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Apr 12, 2012

Taylor’s Alley residents say government apology falls short

The Ministry of National Security issued a rare apology Wednesday to the gang members of Taylor’s Alley who were badly beaten and injured by the Gang Suppression Unit during a raid on March twenty-first. The findings of an inquiry determined that the GSU and police had used excessive and unjustifiable force against Taylor’s Alley. In the wake of the assault the taskforce came under intense scrutiny from the public.  Several residents including infamous street figure Arthur Young and Tulio Caceres, believed to be associated with the Taylor’s Alley gang, received varying degrees of injury when the raid was carried out.  Caceres, whose jaw had to be wired shut, told News Five today that the apology issued by the government was depersonalized since it was addressed to the media and not the actual victims.  Furthermore, he says that no efforts have been made to address the medical expenses they have had to incur as a result of the beat down.


Isani Cayetano

“As a resident of this neighborhood you were one of those who were harassed and beaten up by the Gang Suppression Unit a few weeks ago.  Begin by explaining to us the extent of the injuries you received that night.”


Tulio Caceres

Tulio Caceres

“Well da night deh when di man dehn cohn, di man dehn really cohn thru you know like no sense.  [Dehn] just wahn bruk up people.  Di man dehn end up di mash up my ankle.  My ankle still noh get betta and thing yet yo geh di sense.  I still di limp up.  cut to weh I mi haffi gaan tend to.  I mih gah wah fractured shoulder to same way weh I still cyan’t really do no strength pan dis hand dehn kinda way.  Then my jaw da mi di main part though.  I tek out my wires dehn before di time, my wires dehn weh fu hold down my jaw but I gah wah pin eena my jaw unda my chin yo check.”


Isani Cayetano

“The Ministry [of National Security] has taken a step in trying to mend fences, so to speak, by apologizing but it would seem as though it’s a bit impersonal seeing as though they didn’t come here and asked for Tulio Caceres to say, “ you know what, on behalf of the Gang Suppression Unit we offer our sincere apology.”  They just issued a press release to the media and that’s how you found out about it.  Do you think that that is enough of a step?”


Tulio Caceres

“Like I woulda say, we noh even know that that mi di happen that dehn ah apologize dehn kinda way.  Dah when we di watch news last night [da when we find out] even me surprised but like weh you say too, I noh know da weh dehn di do if that da just dehn strategy fi mek dehn crash it ahn mek ih noh go no further but I still wahn hyah from di ombuds-people dehn to mein cause I think dis need fi goh further too cause dehn gah we di do fu we own lee expense.  Like weh I tell yoh nobody no cohn gi we wah lee hands out ahn say dehn wah help we out wih lee bills ahn wih lee thing weh wih di go pay medical wise you know.”


Isani Cayetano

“Do you believe that because you’re not completely satisfied with what they have done that you would pursue further action in terms of taking them to court or trying to sue for whatever damages?”


Tulio Caceres

“Well I noh wah say yes, I noh wah say no but from di further date yes I wahn I go further because dehn bally no di extent ah di damage weh dehn do too mein, you know, all ah we da human.  Watch how small me and wah three hundred pound man just kick me eena my jaw.”

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19 Responses for “Taylor’s Alley residents say government apology falls short”

  1. Storm says:

    How many good Belizeans have been victimized by the Taylor’s Alley vermin?

    I have NO sympathy for the rough handling the thugs might have received. They’ve earned it many times over.

    I say, keep going, GSU, and put the hammer down! Make the gangsters squeal.

  2. beachman says:

    Rarely does any gov apoligize. I’ve NEVER heard gang bangers apoligize for notin!

  3. wayne says:

    stop whining and playing the innocent, idiot !

  4. Messed up says:

    The PM meets with the gangbangers’ demands by giving them jobs, houses, and security while they terrorize our streets, and homes! Now, the Minister of Security is apologizing to them . Isn’t it amazing that despite the so called abuse by the GSU, their “trigger fingers ” are still intact!

  5. The Truth says:

    Apology? They should go back there and kick their @$$ ALL over again.

  6. Stephen says:

    What happen to the many Belizean they kill and hold hostage that they do not want to go and shop in Belize City. We all need to look at this differently and stop playing politics. Somebody have to do it and finish with it and the only person or body is under John Saldiver leadership. We need to let them do their job ( GSU ) and shut them off. Will there be another 800 thousand dollars plus payout again, another attorney get shot, more children get shot or do we really want to see them stop and do something positive. The media, politicians, and Human Rights group are a BIG JOKE TO BELIZE stop playing with our future. ONLY CRIMINALS COMPLAIN ABOUT POLICE, if you are a law abiding citizen no police will target you. Their job is to interfere into criminals lives and shut them down by any means necessary especially those that are killing no negotiations with local terrorist.

  7. alley cat says:

    Big problem, why would our Government apologize? These guys just drop down a notch makes no sense…

  8. Elgin Martinez says:

    The GOB is a joke.

  9. Sports Fan says:

    There’s only one thing the GSU did not do (don’t need to say it), but apologizing to these criminals is no solution to our problems.
    Hey, i got robbed in the area some time ago, and i didn’t get an apology!!!! how sad…
    Congrats GSU, and continue the good work, don’t pay mind to the apology from National Security.

  10. belizeanpride says:

    I’d say it’s a payback on behalf of all the victims, the GSU has given these gangsters, so uno tek it like man now. when uno do dis to wi, wi noh expect no apology so uno tek it like man idiots. Thanks GSU for the payback we all Belizeans can’t do.

  11. jose says:

    i got rob too in that area but they are ways to deal with the probleam, I DONT SUPPORT CRIMINALY ACTIVITY ON BEHALF OF THE GANGS NOR THE GSU THEY ARE WAYS TO DEAL WITH IT

  12. alley cat says:

    Great point! Every time one of these guys beat a case or gets off on a charge the DPP and Police Dept. needs to apologize to the law abiding public.

  13. sim says:

    they want apology did any of the gang members come forward and apologies to any of the many families who fall victim to them. Why anything in Belize that would make a positive change become a major problem. Gang members go out they rob, steal and kill and yet at the end of the day they claim innocent, they should always remember you REAP WHAT YOU SOW.

  14. Joe says:

    GOV should never apologize!!!!! – OOOOPPSSS – Or are they sorry because they could not bloody pay the gangs their monthly monies (gangs are being paid on a monthly basis) — aha – encouraging more gangs — FOOLS

  15. CEO says:

    I do not agge that anyones civil and human rights should be violated but instead of complaining about the apology the government extended go and try to clean up the alley and encourage the rest to be better citizens.

    The cops came there because there are lots of illegal activities going on in the area and I have reason to believe that he is part of the problem.

  16. drose flowers says:



  17. frustrated says:

    who is responsible to clean up the man fence that is littered with the gang signs and messages, who should pay for that, that is damage to private property, who is looking out for the homeowners rights. who apologizes to her for damaging and defacing her property.

  18. real says:

    apology from Minister of National Security had to be done,after all the Prime Minister is paying the GANGS….what you expect from the Government,they are GANGSTERS themselves!!!!

  19. JahKid says:

    GSU was too soft pan dem …… Min Saldivar you should big up the GSU. When dem criminals ketch you pan dem stinking alleys dem worst dan GSU. GSU job poorly done, you should have dem not even able to talk.

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