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Mar 1, 2012

One robber shot dead; $230,000 stolen

The robbers got away in a silver Honda SUV that took them to the area of the roundabout near the Esso Depot where a small skiff was on standby on the banks of the river. But the cops soon caught up with the robbers, killed one and got back about one hundred and sixty thousand dollars cash in Belize and US currency. Seventy thousand dollars is still unaccounted for. Police also believe that they have the getaway vehicle. But the community in the area of Lacroix Boulevard where the robber was shot, say the police fired indiscriminately. News Five’s Delahnie Bain has this side of the heist.

Delahnie Bain, Reporting

This morning’s robbery was well planned; a getaway vehicle was standing by to take the armed men as well as the loot to the area of the American Imports store on the Northern Highway. A small skiff and driver were waiting on the river behind the store for the big escape. But police were hot on the chase and caught up with the robbers as they made their way into the water. A shootout ensued and one of the thieves, twenty year old Alberto Benito Assi, was fatally shot by police. An eyewitness recounted the shooting but did not want to appear on camera.

Voice of: Eyewitness

“I saw one boat with about four men inside the boat and I saw some other people over the other side who I recognized as police officers. I didn’t know what they were telling the guys them but all I see is that the four of them jumped out the boat, the four of them jumped out the boat and started to swim. After that I heard so many bullets. I don’t know where all those bullets come from but I hear so many bullets.  The one weh get shot dead, was coming close to the shore and while he enter, as he enter the shore, he got a bullet in his feet and he fell on the ground. When he fell on the ground and he was trying to crawl and get up back to run or I don’t know what, he get another one in his back, which left him in our backyard dead.”

While a criminal was caught, the hail of gunshots was a nightmare for the residents on the other side of the river. Two of the many angry residents of Lacroix Boulevard complained about the bullets that penetrated their walls while they were inside with children. One woman told us that she is so traumatized by the incident, she is contemplating moving.

Voice of: Lacroix Boulevard Resident

“My sista mi di sit down side ah me, five months pregnant, den my three months baby mi di lay down side a me pan di chair and my two next baby mi di play when I hear di gunshot. But I neva know dah gunshot, I mi think dah di lee Christmas thing dehn. But when I hear my friend di holla.  Noh come out, noh come out den I hear bullet di pass through and through. I lay down pan di ground and I grab my three months baby and I put ah pan di ground and lay down top a ah. When I holla weh happen, weh happen. Oh God help me, weh happen. My lee baby holla oh God mek ih done, mek ih done. After when we noh hear anything we come out.”

Andrea Polanco

“How many of you were inside this house at the time?”

Voice of: Lacroix Boulevard Resident

“Five ah we; my three pickney dehn, di next gial weh pregnant and me.”

Andrea Polanco

“So now that you have looked around your home, approximately how many areas do you see were penetrated by bullets?”

Voice of: Lacroix Boulevard Resident

“Thirteen. Yeah.”

Andrea Polanco

“So that means that one of you guys could have been hit if you hadn’t taken to the floor.”

Voice of: Lacroix Boulevard Resident

“Yes, dah God help we.”

Kelvin Myers

Kelvin Myers, Lacroix Boulevard Resident

“Dats why my old bwai di build wah cement house right now fi dehn same situation yah because den yah dah plywood, den yah dah plywood, thing wah buss through deh. Den he short like dis, he noh really tall. If dah mi wah tall person like me or my big bredda, blam we mi wah get it. Weh mi wah happen funeral? We mi gwein just like dat? Ih noh gwein like dat. We just pray fi betterment and thing fi Belize eena 2012 and beyond mein, noh dehn nonsense yah mein dig. My lee sista and my lee bredda dehn deh dah school but some lee infant, some lee baby weh my old lady di tek care ah but dehn deh low and thing. Everybody get low, everybody frighten. People di haul machete, people frighten. Yoh get di sense. From me, I deh way out but my mind deh pan my family now cause ih di come from my side.”

Delahnie Bain

“Where inside of the house did it come through?”

Kelvin Myers

“Through my old bwai room. Fi he bed deh right yah so and through fi he room. If he mi stand up or deh pan fi he bed or something blam he mi wah get it. den dehn noh wah come tell me, noh mein me noh into dat mein.”

A team of police officers also headed to Belama where the suspected getaway vehicle was found at a house on Antonio Soberanis Street. The mother of the vehicle owner says that as far as she knows, her daughter’s boyfriend, Albert Clother, had parked the Honda Passport in the yard because it was malfunctioning. But she soon got a call from her neighbor saying that police were at the house.

Voice of: Belama Resident

“I wasn’t too sure on what happened. When I spoke to my daughter she says that she took the vehicle to work and then the gentleman came for the vehicle because the vehicle wasn’t working properly and he came and parked it in the yard.  She left for work usually between seven-thirty and quarter to eight, she took the vehicle this morning and then he came for it like little after eight and he brought it up here and parked it.”

Delahnie Bain

“Where is he now?”

Voice of Belama Resident

“I understand from her that he went to do some fishing this morning.”

Delahnie Bain

“And no one else would have moved the vehicle from the yard?”

Voice of: Belama Resident

“No one else as far as I know. When we looked in the vehicle, the key was in the vehicle and the police had to open it with some device so that they took it out and they took the vehicle to the police station.”

The Belama resident says she didn’t find anything strange about the vehicle, but police has several suspicions. Those included that the SUV was locked with the keys inside, but the resident says it’s the third time Clother has done that.

Voice of: Belama Resident

“They said that because the gentleman left the key in the car, because the light was on in the house because we had to break down the back door because they wanted to get into the house to see what was there and the light was on. All of those things they said don’t add up; I don’t know. There was nothing found in the house, nothing strange. The house was in kind of uproar because they are moving.”

Delahnie Bain

“Was anything found in there when police searched it?”

Voice of Belama Resident

“Not as far as I know. Everything that was in there was my daughter’s uniform, her bag, the baby’s floater that they went to bathe on Sunday, that was on the chair. Nothing strange that I saw. Nothing looked strange to me because if four people were in that vehicle, I think things would have been shoved aside or put to the back but everything looked the same in the back of the car seat as far as I am concerned.”

But up to the time of our interview, Clother could not be located.

Voice of: Belama Resident

“We are trying to reach him and apparently he doesn’t have his phone on him. My daughter tried and police stopped her because they said she’s not supposed to be using a phone right now so we just rest it. We tried to reach the young man that came for him this morning but he is not answering.”

Marion Ali, Love News

“What are the police alleging; that Mr. Clother was involved in this robbery?”

Voice of: Belama Resident

“Well, not exactly they are not saying that but they are saying that they have to do their work. The vehicle that they suspected headed up Belama way and looked like it and when they came here this morning they saw that vehicle and so they stopped here and that is what they are saying.”

Police took the vehicle into custody for further processing. Delahnie Bain for News Five.

Police are investigating the possibility that more than four robbers were involved in the heist. So far no one has been apprehended.

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19 Responses for “One robber shot dead; $230,000 stolen”

  1. Islander says:

    Sad to see how females protect their criminal relatives.

  2. no hat says:

    find the next 3 and deposit lead in them….

  3. belizeanpride says:

    lady just cooperate with the police in this way we can stop all this madness and robberies . if you feel clear headed don’t get frighten unless the so called boyfriend is not a good company to your daughter. reading this piece of news it seems kind of linky to the vehicle used. why lock your key in the suv? the time frame the boyfriend pick up the suv from your girl and the time frame the heist was on. i’d would have check the engine if it was hot when the cops went there. if the engine was hot it means it was recently used. smart cops would do this i don’t know if they did.

  4. bmp-resident says:

    Belama Resident seems to be covering up. Hope I’m wrong. As per the robber who was killed, so be it, he made that decision.

    Indeed it was a miracle that no one was hurt in those houses and I hope that the PD trains their officers in being conscious of the environment they are in.

  5. san pedrano says:

    one down, three more to go. police need to go more often to the shooting range, one out of four is not good enough.

  6. Elgin Martinez says:

    Belize PD there is something known as positive target identification.

  7. Barack Obama says:

    Seems like the lady’s son in law has the right qualifications to pull of this one. He certainly has the history;

  8. now i see says:

    I say put her in jail too.100% she knows more than what shes saying.she is covering for the daugther and the b.f.But she is so stupid that is uncovering all the evidense for example saying he took the car,and that he went fishing.hello?they took a boat to get away.Good job to the police dont let the rest go away.

  9. cali says:

    they complain when they don’t do their job, and they still complain when their doing there job. I guess they cannot satisfy PEOPLE AT ALL.

  10. lino says:

    Adios amigo—lets just say it was blatant shot in the back-let it be a warning now to criminals that if that is the risk they wish to take to make quick money-then you risk death-GOOD POLICE WORK. We don’t care about human rights-they got what they deserve-beat the rest now. No sympathy from Public.

  11. bmp-resident says:

    Barack Obama, good job pulling out that news item on the criminal…I knew the lady had something to hide. Should charge her with abetment or conspiracy.

  12. belizeanpride says:

    damn Barack Obama,
    the info you copied link this guy to other crimes and makes this so called boyfriend a criminal.
    watch Mun2 “relaciones peligrosas” a series of young woman invovled in relationships with criminals. what we watch it on tv and we have them for real in Belize.

  13. port loyolan says:

    clother must be connected, I guess no GSU going to his house. whats the connection to Minister Boots?

  14. now i see says:

    I say Barack Obama for prime minister.Maybe big shot in the police.With my eyes closed i will vote for him or her.Very good job Obama and the police too.It feels so good that the police are doing a good job

  15. fidencio says:

    thats a damn gud job, waited to long to do this. killed dem all.

  16. BMNJ says:

    Let the dead criminal rot in hell forever and ever!

  17. islander says:

    Those of your talking crap of the Police have no idea what you are talking about. The FBI conducted a study on Police involved shootings “THIS ARE COPS WITH BETTER WEAPONS AND TRAINING FROM THE USA” and they discovered that the hit ratio during a police involved shooting was somewhere around 20%.

    Also remember the north hollywood shootout? 8 civilians were injured, in BZE none……in the N.H. shootout close to 2,000 rounds were fired, in BZE close to 100, I think the BPD did a wonderful job. This is not an opinion based on FEELINGS, but an opinion based on looking at how BETTER EQUIPPED AND TRAINED OFFICERS perform during a shootout. Heck with the poor equipment and training that the BPD get, they did a marvelous job. Once again ZERO civilians were injured….

    If you live your life thinking about the WHAT IF’s, then you need to reconsider getting in your car and driving to work this morning cause that $#!% is dangerous.

  18. caramel says:

    Barack should be a Police Investigator…Excellent Job! Hats off to you. Guilty.. case closed.

  19. JahKid says:

    Get that idiot thief. Some of the youth are just stupid and fool, they work for these bigger thieves and at the end some loose their lives and if they survive the heist they get just a little of what they thief. The bigger thief just plans and sits and waits for the loot to come. These youth need to learn a trade and educate themselves. Everything costs now, people just heard that I can fix motorcycle which was not so, I could have dealth with my bike because I knew the fault, but I was not a mechanic. The following days approximately 6 people came to me to check their motorbikes. There are opportunities, people are just too lazy or have no ambition. I tell you another case, a single mother began cooking tamales and she would sell out 2 times a week. But she soon lost her clients because at first she used whole chicken and people used to get nice portion of chicken in the tamales. But when she saw that she had clients she began using neck and back and she lost all her customers because of the cheapness and conformity. Just sharing my opinion and experiences. Blessings and find Clother! He can answer many questions.

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