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Apr 11, 2012

Ministry of National Security apologizes to Taylor’s Alley residents

The Taylor’s Alley incident in which gang members claimed that they were the object of brutality by the Gang Suppression Unit and members of the Police Force took place on March twenty-first. The incident threatened the fragility of the gang truce and a Commission of Inquiry was set up comprising former Commissioner of Police, Hughington Williams, a Rep from the Ombudsman office, Ian Gray, and the Chairperson for the Independent Complaints Commission, Donelle Hawke. The commissioners were tasked to conclude a report in seven days. Well, the findings of that report were completed on April fourth and the commissioners found that the behavior of the police officers was excessive and unjustifiable on the Taylor’s Alley residents. The Ministry of National Security this evening issued a release saying that while the team is mindful that there may be occasions for the use of force, in the instance of Taylor’s Alley, it was not required. According to the release, the following steps will be taken: All ground commanders and individuals who used excessive force will be removed from their units, training will be provided for members of the specialized units and a thorough review of the criteria of members will be carried out. The Ministry concludes its release with an apology to the residents of Taylor’s Alley for the behavior of the officers. As a result of that report, it is known that a number of GSU officers will be transferred to the districts. In fact, we have confirmed that two officers will be relocated. One of them has been notified that he will be deployed to the Cayo District.

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24 Responses for “Ministry of National Security apologizes to Taylor’s Alley residents”

  1. Alice says:

    this is bs..when in the world have GOC apologized to criminals??? is the minister of National security out of his the Dean Barrow administration blind??? SINCE WHEN do GOB apologizes to criminals?? WTF???? Belize is the only country that negotiates with them..these same ppl who go bout belize city killing, shooting, rob innocent civilians….wat is wrong with this government… it seems that the GANGS run this country…instead of victimizing ur own police officers u shud put those same resources to solve the so many murders occuring in the city. u really think that by transferring these police officers things will get better?? now i understand why Police turn to be a criminal or corrupted, their own GOB back stab them. These police officers are getting transferred not based on corruption, bribery, lazyness..they are transferred because they were doing their job… pity for this criminals which have caused so many pain to innocent ppl…DEAN BARROW AND HIS GOB DOEN STARTED WITH THEIR !@$$

  2. OriginalWoman says:

    Unbelievable…..Gang members in Belize makes truce with the GOB yet, sooo many people continue to be killed by gun violence. Gang members complain, some sue the GOB over excessive force from GSU. The GOB apologies for GSU’s “EXCESSIVENESS” and removed those GSUs involved from their unit. What a nice way on the GOB’s part to show support. But whom are they supporting??? Definitely NOT their own, not giving GSUs any support. This story is so UPSIDE DOWN!!! If this continues, we eventually won’t have any GSU left!!! It will be every man for themselves…..Very sad state of affairs in Belize.

  3. Roygel Sabal says:

    I was not surprised to learn that the government of Belize would stood that low to apologize to members of Taylors alley.Everyone knows that nothing good comes out of taylors alley,and since when that u as a police officer or members of the police department has to let any community know when ur coming to conduct a search.Knowing the criminal elemts that comes out of taylors alley u can’t expect anything good.Knowhere in the world do u hear about the government making agreements with criminal elements,u hear about solutions,it leaves me to believe that even those that were hired to represent the people of Belize that r in the Ministry r out of touch with whats going on in that country of mine.Its a shame,and i think the government needs to stay out of the police departments business,hence the reason y i think u the ministry appointed qualified people from within the police Department,but then again in the Police department its all about who u know and who knows u,and its not only in the police department its as long as ur working for the government of Belize,The govrnment needs to stop micro managing.

  4. now i see says:

    Yes, send them to the districts to abuse their power we no have gangs here only wannabes gangs in Corozal. And what will they say? Call you in advanse and tell you that they will raid your house? Or maybe, on the streets” excuse me sir can i please search you to see if you have any gun or drugs?.THEY ARE CRIMINALS AND THEY DESERVE TO BE TREATED LIKE ONE.

  5. Disgusted says:

    Just a shame to see our government apologize to criminals! Heck the truce is serving it’s purpose, innocent people being robbed and killed everyday. GOB looking after their own @$$.

  6. WTF says:

    the tail wagging the dog, only in Belize, what a shame!! why did they not apologize to the Central American immigrants that were thrown out of their houses at four in the morning with children on Chetumal Street sxtension., racist government, racist ministers

  7. germany says:

    Hey u people in here who is writeing there coment are all stupid. The hold thing is that the officers didnt act like police officers they ackted like annimals thats the hold story. We are speaking of people not annimals u fools.Let it happend to u then u would have seen it the other way so wake up fools.

  8. Lando says:

    Let the GSU do thier job, thats what they are there for… the hundreds of thousands being given to the gangs is an outright shame. its like paying the thief to come to your house or paying the murderer to kill one of your own. instead take that money and invest it to build the country and the people. let the people work and earn that money so they value themselves instead of being lazy thugs getting free handouts and still robbing and killin for more..

  9. Christian says:

    Shame on you all. The fact is that although it is unlawful to murder, rob and threaten innocent civilians, the Police Officers are guilty of using excessive force which is also illegal. To have you ignorant one understand that the guns provided to these gangs are provided by GSU themselves and other police would seem far fetched. Police goes to George Street takes away guns and drugs and does not declare it goes to Taylor’s Alley or Ghost town sells them and arms the Gangs so they can go buy beer. As the ones who should be setting the example, harsher disciplinary measures need to be implemented. Congrats to the Ministry of National Security for doing the right thing. Hmmm

  10. Swamp Dragon says:

    Yeah look at this response! Let us all apologize and not shake the fragility of a gang truce. What a joke Barrow. This “gang truce” will haunt you until your final days. What a foolish, ignorant approach to crime. So we are to let these thugs and murderers and rapists, and pedophiles, have their “truce” or else! This is no way to govern and it is making things worse. Barrow you are an egotistical fool. Your govt is inept! You have made no strides toward public safety. Let us all take a look at the statistics. Is murder down significantly? Rape? Robberies? No it continues. Only now certain individuals have been granted immunity so long as they keep their heads down and do not flaunt their ways. Shameful govt policy that is endangering the City residents. Just like New Orleans after hurricane Katrina, the BDF and GSU must be able operate with less limitations. The rights of these people must not prevent the work from being done. This truce is BS and it only serves Barrow and the gangs. We should be taking over the capitol and camped on Barrow’s lawn until things move in the right direction. He is counting the days before he is out of office and living in Miami, Savannah, or some other US city. Throw the bums out!

  11. CEO says:

    A big move that is a good one. Police officwers are or should behave like professionals and should not behave like criminlas when enforcing the law else they would be no different from the common criminals they are trying to subject under the law.

    This is a move that will bring respect to the police and in the long run make their jobs safer.

  12. Elgin Martinez says:

    Has the Ministry of National Security apologized to the families of the victims that lost their lives over the Easter Holiday as a result of these heinous crimes that are committed by these so called Gang?

  13. Blackberry says:

    GOB should use the GSU to strengthend our borders. Zeta gang of mexico and Guatemala gangs have join forces and Belize is the safe haven. imagine the US news headline—— Belize is safe haven for gangs.

  14. PG Man says:

    The only way i can see this working, is that if the criminals start calling the people first and telling them i am coming to rob, murder or shot you first. then we can have the police call them and tell them that they are coming to raid them…

  15. Gilda says:

    Hey guys, come on, try not to look at your own perspectives… Remember the Government is to protect all it’s citizen, the criminals included. In the book of Romans, God gave us the prescription on what we should be doing concerning our elected officials in government…. The law was given by Moses( from God ) on how to deal with criminals, and lawlessness…So to sum it , up, we think we know better than God, this is why we are in the situation we are today.. Like in the book of Judges, everybody do what they think is right in their own eyes, hence we are dealing with the consequences… All of us we have opinions, like noses , and perspectives, instead of going to the manual for life…. He is The Way, The truth, and Life…. Not A way, my truth or my life…

  16. Gilda says:

    Biased!!!! I am done with you guys… God Blessed…

  17. jose says:

    Thats a great move GOB to move those police officers who abuse there power if the law is there to be up held then who are the GSU to say to hell with the law no way thats a good move next, ou dont fight crime with crime no wat thsts bs

  18. jose says:

    ! ! !— are these fools blind to see whats the GSU are doing runing up people house like crazy beating up people no no no that wont work you fight crime with intelingent and certian tactic and its not that the GOB are been held hostage no way look up the word tactic fools I discuss bloody fools like you all who are soppurting the cruel unjust act of the GSU ok

  19. jose says:


  20. jose says:


  21. rose says:

    There goes our beautiful country! Gang members run this. We all knew why the gov apologises because their are scared for their lives. Who wouldnt? I know iam everyday.

  22. Islander says:

    We are digging our own graves!!!!

  23. Rajhinn says:

    Each of those “victims” has committed acts in the past that warranted the death penalty. They should consider themselves lucky that all they have received for their deeds are a few scratches and bruises. If they feel as though they were treated like animals it is simply because they have conducted and continue to conduct themselves in that manner. Even in their interviews they put forward themselves as forces to be reckoned with on the streets. While they publicly threaten members of the armed forces and their families, the government apologizes to them. It is obvious that in the eyes of the government, the criminal vote counts more than the tears of the innocent. A failed Commissioner, an unknown and a half-baked attorney – all fooled by the Taylor’s Alley actors. They should release their report and have people with sense have a look at it. GSU, do what you do, without fear or favor. If they slip, let them slide.

  24. Officer says:

    How can the Minister of Police and Safety apologize to Criminal!!! How could he stoop so low to those CRIMINALS, as an Law Enforce officer what would happen to me and my co workers! So u mean to say that the Minister of Police and Safety, Hon. John Saldivar and Rt. Hon. Dean Oliver Barrow are out of their mind! They must the smoke ***ing !@#$%!

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