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Apr 10, 2012

Camalote man and his teenage girlfriend injured in machete attack

A Camalote resident and his teenage girlfriend were violently attacked on Friday night. The machete man created a distraction to get Kenroy Chacon outside the house while he made his way inside and chopped the young girl multiple times. In his attempt to rescue his girlfriend, Chacon was chopped twice and managed to pry the machete out of the hands of the assailant shortly before he escaped. They both survived the attack, but the young girl remains hospitalized. News Five’s Andrea Polanco reports.


Andrea Polanco, Reporting

Around ten p.m. on Good Friday night, twenty three year old Kenroy Chacon discovered a man armed with a machete, chopping his sixteen year old girlfriend. The man entered through an open window:


Voice of: Kenroy Chacon, Chopping Victim

“We were at home lying down in our bed, sit down talking when I hear someone come and knock on the front door and I went and open the door and there was no one there and I walk behind the house and saw no one. Then I asked, ‘who the ‘f’ playing around my house,’ and I heard the girl screaming and when I went back in the house I saw a masked man just chopping up her.”


Chacon intervened and was chopped twice but not before hacking Espat more than four times to the head. It is almost four days later and the blood trail from the attack is still visible inside the house:


Voice of: Kenroy Chacon

“I went to rescue her but then he injured me and chop me to my hand. I push him away from the girl and I haul her so she can run and then he give me a chop in my back and me and him wrestle for the machete until I reach behind my brother house. We wrestled until I managed to take away the machete and he ran away when my brother came out to help me.”


Andrea Polanco

“How many chop wounds did she receive and to what parts of the body?”


Voice of: Kenroy Chacon

“She received about five to six in her head, one on each arm, one on her elbow, one on her wrist, between her toe and on her cheeks of her butt.”


And it’s possible that they might have been set on fire. Celestina Chacon, Kenroy’s mother, says that after the incident, they discovered a bottle of gasoline under the house. They remain fearful that the machete wielding assailant might strike again:


Voice of: Celestina Chacon, Mother of Kenroy Chacon

“Half a gallon of gasoline set under the house where the gas tank was in the house and under the flooring; half gallon of gasoline. The police come and we show ah.”


Andrea Polanco

“Do you believe that this was set here by this man that attacked your son and your girlfriend?”


Voice of: Celestina Chacon

“Well, I nuh know how the gasoline get deh because we nuh had gas yuh understand suh we only the figure he more or less bring it deh because we nuh si ah bring it yuh know. Only that we could she.”


Andrea Polanco

“Do you think that maybe they would’ve started a fire or set the house on fire?”


Voice of: Celestina Chacon

“Well maybe if my son neva open the door deh mi wah set the house on fire if dah bring the gas  because maybe dat dah mi fi deh intention if he neva open the door.”


Andrea Polanco

“Do you as his mother fear that this person may come back and try to harm your son and his girlfriend again?”


Voice of: Celestina Chacon

“Well I fraid ah the man and I have that feeling like he would ah want come back again you know. And then we nuh know, maybe the man could ah di walk and watch wi and we nuh know who dah who.”


Chacon says he has no idea what caused the attack. He believes his girlfriend was the target:


Andrea Polanco

“Do you know if this man was there maybe to attack you, or was it for your girlfriend? What do you know? What do you understand at this moment?”


Voice of: Kenroy Chacon

“That’s the question I am asking myself right now because I don’t have enemy with no one because if it was for me he would’ve attacked me when I opened the door so must be for her.”


Andrea Polanco

“And she didn’t tell you if she had problems with anybody? Did any boy threaten her or anything like that?”


Voice of: Kenroy Chacon

“No, nothing like that. I just get to know her bout two weeks now; nothing like that she told me bout.”


Reporting for News Five, I’m Andrea Polanco.


No one has been detained in connection with this incident. The family is asking anyone with information to call the nearest police station.

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7 Responses for “Camalote man and his teenage girlfriend injured in machete attack”

  1. WILD ROSE says:

    I am sorry to learn that these two persons were injured in such a malicious way but from the story it seems to me like a crime of passion; fueled by jeleousy! The young man himself in the interview said that he only knows the girl for two weeks now…HELLO! She needs to talk; maybe an ex-boyfriend?

    Even though this is a sad story…the song “Take time to know her” comes to mind; it’s been two weeks and she already moved in????????????

  2. Steel says:

    Lets stray a little bit. He is so going to get charged for being with a minor. Guess thats why he appeared off camera..

  3. Papsi Buns says:

    she is 16 and legal .I believe they were doing more than talking in that bed. this might have fueled the jelous party . 16 and already in man bed , so sad !

  4. daisy says:

    well i believe that the machete man had no right to attach those two people because he was jealous but when you look at it like i look at it all were wrong the young girl should not be there in the first place and the machete man shouldn’t have chopped them up and kenroy shouldn’t be with a minor.

    this is a case which happens very often now-a-days but not like this incident and i believe that its the parents fault because the see what the parents do and they do it them selves
    and for the parents they should pay more attention to their children .

  5. Brutally Honest says:

    That girl knows exactly who did it!!! When you are bad, bad things happen to you as well!

  6. judge noone! says:

    never watch the speck in ur brother’s eye when u have a log in your own! u all are talking when some of u do worst but just wanna judge. dont throw stones if u live in glass house

  7. unknown says:

    the parents were not aware and were recovering from a tragic accident that happened just a month and a half before both parents got seriously injured as well as their youngest child. and yes i agree she should not have been there and its sad to say but it was a likely tragedy

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