dem garbage fu me dare pan the street then come fu u dalla. lone a dem wap ii mi wha gats fu dem..

  14. Orangewalkenio says:

    Ay our policemen, IF this man is as good as they are claiming he is…den kudos to him and to the people from the Cayo District who are supporting him…
    Here in OW is another matter. I kno policemen are corrupt and are always looking for a bribe. Its no secret. But it really irritates me when they try to take advantage of the ignorant and abuse their power. Here in Orange Walk, the policemen act as policemen and judge….They decide if they will take your statement or not…when in fact they should have no say if they should take it or not…once a civilian wants to give a statement, they should record it. For example, a friend of mine was in a small traffic accident. he was the victim. but because the policeman knew the other guy..they did not take his statement because they said he had the fault… they are not the judge…if we have a dispute..the police should record the statement and a court will decide who has the fault….another incident now..a friends property was repeatedly burglarized by some less dan nice people…so he made various reports to the police but nothing ever came out from dat(no surprise their) time, he caught one of the guys and beat up the guy….later in the day the police came to pick him up that a report was made that he aggravated someone…but if he wants…that could go aways…that he needs to drop his hand…he offered fifty…the policeman said that it was three of them so fifty was not enough…now, this man was who was burlarized had to pay an additional money..oh my..what to do….one more case: some policemen went to this popular little spot and told the shop attendant that a report was made of a suspicious vehicle in the area….they den proceeded to ask the shop attendant for a beer and they will pay it tomorrow..they took three rounds of beer…you might say why give them…the thing is…if you dont give dem, then they target you and want to harass your patrons….ay my policemen…what to do….n plz dont tell me to go to internal affairs…lost hope..

    when will our police officers meet with courtesy at a checkpoint….genuinely bid us the time of the day before they demand documents…
    when will we run to the police to feel safe…
    when will we run to the police for justice….

    but let us not put all of them in the same bag cuz some of them are very nice and good….one time one of them pleasantly reminded me that my insurance was soon goin to expire…i was pleasantly surprised…

  15. Jessejames says:

    I know mr Gentle for many yrs and this man is no play. He runs by the rules. He do not tolerate COW$#!%….so if mr Saldivar wants to do something good for Cayo ….leave Alvan Gentle there.

  16. CEO says:

    The government can continue to the police training academy but as soon as the laws change to allow each town starts to employ there own police officers the better off we will all be. There is always political involvement in every acpect of Belizean life and this is bad.

  17. Elgin Martinez says:

    Alvan Gentle is more qualified than John Saldivar on National Security issues.Mr Gentle has served as an Officer in the BDF.What has Saldivar done?”$#!%”

  18. Storm says:

    Don’t replace him, CLONE HIM! Every city and town in Belize needs a “by the book” police leader.

    They say in New York City, where police adopted the same zero-tolerance, “Broken Windows” policy, murders dropped from over 2,000 per year to less than 400 per year, almost overnight!

    wouldn’t that be nice to achieve similar results in the Jewel? Police are supposed to “protect and serve” all Belizeans, not just the political class and their cronies.

  19. now i see says:

    To Orange Walkenio. Thats a good story but no feel bad because that the happen all over the Country. I dont know what happen to the good police. Now they are very lazy and with not much education. We the people made them that way NO GIVE THEM NOTHING its their job to make reports. Just take their photo and call chanel 5 news. Make sure you have their number.

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