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Feb 20, 2012

Rape charge for Oyinkro Akpododor

Oyinkro Okpobodor

A university student may have to trade in the classroom for a prison cell if he is convicted on a charge of rape levied against him today. The accused student is eighteen year old Oyinkro Akpobodor, a naturalized Belizean who is originally from Nigeria.  A sixteen year old minor has alleged that Akpobodor raped her at a house in the King’s Park area on January twenty-ninth and today he was formally charged in the courtroom of Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer. In court this morning, no plea was taken and while there was no objection to bail, his attorney Arthur Saldivar pointed out that his client is a student with no criminal record.  He also assured the court that his client will abide by any conditions and requested that the sum of his bail be reasonable. Senior Magistrate Frazer granted bail of six thousand dollars and Akpobodor is due back in court on April twelfth.

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22 Responses for “Rape charge for Oyinkro Akpododor”

  1. now i see says:

    Send his a&& back to Nigeria.He has no respect for this country.maybe,he thinks that here is like Nigeria where he can do wathever to a woman.If he is guilty send him back home.

  2. soulsista says:

    Bam si deh this is one of the results of nationalizing these immigrants without a back ground check the Government naturalized all sorts of criminals look at this two weeks ago two naturalized central american nationals were charged with human trafficking now nigerian charged with rape God save Belize

  3. Charlie Price says:

    He should be innocent until proven guilty….

  4. Patriot says:

    Godspower, my prayers are with you. I have been close friends with this guy for four years and I have never seen him disrespect a girl. He is actually one of the ‘nice guys’. FYI people, he grew up here. He is only Nigerian by birth.

  5. Storm says:

    CASTRATE ALL RAPISTS. It is the only way to protect our daughters from them in the future.

  6. BMNJ says:

    Cut it off – Chop it off, if found guilty. And that goes for all rapists in this country. Not to mention the 3 animals that raped the poor & vulnerable 12 yr old girl.

  7. Brooklyn Garbutt says:

    Cho powa!!! Levels tho; hard to believe mien… Pray for you G!

  8. JEM says:

    Let’s take a closer people. No one is saying that rape is acceptable, but as parents and educators we need to put more effort into educating our young ladies. Too often we find our young ladies belittling themselves, showing no pride, among other things. Our young ladies really need a reality check, they need to move away from putting themselves in situation where they find themselves being taken advantage of.

    I don’t really know the above young, but as a student of the University of Belize, I have seen him around. I find it very safe to say that he appears to be a well mannered and put together young man. I thinking many of the remarks being posted are based on the fact that he is Nigerian, something that should have no bearing on the situation. It makes us sound a little racist when we imply that he should be dealt with harshly because he is Nigerian.

    Once again the important thing here is to educate our young ladies.

  9. Josephino Estroberto Pesomedio says:

    Why was she let alone with him in the first place?
    Where was the mother?
    Watching porn !!!!
    Then she baall rape?
    I am of the opinion that sometimes there is consensual rape, he did not come up with the proposed amount, so it is rape.
    Now the girl feels RUINED…he lives so faar !!!

  10. bmpanese says:

    if he has belizean citizenship, why refer to him as nigerian? to me its some form or discrimination. lends to the type of stuff rod speaks of.

  11. natt says:

    anyone saying anything bad abt nigerians will burn in hell, hw dare you all, after everything we go through in this country. the God’spower i know wldnt do that, she is a slut n she should be put in her place. she agrred to it, look at how wayward ur girls are, wayward i say, she opened her stupid legs, n he went for it, just to put him into trouble she says its rape, investigate very well, before taking any decisions, examine the girl to know if it was truely rape or consensual sex.
    people get raped everyday n d case dies down, now u wanna persecute him. leave us alone, we hv come along way to this country n we deserve peace and respect. if u cant deal with a nigerian, stay out of our ways coz we are not trouble makers, we are cultural people who know wat home training is. period let him go he is innocent.

  12. Initiate! says:

    And the lesson for boys…. keep your thing back until you have the ring.
    Not just because she is willing should you advance!
    Show some restraint. I agree she now (later) feels ruined. At first she was caught up with the moment, and this is where the boys should show some restraint and know how to lead the relationship.

  13. NoV Da Godd says:

    Like patriot said he grew up here in Belize so it’s probably the Belizean blood flowing through his vein so those who be saying shXts about he now suddenly being a Nigeria or sm bull**** shld stop cus ih sound racist to me. And things lilke this are bound to happen jus like we have belizeans like us committing greater crimes oversea so yeah and to add this dude probably has a Belizean Passport and no longer has a Nigerian passport so what yall got to say about that?

  14. PATCHY says:


  15. CHICAGORILLA says:

    Why is she yelling rape three weeks later? If she was rape, why didn’t she notify the police sooner? Sounds fishy to me.

  16. now i see says:


  17. open minded says:

    I have teenage sons and daughter, this is a sticky situation. Our young girls are fast and anxious for sex but they know they’ll get into trouble with their parents if they find out. So what’s the best thing to say ” He Rape Me” or “He Force Me”. It’s unfair I know this young man personally and he’s a well mannered person.. Am just saying this girl could be lying. Gods Power you grew up with my children and I consider you mine as well. We know you are not guilty, hold your head up.

  18. Neutral says:

    I met Oyinkro once and he seemed very respectable! He’s a nice young man…no one should be quick to condemn him or pass judgement because no one really knows the true story…..none of us were there…. ryyyyyte???? but if he ”IS” guilty then, justice should be served. and my heart goes out for that young lady if that’s what occurred! But for now it is not up to us to judge him or the female! Only God has the right to judge us..rape is not right but we don’t really know what happened…so please….let us be impartial and flow with the truth….don’t be quick to take sides.


  19. Zola says:

    So sad that fellow black men would say something like this.My dad once visited Belize many years ago and had always talked about how beautiful it was and the people.I am planning to visit there this holiday but reading this i dont think is as beautiful as it use to be.Same blood runs in our vain and to hear people conclude on him even before they find out what happen is sad.SO IF THERES ANY OF YOU WITHOUT SINS THEN KEEP JUDGING FOR GOD WILL JUDGE YOU AS WELL.You all need to get right with God………………

  20. Unknown Girl says:

    Hey Godspower my deep prayers to you that you are not guiklty. And for everybody’s informatio he da a Belizean ok! He grew up here ok! He born da Nigeria but he grew up here. I know him for six years now and he never disrespected any female I know of. If that girl said rape she most of have been fooling with him. She most have gave in if anything. But if he is guilty of the crime well let him serve his time. If you do not know him I don’t think you should say “send him back to Nigeria”. Y does anyone just mind their own business?! Stop being racist ok! Racism, and Prejudice is what is killing our country.

  21. Elvis S. says:

    I believe these accusations are false. I know God’s Power and this seems very far fetched. Some women (and men) can get crazy at times no matter what part of the world you live in.

  22. me4belize says:

    I strongly thing that we should not involved God in this conversation, the mere act of wanting to engage in fornication leaves us with our own human judgement.
    The guy might be innocent, but we have seen the trend of women wanting to imitate american justice that once a lady says NO it is no. We need to know what RAPE means in our laws.
    Both might be guilty of the same offense, how come he cannot also say that she was the one that raped him, would that be admitted? Guess women in this case have an upper hand on the situation.
    I strongly believe that the lady should also be sufficiently courageous to admit that when she saw the size, she became scared!! just saying, she should have thought it before.

  23. The Teacher says:

    I taught Godspower in the past and this is hard to believe. I pray for truth, and my heart is with both parties involved.

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