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Feb 15, 2012

S.S.B. Board decides to fire; will it happen?

The Board of Directors of the Social Security met on Monday to deal with the audit of insider trading at S.S.B. It was a lengthy meeting that concluded at seven thirty p.m. The Panel Kerr Foster audit is not favorable and while fraud was not established, it was damning of the C.E.O. Merlene Bailey who encouraged select staff members to reduce their loans to below the fifty thousand dollar threshold. That decision enabled staffers to participate in a government write-off of non-performing loans. Bailey herself also reduced her loan. Having reviewed the report over the weekend, the board decided that Bailey should be dismissed. But the Chair, Lois young, is strongly opposed to her dismissal. On Tuesday after meeting with Bailey, managers were encouraged to, in turn, urge staff members to sign a petition urging that Bailey be retained. We are told that some have signed in fear of losing their jobs but many have resisted because they wished not to contradict the board’s decision to fire Bailey. It is a developing story that we will continue to follow and up to news time we are told that the union has been called in to intervene. As we said, despite a board decision, there are maneuverings not to dismiss the C.E.O.

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18 Responses for “S.S.B. Board decides to fire; will it happen?”

  1. Rod says:

    What kind of corrupt gov. Is this all the people should go to jail not discussing weather they should be fired or not even Louis young should be put in jail come on belizeans this is your money that is being stolen by these people jail time .

  2. Be Real says:

    I never believe most news in Belize. May be Lois also wants her fired, but the managers below the board level (i.e general manager etc) want her retained. I am convinced that Lois as one of Belize’s leading civil attorneys would know that not even shareholders can trump the decision of a board of directors.

  3. proud belizean says:

    Its clear,fraud has been commited,but miss young should know better,fire her instead then,.

  4. Jan says:

    Again corruption. If the whole board of directors are voting on her dismissal how can they not proceed, gosh only in Belize. This is far way gone. Now they will come out & say that staff dont want to make their CEO dismissed. I dont believe that they are putting they employees between a rock & a hard place. Come on people do your work at least you were selected or oppointed. Take her out…

  5. Orangewalkenio says:

    this is the problem with Belize. If she did wrong, as has been proven, she should be dismissed. Come on Ms. Lois….this is total nonsense. This is so unfair…..putting the employees in this situation. Fire her with no benefits. Ay, my people….

  6. citizen says:

    I think it can be demonstrated that this government is more transparent than the previous one, because how many of the previous ones were jailed when many of this things happened?

  7. Freetown GYAL says:

    Transparency? how many commission of inquiry had they had and what has come out of them? it is all a show. even though she stole from poor old people’s pension and workers sickness benefit she will be rewarded. shame on the UDP .

  8. Frustrated says:

    Citizen, Ms. Bailey will not be fired so what difference will that make, they should all be sent to jail fu di thief d cookies from d cookie jar… She actually behaved sanctimonious in the inquiry committee, so she should have walked the walk and not just do the talking caz she wasnt getting a share at that time… When u’r a whistle blower u don’t become the one on who d whistle needs to be blown. just my 2 cents, tired of all dis squandering wit d ppls money, squander what is urs, u know how we wish we cud keep our social security contributions instead of it being given away like that..

  9. david96500 says:

    Lios young is an @$$…(fill in the rest). Bailey and everyone who tempted into this scheme should be dismissed without any benefits. The Labor Act Section 46 (2) can fire without any benefits if you have good and sufficient cause if a) “when a worker is guilty of misconduct, whether in the course of his duties or not, inconsistent with the fulfillment of the express or implied conditions of his contract of service.” Bailey is not above the law…no one is…Fire her and all others involved..NO BENEFITS..DONE…STOP WASTING MY SOCIAL SECURITY MONEY AND MAKE START IMPROVING WHAT SOCIAL PAYS OUT ..THEY PAY WAY TOO LITTLE AND THEY HAVE WAY TOO MUCH PAPERWORK…

  10. From the West says:

    While I believe everyone should be held accountable, I think the bigger point is that Government handouts are always a long term disaster, and always laden with corruption. Our government should stop handing out honest people’s money, as if it is their’s to play politics with.

  11. marco says:

    Fraud after fraud after fraud!

  12. belizeprotector says:

    Is this the same saint Merlene Bailey that was the darling of the UDP and loved by Dean Barrow and his greedy ex-wife? I cannot believe it man, there must be two Merelene Baileys, because the one they had proped up on the TV in 2007 had a halo around her head. This must be a case of mistaken identity. But what this shows that these hypocrites sing for their supper before election so they can get high paid cushy jobs they don’t deserve and even that they are not satisfied with, they want to thief from the poor workers of Belize. Remember it is Lois Young and Merlene Bailey that took away the meager $100 from the no-contributing mothers of Belize. MEAN, COLD AND HEARTLESS MERLENE BAILEY. I SAY BURN HER TO THE STAKES, FIRING HER IS THE EASY WAY, YOU $$$ THIEF.

  13. Elgin Martinez says:

    This happens everyday in Belize?However they only expose certain people,stop the double standard Belize.

  14. CEO says:

    There should be no discussion. She should go! These are the things that keep our country from growing the way it should.

    By the way both parties are guilty of the same crap!

  15. Honesty says:

    Trying to help others is a crime now then? People, anyone who would have been in her position would do the same. Note, he did not steal, she borrowed and furthermore her loan was not write off, so what more do you people want. Said and fonseca stole billions are they in jail? you all are quick to judge ordinary people, but obviously you all are not looking further than your nose tip. try to get a life people..

  16. hard woking Belizean says:

    Honesty, probably you got some a cookie from the cookie jar!! If she sincerely and honestly wanted to “help others” as you say, all employees of the BSSB are EMPLOYEES, not only a few golden geese!! Reality check……are the “few selected” better than the majority of the BSSB employees???? Come on…..this is all B#$%sh*&!

  17. Louisville,Ky says:

    What Merlene Bailey did was inappropriate Yes, crimminal, No. It is truely hypocrital how a lot of ‘you people’ are agitating for her demise because of this whole unfortunate fiasco.
    I think most of the empty vessels making all that noise believes Said Musa with his, ‘this is real corruption B. S.’ and these are the same ones that also believed him when he said: ALL DIS WAH JUSS BLO OVA LIKE WAHN LEE BREEZE !! Unnu rememba??

  18. Steve says:

    Very unfortunate to live, walk and talk the past. What Bailey did is criminal, of course. Not because Barrow exonerates her it means that Bailey is not guilty. The intention to commit a crime is there. Barrow’s mouth is just making it a diplomatic and official theft of public money and is being endorsed by party lackeys who are raping the country in a smaller scale. The audit is just a cover up! Belizeans this must be stopped! Say no to corruption!
    The SSB is not an unfortunate fiasco, but a well planned maneuvering to steal. Were it not for civic minded Belizeans this SSB scandal would not have surfaced and everything would have been perfectly executed.
    Bailey and Lois join the ranks of Musa and Ralph. What is the difference? Only the style and form of raping Belize. What do you think?

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