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Mar 13, 2012

Mark and Cordel excommunicated from P.U.P.

While Prime Minister Dean Barrow was putting the final touches to his Cabinet, the People’s United Party met at Independence Hall. The opposition party has still not conceded the elections because of alleged Election Day irregularities for which it has filed three petitions in court.  The P.U.P. is blaming its defeat on Mark Espat and Cordel Hyde, who held what were considered as safe seats in Albert and Lake I, but stepped down just prior to the elections, which ended in a seventeen-fourteen victory for the U.D.P.  The party says they can no longer run or hold any seat on a P.U.P. ticket. But the opposition says that they are energized by the significant gains countrywide and it plans to reconnect with its base in the city where of the ten seats, it won only in the Freetown and Fort George divisions.

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21 Responses for “Mark and Cordel excommunicated from P.U.P.”

  1. Retired CEO says:

    In reality, I think the the Hon. Leader of the PUP is being very kind to these two traitors of the people whom they used to represent. Without the shadow of a doubt these two judas goats knew what they were doing, as they attempted to destroy, derailed and undermined the leadership of the PUP. In some other parts of the world they would be banished and stoned to death. In short, they are mischief makers and disciples of the demonic and satanic forces operating in the Jewel. They are like their father the devil. We must never forget that one of them were once the minister, whom allegations were made, and was clearly involved with some scandal in the Education Dept involving vouchers, that were fictitiously defrauding the then GOB out of tax payers’ money. Furthermore, the other one is the great pretender, pretending that he was there to protect the people’s best interest and well being. Well the truth speaks for it’s self, if one is looking out for the people’s best interest and well being, why resign and quit like a selfish childlike individual playing in his sand box, at a crucial time, such as a few weeks before an election. Belizeans are not naive and foolish, one does not need to be a rocket scientist to discern this. It is very plain and simple. In my humble opinion no one should ever place their trust in these two quiters/loosers. “Winners do what they have to do, loosers do what they want to do”. Remeber pay back is a beach.

  2. Initiate! says:

    Woooow, those are some serious words there Retired CEO…!

    I don’t think you make the PUP look anymore attractive with your words. Quite starkly the opposite actually.

  3. Mosh says:

    They should be excommunicate ande expel from the party. They are useless.

  4. AnnonBelizean says:

    Man I must say that you are a very distraught and disgruntled PUP. Please remember that in a democratic society, we are liberated to make decisions that are for our better well being. With that being the case, I don’t think that it is neither fair nor appropriate to class these men that decided to step out of politics as judases or traitors. However, like I previously mentioned, we live in a demoractic society, and your are liberated to express your opinion.

  5. junito says:

    Excommunicating them is being to easy on them. They should be exiled in another country. These men have no patriotism or nationality. They are the fakest politicians i have ever seen even comparing them to those around the world. They fooled the people by putting up smokes and screens of honesty but then went and abandoned the people when CHANGE was really needed.

  6. Unknown says:


  7. History Minded says:


  8. History Minded says:

    Really? **Mark and Cordel will soon form another party

  9. Demarko says:

    They are seasoned politician. They knew what they were doing, and deserved to be banished forever. However we are living in a computer age. It would only take minutes to request and print information. Request from election and boundaries all people registered between sep to feb 12 for the areas of belmopan and San Ignacio town, along with the house address and street address and date transferred, or date registered. Take into consideration that people live in houses and that street name is not an address. You will find the real reason why the people of Belize was denied their rightful choice. Those threeassays, and town and city council were sure seats for the opposition.

  10. Pelican says:

    They gave the impression that they considered themselves PUP when they had already started their campaigning against the party. = TRAITORS! NOW political garbage – period!!

  11. one poor belizean says:

    Excommunicate. Done. Less attentiion paid to these two, the better. That cleansing should have happened long long time. If they come with a third party,they will need to invest heavily in credibilty to the thinking public. They threw what little integrity they had left right out he window with their behavior over the past year & with that final exit.

    Anyway – I am sure these two and many others were blown away to see what the Opposition was nevertheless able to accomplish in 3 weeks to bring the result it did on March 7 – even without them ha ha!

  12. CEO says:

    Mark and Cordel need to organize a new party and run in the next election and beat both of the other two and then we may get better leadership.

    What do you say guys? I say go for it! I’ll come all the way down there to vote for you!

  13. Albert Resident says:

    I am glad this decison was finally made. These two men have used us and it showed when they pulled out of the elections last minute. I hope they never have anything to do with the PUP.

    Bout Time!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Retired CEO says:

    It is ludicrious to imagine these two, who opely betrayed their constituency in a time of dire need, to recieved any kind of support from anyone in their right mind. How any the name of justice could any right minded person think that we would see better leadership forth coming from these two quiters/culprits. They have failed miserably in their approach to leadership. Furthermore, Belize is not ready for a third party. Finally, my words maybe somewhat harsh, however the fact remains they are traitors. This was demonstrated thru their cowardly act of resigning at the thirteenth hour of an up-coming election. Accept it or reject it, they are traitors. We must absolutely call a spade a spade.

  15. busha says:

    whenever i need a good laugh, i come to these pages… and the comments never cease to have me rolling around in stiches…

  16. Earl Grey says:


  17. now i see says:

    Uno da loosers uno same party people took yo money and vote red.

  18. check it out says:

    Evan X considers himself the master strategist, always claiming that the zinc fence can sway election results, he ,Mark and Cordel are the biggest losers in this election, had they stayed put Mark would be Prime Minister today. but no they started negotiating with Dean then sabotaging the party thinking the PUP would be severly crushed at the polls and they would rise from the ashes like the Phoenix. how mistaken they were. they are finished, done , caput. let them explain that in the editorial this week.

  19. Think-About-It says:

    Zinc Fence is a sham, always was! They claim to speak for Belize’s poor, but in reality they only speak for southside Belize City, and even that is now on the wane. The rest of the country couldn’t give a rats @$$ about Zinc Fence, and all but one district went blue in the election. The rest of the country is bewildered as to why the PUP put up with those two idiots for so long, giving them the chance to cut a deal with Barrow and sabotage the elections. If they were so principled they would have walked years ago and let the PUP put new people in there for the people to judge and decide on for themselves.

  20. o well says:

    The most sensible comment on this series of posts is that of “Busha.” Very entertaining to hear the absolute nonsense that people come and post here. Retired Ceo is clearly clueless about the intricacies of politics, just unbelievable.

  21. Iniate says:

    O well, maybe these comments will also serve to help Belizeans mature and come to true reality – as hilarious as it might be. Most of these people are obviously in deep deep deception. It will take years to come out, and expressing their comments might speed up the process…hopefully.

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