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Mar 16, 2012

Mark Espat to renegotiate Superbond

Mark Espat

Speculation was aplenty before the March seventh elections that former Area Representative, Mark Espat, was involved with the U.D.P. campaign and in the Albert Division U.D.P. machinery. The reports suggested that if the governing party was re-elected he would have been given a senior appointment in the Barrow Administration. This morning another media house reported that Espat had been offered a key government position on financing. Espat met with the Prime Minister today and sealed the deal. He has agreed to be the point man in the re-negotiation of the five hundred and sixty-five million dollar super bond which is a consolidation of loans that he negotiated in the past administration and became known as the super bond. The team will include Minister Godwin Hulse, the financial secretary Joe Waight and financial advisor Allan Slusher.

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24 Responses for “Mark Espat to renegotiate Superbond”

  1. Storm says:

    Good luck to them — and to the Jewel!

    Whether our children will have a chance to enjoy prosperity depends a lot on the result of their efforts.

    I hope we learn a lesson from this — there is no free lunch, and what we borrow and spend today, will be a stone around our children’s necks tomorrow, and for much of their lives.

    Belize really needs to become a friendly place for foreign investment, where all entrepreneurs compete fairly on a level playing field. No special deals or monopolies for anybody!

  2. Rod says:

    What a traitor to his party and his people you are a disgrace dirty brothers.

  3. Jeeboo says:

    I don’t think this process will be a walk in the park, but Barrow chose Mark for a reason. Good luck!!!

  4. wise1 says:


  5. lino says:

    Good job-if PUP don’t want his talent-why not make UDp take it and benefit?
    PUPs must be turning blue.

  6. me says:

    This all explains why he refused the leadership of the PUP. This all explains why he and cordel stepped down just before elections. BIG SELL OUT. Now its payday time and he collecting big time. tHEY QUIETLY PUT A GOOD ONE ON THEIR OWN PARTY, HIM AND CORDEL. Look out for a high position for cordel hyde as well. Makes me really believe now that you cant trust the .. “is he lebanese?” I had a hunch there was something in the coffers for him and cordel why they stepped down at the eleventh hour, maybe influenced by the fence. GOOD THING THEY “RETIRED” FROM POLITICS. OR HAVE THEY? WOULDN’T BE SURPRISING IF THEY NOW CHANGE THEIR COLOR TO RED. SO MUCH FOR “PROFESSIONAL”. LOOK OUT FOR THEM REAPPEARING UNDER THE RED BANNER. !!!!!TRAITORSSSS!!!!!. BUT CANT EXPECT BETTER FROM THEM CAUSE THATS WHAT THEY NOW MAKE ME TO BELIEVE OF THEM. I WAS LOOKING UP TO HIM TO LEAD “HIS PARTY” NOW I UNDERSTAND WHY. THE PICTURE IS SOOOO CLEAAARRRRRR. ENJOY WHILE IT LASTS MARKIE N CORDELLLLLLLL…

  7. BelizeaninAsia says:

    It’s all about the bejamins. That’s how it is and how it will always be. When will we learn never to trust dirty politicians???

  8. RIP says:

    midday execution in other countries for a man like this.

  9. bETTA bELIZE says:

    About time someone put the country first. Let’s go Belize
    He is doing the right thing for Belize I hope this is the future Of Government In Belize.
    Use all the skills available in Belize No matter what party. There is alot of others that can step up too, but pride and Greed make them sit on there hand till eh get numb.
    Together we can take over the world

  10. Robert White says:

    His timing is perfect. To paraphrase Democratic Political Strategist James Carville: Mark’s endorsement of the UDP comes right around the anniversary of the time when Judas sold out for thirty pieces of silver.
    Too bad for him. He thought the PUP would implode on election day and he would return to take over the reigns of the party. He is fortunate that the PUP were robbed of victory by election fraud in Cayo. Otherwise he would have been left with nothing other than what he got “otherwise”. The party performing outstandingly ends any chance of him returning. Good riddance Judas.

  11. Eye In The Sky says:

    The PUP got shyned by Mark again!

  12. Retired CEO says:

    wen fish cum fram riva bottom an tell u aligetta hav belly ache, belive ahn. if da no so da naily so!
    Clearly, rumor mill stated that this traitor was working coherently with the udp b4 the election, working to keep the pup from winning albert division. is this true or false? correct or incorrect? figure it out fi u self Belize.

  13. The queen says:

    Well d PUP didn’t have 3 million to give Mark Espat, so he took the 2 million from Dean Barrow! Yes Judas was a traitor with a kiss and 30 pieces of silver, mark and Cordel did the same. Where is the integrity, honesty, telling on Musa and Fonseca like little children . Now I see and understand, because they didn’t get the piece of the pie from Musa they squealed . Now who is going to pay the millions given to these men? We better gear up for higher taxes. Is their no one competent enough in the Barrow administration who coud have done the same job or a better one? Are all UDP’s dumb?

  14. radicalthinkingYouth says:

    Country before party, but beware the politricking. The negotiation of the superbond, or the consolidation of debt is a common financial mechanism for entities/individuals wary of insolvency, and it’s not such a strange and evil monster that everyone makes it out to be. Remember that what Belize is today as we know it (highways, by-ways, buildings, schools, hospitals etc) is the product of only 30 years of independence. Not so bad if you ask me, not to mention the countless Belizeans who have benefited from education financing and absconded the country. All these things impacted our economy one way or the other, and it amounts to some 2 billion dollars. The future of Belize was never tied to that superbond, and still isn’t; it’s tied to the willingness of its people to invest in its growth!! So before we make Mark Espat (and the UDP) into some kind of national hero, let’s first make sure we eactually have a problem that calls for superman…..and the superbond aint that.

  15. Justice says:

    Mark.. Judas, same thing. No repect due to this traitor. Thought he was of better stuff but now I agree wiuth Queen, he is Baroow’s latest mistress!. Anyway nothing last forever!

  16. Charlie Price says:


  17. impartial says:

    It is indeed sad to read the small-minded people that can only thibk in party colors… MArk is one of the few brains availbale for public service… who else could do it? Boots? Clear the Land?
    The man was chosen because his capacity and whatever he achieves will be for the good of the country… emancipate yourselves from mental slavery! Belize is much more that red or blue!

  18. Santa Elena Resident says:

    I’ve always had great respect and admiration for Mark and Cordel. If Mark believes he can serve the country better by taking up this post, then I’m with him all the way. In the end if things work out then it is the country that will benefit.

  19. Think-Aoubt-It says:

    Impartial and others, don’t be so naive. Think about it! The terms of the Superbond have not changed, they are the same they were when the UDP took power in 2008. If we were going to have a nation-breaking problem paying in 2012, they should have known this in 2008, after all they were elected to govern and that includes medium-term fiscal planning! So I ask again as I have been asking for a month, if the bond was supposedly such a critical problem, why wasn’t it tackled during the last 4 years rather than a month before an election? And if Mark Espat is such a genius then it is worth remembering that HE helped structure the superbond in 2007, and again, its terms haven’t changed since then. Therefore it would be HIS superbond that is causing such a supposed crisis in Belize…gimme a break! He can’t both be a moron in 2007 and a hero-cum-genius in 2012.

  20. Robert says:

    I admired that man, now I see him as a traitor, traitor, thousand times traitor,I will remove him from my facebook contacts.

  21. Noelia says:

    I think of the people living in Belize and of the future of their children, I feel a rush of blood through my veins…when will belizeans step up?. Politicians are stealing the food right off their table, taking all for their self serving agendas….but then again they have to money to fight, demonstrate, make a change since people are still surviving on $80 a week. I read about the titanium dioxide that Vernon ( vermin) Cuthkelvin is importing maybe they plan to kill the rats (if you know who I mean) with it. I think we have a lot of lead in our system from the crap food imported from china. I think too many people in belize are dieing from cancer as is or maybe just maybe they want to use it to whiten their souls or maybe whiten himself with it.

  22. JUST SAYIN says:

    I think Mark is a bright ambitous person, after reading these comments on here It reminds us all of how Brain Drain Belize is. Maybe we shoud try to educate our youths to be future leaders, economists etc rather than the gang banging etc. Put party aside for a while and lets work together as Belizeans for Belize

  23. realist says:

    the truth of the matter is that mark and cordel are opportunist they are all about themselves and not about Belize. It is clear now that they were brought and paid for by dean barrow and the udp. they are traitor who should be happy to be living in belize because if they were elsewhere they wouldnt be living comfortable walking the streets. both of the and dean barrow like to talk about corruption but the truth of the matter is that what they did here is corruption to the highest level.

  24. Paco Smith says:

    Nothing surprising here…because politics makes for strange bed-fellows.

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