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Mar 16, 2012

14 career years of football with Dr. Bertie Chimilio

Bertie Chimilio

Chimilio’s fourteen years came at a price. In his late night interview, he told News Five that he dedicated his life to the game at the expense of his family. His accolades were also lauded by the outgoing Sports Administrator Miley Garcia. And for those who criticized him over the years, Chimilio brushed them off and said he was eager to see what the new F.F.B. Executive would bring to the sport.

Dr. Bertie Chimilio

“Since 1999, we’ve had a U-17 and U-20 selection except for 2011 we didn’t. We’ve had youth players leave this country. We’ve had youth players get scholarship—we have one in Honduras right now studying at a college and playing football. There came a time when we had fifteen international players abroad and all that is because of people who knew me and wanted to help football. If you go to women’s football, I was the first to introduce women football with the national team. We took the women out despite the big scorns, we still took them out—we had the relevant programs for women. In terms of technical development, quite a number of coaches have been trained because of my leadership. Planning administration; we have this facility here now that had never existed, we have a stadium. Not even the government can build a sensible stadium, a simple stadium like what we have here. So that’s just part of it. The ranking of the national team, the knowledge of the national team, the players abroad and we had three World Cup games here without incidents, in terms of infrastructure again you can see it—from zero dollars here in 2000 to eight pint seven five million Belize dollars now and that’s without the fence. So we are well over twelve million dollars sitting down here. And the next step would have been trying to convert it into equity so we could get money to fund our football. So in a nutshell, that’s what we have done. If I have to go in detail with everything that we have done, it will take the whole night. And I am a member of different committees of FIFA, CONCACAF, UNCAF; you know I have a lot of friends and contacts abroad. It is the end of a career, it is the end of someone who dedicated his life to the game at the expense of family, at the expense of friends but nonetheless let’s see what these guys can do.”

Miley Garcia

Miley Garcia

“Despite everything, I think we need to give thanks to Dr. Bertie Chimilio for the time that he has served. I think a number of things have happened. I mean first of all we saw the Gold project: we saw the construction of the changing rooms and the office here at the F.F.B. Compound here in Belmopan. After that we saw the building of the stadium. I think we need to thank him for his years of service, he has done his work and now I think that the football family has saw and have gotten a change in direction and we are looking forward to working certainly.”

Dr. Bertie Chimilio

“I am still part of several committees in CONCACAF and FIFA. I have yet to see if they will want to keep me there. But I hold my head up high and I did along with my team—because it wasn’t just me—we did what we had to do for the benefit for football in Belize. It will take time for them to really deliver because they’ll have to work hard now. But let’s wait and see.”

Jose Sanchez

“Vicente says it’s not the priority but he will look into the finances to see if any wrongdoings has been done. Is there anything there that he can find that may not have been above board?”

Dr. Bertie Chimilio

“No this is not about finances; football is far more than finances. So obviously he has already started off on the wrong foot if he comes with that. You first have to plan your football work and then you look for the finances. So if it is the finances that he is after, well I laugh. For me it’s a big joke then. We have to look forward to our Belizean football going down if that is what he’s saying. Instead of him talking about our youths, about women/men in the competition, instead of talking about the national team, infrastructural development, marketing and development; he goes straight to money. Oh my god! There are parameters set down by FIFA to use the money. So it is going to be a process for them too. I’m not just walking away leaving them like that; they have to learn because I don’t think they know the intricacies of this. So it will be hard for them.”

Jose Sanchez

“So you will offer your assistance to help them in this transition?”

Dr. Bertie Chimilio

“It has to. If we love football, we have to. I can’t just walk away like that. We have to do the things the right way so that when they stand up they can move on. So it is not just like that man; they will understand or will have to understand.—this is not like the government where they have civil servants. There is going to have to be a transition period. Hopefully they will do better than I have done.”

The elections were supervised by FIFA officials.

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8 Responses for “14 career years of football with Dr. Bertie Chimilio”

  1. Storm says:

    I have always respected Dr. Bertie’s efforts, but I wish he would let others pat him on the back, instead of doing it so much himself — I’m afraid he’ll sprain something.

  2. Tyad ah Di Sorrow says:

    Chimilio’s Dictatorship has finally come to an end, he needs to pack up his stuff, take down his pictures and take his secretary with him…Good Riddance to bad rubbish. While he has done what he claims, he won’t admit all the wrong he has done to players and how he has hurt Belizean Football. I believe the Football Family will now grow and blossom into something positive because so many people were reluctant to support anything that had to do with him and his crowd.

    No more hustling for Chim and his puppets…Bye bye…he done scrape enough football money and build all his mansions all over the country…What has been done in the dark will slowly come to the light and now we see that every daag really has his day!!! Long live Belizean Football!!!

  3. Charlie Price says:


  4. Buju says:

    Thanks Goodness!!!

    I can go to a football game now………..

    This animal doctor has been there forever and spend so much money and has done the minimal!

  5. Belize says:

    Its plain and simple here. We are changing monkey for black dog. People keep saying football going no where with Dr Chimilio. We reach our highest ranking with Dr. Chimlilio. We have a stadium that ino other stadium in the country can match. When will we ever get a sporting facility in Belize like that. A government should never make something like that happen where the Football federation of a country has the best football stadium. Let me tell you guys a secret. Mr Vicente didn’t want the president. He wanted the General secretary job that is a paid position. So what you think he will do as the president? Hustle. Time will tell. People cheering because dr Chimilio is gone as president but to be serious its a step backwards for football in Belize. The whole new executive are hustlers. You know what the new executives focuing on? Going to Brazil for worldcup games.

  6. impartial says:

    if he was sooo good why wasn’t he re-elected then?

  7. jp says:

    To Belize
    Mr. Vicente also is a Pastor in the Church many yrs, if he is looking for the paid position, why he devotes his time to the Church, and for my understand he never get salary from his Church too, if you think you are better then him why not you take his job instead just spread rumor here?

  8. germany says:

    I can tell anyone in belize that football players wont go anywhere. Why.because every one who step in the FIFA will just husel and the poor players just get name. It will have to take a foriner to do something for blz..

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