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Feb 21, 2012

Found dead in San Pedro Prison Cell

Miguel Martinez

There are three deaths to report tonight. We start first with the baffling death of a San Pedro resident, who died this morning in a holding cell at the island’s police station.  On Monday night Miguel Martinez, who was recently released from prison, was taken into custody.  The family is suspicious because Martinez was only in boxers when they found him dead. But police say they heard hear noises in the cell and he eventually went quiet. News Five’s Jose Sanchez reports.

Jose Sanchez

Jose Sanchez

“Thirty one year old Miguel Martinez was disturbing the peace by Ecologic Divers. The owners called the police but he left and he went a few feet further down the beach to Phoenix Resort. He continued to hit the wall in a disturbing manner and the security officers detained and then handed him over to the San Pedro Police Formation which is across the street. But by morning, Martinez’s dead body was found inside a cell of the station.”

Martinez’s stepfather says he was in good health when he saw him over the weekend.

Emmanuel Diego, Stepfather of Miguel Martinez

“On Sunday about nine-thirty, ten in the morning, he was physically ok; he was walking right. He answered me and I spoke to him and I took off and went to work. Monday morning he was walking good, pretty good—not sick. Then on Tuesday morning that’s today, he is dead. The police told me that they got a report from one Mister Arceo saying he had a machete in his hands and beating his fence with machete. He called the police, and when the police got there, Miguel wasn’t there. He took off already; that wasn’t a problem at all because he wasn’t inside the property either. Then the police told me that they got a call from Phoenix—just across from the police station—that someone is there with a machete whapping the machete on the seawall. Probably disturbing tourist but he wasn’t dealing with no one. And the police man told me that the guys from Phoenix handcuffed him and called them to take him over. That is something that I wouldn’t want to believe because if a person have a machete in his hands I would be afraid and anyone would be afraid to confront that person. His pants; I met his pants outside the police station, in the yard of the police station. When they told me Miguel is dead, they showed him to me inside a cell block dead. He didn’t have on his pants; he was in boxers.”

Jose Sanchez

Emmanuel Diego

“What is the story from the police as to what occurred in that cell which I understand had four other persons?”

Emmanuel Diego

“Where I met Miguel, where they showed me where Miguel was at; Miguel was inside a cell by himself, he didn’t have no one inside his cell. He was inside a cell by himself face up, his head against the barrier, his face up dead.”

Raphael Martinez, PR, Ministry of Police & Public Safety

“Police consequently took him to the San Pedro Police Station and put him in a jail cell—that was just about after five o’clock this morning. Reportedly, he went on misbehaving a while and creating quite a bit of making noise in his cell. Later on, he was quiet. When police went to check on him, he was motionless. The police called a doctor where he was pronounced dead at just approximately eight o’clock this morning.”

Raphael Martinez

Jose Sanchez

“The step father says that when he went to visit him, his pants was outside, and he was in his boxers inside the cell. Was there some sort of physical interaction between Mister Martinez and the officers or possible cellmates?”

Raphael Martinez

“I was told that he was alone in his cell and as well as that there were no physical interaction between the officers and Martinez.”

Jose Sanchez

“But before he was in that cell alone, wasn’t he in a cell with other inmates; other people detained?”

Raphael Martinez

“I was told he was alone in his cell.”

Jose Sanchez

“So at this point, no signs of injuries on his body?”

Raphael Martinez

“Well we await a postmortem examination to determine whether or not he died from other means.”

Jose Sanchez

“Have they at least told you if they are treating the case as foul play? Is it suspected? Natural causes? Have they even given an indication as to how the case will go?”

Emmanuel Diego

“No way, nothing. What the inspector told me that’s what I run down to you just now and that’s what they said. That was it.”

Jose Sanchez

“There are still questions surrounding the death of Martinez that won’t be answered until the autopsy results are revealed. Reporting from Isla Bonita, Jose Sanchez for News Five.

It is a second death at the island’s police station; Gavin Sanchez was fatally shot in a cell on March eighteenth, 2010.

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11 Responses for “Found dead in San Pedro Prison Cell”

  1. islander says:

    There are at least 20 scumbags like this guy running around the island harassing tourists. We need to start dealing with them cause they are disturbing the way we make our bread and butter.

  2. Stan says:

    One less troublemaker

  3. Freetown GYAL says:

    I can imagine what Estradabran’s report will be. he died of sudden schock due to confinement.

  4. OriginalWoman says:

    It is so easy to label and judge others….Sounds like this namesake under great stress emotionally….And the police locked him up and killed him….Afterall, he was already labeled as a “negative” by some…..And we must protect our tourist at any cost, especially if they view a black man as a threat….bull$$$$$….. Why didn’ t they take this man to get a psychological evaluation???? Belizeans are acting more and more like the hateful Americans, that they are trying so much to protect. SMH, sad story.

  5. dianeli says:

    com an no mata wat he s i human bieng…belizeans uno talk lik if uno nuh hav lov.. y sjt critize??? instaed of assist dis persons who might hav a problem..

  6. Elgin Martinez says:

    This is the reason why Belizeans need to stop selling their lands to foreigners because very soon Belizens won’t be able to walk or go anywhere in their own country.Wake up Belize.

  7. Erson Moreira says:

    Police need fu stop kill the people they supposed to protect. Belizean people trust the police less and less cause de the beat people how de want and no arrest mek when de kill somebody.

  8. aura says:

    It is sad that miguel died that way but i believe the cops know what happen and playing the fool. if a man has a weapon people would be scare to approach him. whoever harm him just remember you might have brothers or sisters, or even kids what goes around comes around.

  9. aurora says:

    it is really sad that something like this happened. but I want to know if the killer has children how can you sleep.

  10. Denix says:

    Police beat him hard, I talked with the family that saw the body, he had bruises all over is body. Some police officer should go to jail. Belize police is something to be scared of more than the people they detain.

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